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I hereby lodge a complaint against City of Tshwane, concerning the manner in which they have handled my account for Municipal Services, and for which they are now threatening to stop providing me with services, and request your assistance.
I firstly would like to provide you with some background. I had two properties registered in my name, one in Akasia (Unit 850, Wonderpark Estate), and another one in Kosmosdaal (Plot 4157, Blue Valley Golf Estate). The latter property was a newly built house and I occupied it in August 2014.
In 2017, I sold the property at Kosmosdal to Mpumelu Trust, for R3, 295, 000, and during that period the following transpired:
1. The purchasers took occupation of the property on 1 June 2017, on lease, before date of registration. The occupation was on the basis that the purchaser will pay rental amount of R25000, and in addition, the rates and taxes account on the property are transferred into his name;
2. The house was registered in the name of the purchaser, on 22 September 2017;
3. During the process of registering the property in the purchasers name, I paid an amount of R41330.44 to Rene Attorneys, for them to settle my debt with City of Tshwane, so that they can issue a clearance certificate;
4. I also paid an amount of R16, 873, 21 to the Attorneys as a deposit requested by City of Tshwane, which would/or a part of which would be refunded to me after registration of the property in the purchaser's name.
5. The purchaser was paying for rates and taxes directly to the Attorneys on behalf of City of Tshwane;
6. The property took long to register while we were waiting for City of Tshwane, who said at the time that they wanted to take electricity meter readings first before they could issue the certificate, which they ultimately did.
At some point, after registration of the Kosmosdal property in the name of the purchaser, City of Tshwane stopped sending me my account for the property at Akasia, and I was receiving correspondence I did not understand regards the same account. By then I had relocated to Botswana, and closed my account with Nedbank from which I used to pay Municipal services for the Akasia property.
I kept on enquiring about my account on the Akasia property from City of Tshwane, without success, and had stopped paying for the services for that property which amounted to around R290 per month at that time.
I started receiving correspondence from City of Tshwane, which indicated that I owe an amount of R37000 to the City on the Akasia property. This was surprising because considering the period for which I was not paying for services at Akasia, the outstanding amount should have been in the region of around R7, 000 to R9000.
I went to City of Tshwane offices to seek clarification on this account and I was told the following:
1. That ever since I occupied the property at Kosmosdal in 2014, City of Tshwane was omitting to bill me on electricity by mistake. They were only billing me rates, taxes, and water.
2. That at the time when City of Tshwane issued a clearance certificate for the same property, they were not aware that they were not billing for electricity, and therefore issued the certificate by mistake;
3. That when City of Tshwane realized their mistake, it was after the property at Kosmosdaal was registered in the name of the new purchaser;
4. That when City of Tshwane realized their mistake, they calculated the arrears in electricity through meter readings (I don't know how they got that right), and the amount owing was calculated at R23, 000;
5. That City of Tshwane charges that amount of R23000 to my Akasia property account, since the account of the property at Kosmosdal was closed due to the sale;
6. That miscellaneous charges were raised on my Akasia account for the arrears on the Kosmosdal house and the arrears on the Akasia account;
7. That the services of the house at Kosmosdaal, continued to be charged on my Akasia property account, even after the purchaser had changed the account into his name.

I am now at a stage where City of Tshwane is threatening to stop providing me with Municipal services for the Akasia property, despite the fact that these irregularities happened because of their negligence, and I still cannot make sense how they could have charged the services of one property on the account of another property, and many other things they did irregularly.

Sep 27, 2019

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