Citi Trendsmanager

Visited the store I'm pregnant so I carry spit cups or small bags. My boyfriend took one of their bags on the counter because I was feeling nauseous but wasn't trying to ruin everybody else shopping experience. My boyfriend walked over to the hat area and immediately we feel like we are being followed. I separated just to see and went to the baby department by that time I look up and the manager is harassing my boyfriend. She then yells "call security" confront of everybody and even had some people joke and tell security as well. He then pulls out a wad of money explaining to her we work hard we dont have to steal especially $7 hats. She then proceeded to tell me that I couldn't keep the throw up bag and escorted us out. We didn't get the hats or baby clothes we wanted and left embarrassed. She pointed all the way to the end of the mall and told me to go there and not to come back. When we asked her why she is accusing us of stealing the said "I'm not I can call security all I want" and we always shop at Citi trends. This experience makes me never want to come back again I was so embarrassed

Sep 20, 2019

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