Clairolclairol age defy

A Jun 13, 2019

Good Afternoon,
I purchased Clairol Age Defy 8A Medium Ash Blonde today which states that it targets stubborn grey. I do not have many grey hairs so thought this would definitely do the trick. Although I am happy with the all over colour itself, my grey hairs are still there! I picked this for the promise on the pack, and paid more than some of the rival products on offer. I am really disappointed that, not only have I got to pay for another product, the damage to my hair having to be dyed again to get rid of the grey that is still there. I have coloured my own hair for years and always follow the steps included. I even liked that this product came with a pre-treatment serum, thinking this would boost the final effect but I am now not sure about this either. I will not bother buying this dye again as it clearly does NOT cover 100% grey NOR make it look 10 years younger!
I do hope someone will respond to this email with an adequate answer to my query.

Kind Regards
Anna McDonald

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