ClarinsSkin spa - klcc (Kuala lumpur)


On the above date 04/11/ 2015. I went for facial in Malaysia KLCC, when finished I was asked when I was leaving the country, I told them the same night they told me about the promotion if I buy product above MYR 800 The facial was free, I accepted and bought product worth MYR 862.70, I was presented with the box of the product, I trusted Clarins it is one of a reputed brand where I will not be cheated, but they took advantage of me because I was leaving the country, when I came back home I noticed that one of the product was empty(Supra Serum 2015 30 ml worth MYR 550), was empty already used. I am really disappointed all the money I paid to have an empty bottle. I attached my receipt if you can help. my contact is : [protected]

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