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Here is a copy of a letter that I have sent to their "executive response" email about a problem that I have with Citifinancial Auto and copied to their customer service email:

1. You need to do something with your procedures when someone calls in. To be totally ignored and treated as a liar and a thief is unacceptable. On January 27th a man by the name of Frank from telephone number [protected] called me. He asked me if I was going to make my car payment for January (2008). I told him that I had received a letter in the mail back in December (don't remember the exact day that the letter was received) offering “skip a payment” and had taken Citifinancial up on the offer. I received it after I had made the December payment so when I called on December 15th, the “skip a payment” went into effect for January. The person I spoke with on December 15th (whose name I did not get) said that it was processed and that the next payment would now be due in February. He was very congenial and nice. I wish now that I had gotten his name. It never occurred to me that a company could so mess up a simple concept as this or that one department wouldn’t have a clue as to what another department was doing in the same company! I told this gentleman who handled the ‘skip a payment’ that this was great and well-timed because I could use that payment to put tires on the car, which I did at Wal-mart:

Transaction Details
Description: WAL Wal-Mart S 12/15,ABILENE TX
Posting Date: 12/17/2007
Amount: $340.78
Type: Check Card

On January 27th, Frank was rude to me, treated me like a liar, insinuating that no such letter existed and again wanted to know when I would be making my payment. His tone of voice was insulting as well as his words. He asked with a sarcastic tone, “Well, what was it? Did you have medical expenses that caused you to ask for the skip a pay?” I told him NO, that the offer was made to me with no strings attached and that I had not initiated it at all. He acted as if I had just lied to him. He gave me a number to call, (customer service?) [protected]. I tried immediately to call but evidently that office is closed on Sundays. I called on Monday, the 28th and spoke with Janet who transferred me to Natasha who transferred me to Christie. Each time I had to explain why I was calling. While on the line with Christie, we lost the connection so I called back and spoke with Brittany. I again explained the situation. Brittany was very polite and said that she would send an email to “skip a pay” to Charlie. Brittany told me that Charlie would research this and get back to me within 2 business days. I waited but never received a call. On February 1st I called [protected] and spoke with Dixie who immediately asked for my account number or ssn. I gave her my ssn and she immediately transferred me to the department that started this whole mess – who of course we know now would only transfer me back to the customer service department. I hung up and immediately called back. I again got Dixie who said that it is company policy to transfer the call and she again transferred without any discussion. I hung up and I called back again. I tried asking for Brittany but Dixie said that she couldn’t transfer me to Brittany without a last name. Well, of course, we all know that your people don’t give out last names so once again, the customer is screwed. I refused to give my number and asked for a supervisor. Dixie argued with me but I insisted and was transferred to the “supervisor.” Naturally, you know what happened. Uh-huh, I get the managers station and NO ONE answers but I get the voice mail. I leave a detailed message for someone to get back with me and left my cell phone number. NO ONE has returned my call; however, your collection department sure can find time to call and harass me. I am at the point now that I am seriously considering buying a tape recorder and recording all conversations between myself and your company. If this is not resolved by the 8th, I will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and I will turn all data and tapes over to the state for Deceptive Trade violations. I might even put a small ad in our local paper asking if anyone else has had this problem with your company. If one person can't get action maybe a group of people can.

2. This whole mess started because of a letter I received from your company to “skip a payment.” I called on December 15th and first got the automated response system. I decided to get the balance left on the loan at that time too so your system should show that I obtained that information from the automated system. Right after that is when I spoke to one of your representatives about the “skip a payment” letter and told that it was processed and that the next payment would be due in February.

3. I regret the day that I refinanced with your company and left HSBC. Getting a lower interest rate was not worth this hassle.

4. I refuse to make any further payments until this is resolved. I was ready to set the February payment on January 27th to be paid on time through my bank’s Bill Pay system until FRANK from number [protected] called me. At that time, I decided that this had to be straightened out before any more money transfers from me to you.


I want a WRITTEN response to this email. You can respond via email but if this problem persists I will INSIST that all communications take place by certified mail or, if verbal, only in the presence of a witness on my end or a taped conversation. Once I receive WRITTEN correspondence that this has been resolved, I will initiate the February payment through my bank's Bill Pay system.

As a note to anyone reading this complaint I have filed here on this website: I have never been late on this loan. In fact, this loan before now was helping my credit rating which is what I wanted it to do because I had been through some rough times for about 8 years. This loan had bumped my credit score up quite a bit. My recommendation is to avoid Citifinancial like the plague. If already in an agreement with them, do everything with documentation in mind. Get all names, keep everything in journal, and everything in a file all by itself!


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Sep 30, 2008 8:59 am

It gets even worse. I am curently unemployed and fell behind. They are showing up at my front door wanting to settle the matter. I feel very threatened and dont understand how it can be legal.

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May 28, 2008 8:59 am

I had an auto loan with citifinancial. I traded in the vehicle and the loan was payed in full, citifinancial still went ahead and drafted the $600 payment out of my bank. Now the rude customer service people are telling me it might be 3 weeks till i get my money. This is not acceptable, actually you stole this money from my bank account. When i did have my loan active if you were payed late you would want penaltys and interest from people in a case like that. Well if i dont get an immediate response i will get an attorney and sue your company for my money plus interest. Just like you would do to people.
You had no legal right to take money from my bank account for a payed in full loan. I, m really f----in pissed.

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May 26, 2008 8:59 am

Contact me! I have had the same problems with Citifinancial Auto! And it gets worse too!

I tried holding out payment until I could get a similar matter resolved & I played the same games with transfering the calls to several people (none of which have a direct dial number or last name etc) and I put everything in writing and mailed and faxed it and you know what it got me? NOTHING! They sent out a guy to reposess my car. They dont care about why your holding your payments or what needs to be corrected on your account. I have FIVE payments that were not credited to my account in 2005 & 2006 and have spent two years trying to provide bank statements to prove the fact and I have still not received the credit. They tell you to send the info, then they take two to four months to review it and their response is that your payment was posted a month late in the following month. So if your missing credit for your March payment, they tell you it was credited in April. So you ask them what happened to your April payment? And they say it must have been credited in May. Get it?

Its gets worse!

I worked for an Employer who promised $10, 000 in cash bonus payments for finishing work on his books early. I am a bookkeeper/controller. I worked for a year on five sets of books to finish my work and he didnt want to pay me all in cash so he paid off my car with CitiFinancial instead and gave me the balance in cash. He had some sort of deal on a new credit card account where he got 5% cash as a rebate on all purchases for the first four months. So he earned about $550.00 for paying my car off. I was also authorized on all his bank and credit card accounts.

Anyway They credited the payment, but didnt send me the pink slip and continued to add interest to my loan. Then five months after they credited the payment, they refunded it to my past employer! Why? They say they cant tell me due to privacy laws. What privacy laws? His or mine? He does not have a loan with them and I am still not entitled to information on my own account?

All I am told is that he could not remember what the payment was for and he called them and they chose to refund the money to them because they could not find an account under his name. He didnt go through his bank because he would have paid back the rebates earned on the payment and because after five months they consider the payment a "done deal". So should have citifinancial but they work on their own set of rules and laws.

Now they want to reposess my car. I paid the thing off. They chose to refund the money, not me. The payment was not unauthorized and I cannot get a hold of my past employer because he no longer lives in the area where I worked for him.

If they would have called me before refunding the payment I could have showed them my employment contract where he promised to pay it off instead of paying me cash. But they didnt call me or notify me until they sent a reposessor out to pick up my car. I paid on this car for four years. It would have been paid off this December, 2008 if I paid it on time. I chose to pay it off a year early instead and had him send the payment in 12/2007.

So now my credit has a charge off on it and I cant refinance the car or replace the payment they refunded and they added $2, 000 in additional interest to the loan raising the pay off too.

I have a NICE mustang that I am going to loose over this just so they can sell it at auction and make a buck off of me.

OH! Did I mention that if you are late on your payment (even by one day) they apply your ENTIRE payment to interest and you get NOTHING applied to your principal balance? Its true! In my last year of payments, with nine left to go at $253.00 each, how much do you figure I should owe? Less then $3, 000.? WRONG! They claim I owe $5, 300.00 (plus another 2000 in new interest). They added on $2, 500 by applying the majority of my payments to 100% interest and gave me no credit on the princiapl of the loan. They also charged me 5% of the unpaid balance as a late fee on top of that and then another $15.00 to pay the payment immediatley by phone. How can they apply 100% of your payment as a penalty for being a couple of days late? How can they refuse to credit a payment made by automatic bill pay through your checking account when you have the bank statements to prove it was sent to them?

How can they refund a payment that was credited to your account over five months ago? Even a bank wont unauthorize a payment after 2 to 3 months and return your money to you. EVEN IF SOMEONE STOLE IT!

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