Clarinsorder placed on 6/12


I purchased a substantial amount of products from my favourite brand in the world which I thought cared about their customers. I was and am truly disappointed. I bought a whole lot of products on 6/12/2017 via online and was sent an email confirmation of my purchase.

Yesterday, I sent an email to find out about my order, I had no reply so I email today to follow up. I was told over the phone my order had been cancelled because one of the products was out of stock and I would be sent an automatic email notifying me. We nothing came through. If you see the order confirmation, Clarins states that they would substitute products if products are out of stock.

The girl on the other end of the phone was very unhelpful and said there was little she could do.

The products was for my boys to give me as Christmas presents.

How disappointed do you think I am and how would you be if you were in my position? Today is 20/12and my boys have no time to get presents before Christmas for me. They are going to be horrified to see that their mummy will open no presents from them.

I don't think I will get over this that easily.

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