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Chumba Casino / VGW Holdings complaints 145

Chumba Casino / VGW Holdings - won't credit account

I started playing this a couple of months ago and have enjoyed it up until now. Yesterday I paid $30.00 through PayPal, which by the way never got credited to my Chumba account. After trying to...

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Chumba Casino / VGW Holdings - screening who wins and loses.. total fraud

I used to like chumba Casino I spend a lot of money on them they made me win three or four times and after I cashed out on the 2100 for three months after that I have not won a damn thing. I would...

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Chumba Casino / VGW Holdings - system crashes and takes away winnings and free spins

This website is coming off as a huge scam. When I play with gold coins, I can't lose. When I switch to sweeps cash (Which I pay for via credit card), the losing begins and continues. Following is a...

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Chumba Casino / VGW Holdings - I deposited money but never went on casino

11/17/16 @ around 9:46pm california time I deposited 10 dollars that deducted from my account and never went on casino, just stole my money. I have played her a couple of times, I thought something...

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Chumba Casino / VGW Holdings - Total scam and rip off the draw you in then wont pay up

I finally won after spending way too much anyway the made it impossible to withdraw my money so now I am out 1800 dollars. I spent the last 2 day going back and forth sending proof of my ID etc. But still found excuses to give me a pin what a joke scam artist!!! Don't ever go on the site unless you want to be ripped off too!!! Scam!!!

I would like to join the lawsuit please... [email protected]

Finally they hired this "Raymond Ottavi" to write bs about Chumba being good. LOL.

I hate chumba is a scam I won one time and I was trying to take my money out, I send all the information that they need and still nothing I spend all my money now and more. And still waiting for verification lol 😂 chumba is a joke.
I hope everyone quit playing in this place.
Chumba is garbage.
I hope they can fix problems like this, because to take ur money from your account is so easy.
But to take any profits they go to 100 terms.
Not happy with chumba they should give me all the money that I play.

Same here I won $2000 and tried to cash out they wanted my bank statement and all types of info

I have never seen so many butt hurt posts. It's hilarious. If you can't afford to lose the money dont deposit it. I have been playing on chumba for over 4 years. The verification process couldn't be any easier, I have the Chumba Card and have cashed to it and my bank card without any issues. If people would just supply the information they request they wouldn't have any issues cashing out. There is nothing scamming about the site. It's gambling, you can't win all the time. Trying complaining about losing at a walk in casino and see how that works out for you. I have won 5k on a .50 bet, over 11k on a 5.00 bet, even won a major on free money gifted by chumba. So stop the lies, and grow up people.

I guess you hired by Chumba Casino…By no means are anyone butt hurt but if Chumba can take money from our account but when money is won want let you redeem it & coming up with all sort of excuses & reason not to payout it is indeed a SCAM & STEALING….Go ahead and enjoy jumping from post to post. When you get done head on over to Trust pilot etc…I’m sure J. Poindexter is a rep of Chumba Casino & is hired to do the same thing as Adam & the rest of the gang. When you get a chance go deactivate my account for this comment & my reviews…I was only out of time & $20 bucks . Get you a set of chopsticks & a bag of rice and enjoy.

Take your made up BS to Oprah, Chumba is a Scam. Now for folks that have thousands to throw at them, im sure they pay out, your probably one if those plp, that wins 1k a month, but spends 3k playing, Chumba has to love your [censored].

Worst casino ever. They give you NOTHING for your losses no matter how big or small. When you email them about this they send you a prepaid email every time. That doesn’t even address your issue or question. It just says sorry you feel that way and we use RNG. Stay away

The only lies being told are the one you posting

LOL Chumba paid you how much? I will give you double to jump in a [censored] pile


My son has spent thousands of $on this game. Whole paychecks, and savings. I have tough loved him, sent him to homeless shelters and he returns. I have had him give me his card work check card, and I blocked his check card, and he still gets in by calling the check card and unlocking it. Today he gave me login info to the Chumba Website, and closed his account but I investigated and there is a self exclusion option, that is all good but you can retract it by a simple email. We constantly fight because he has other issues that started after gambling at casinos near us. He was pulled over, headed to Oklahoma on a major freeway on a scooter, while license revoked for dwi after driving to casinos. I made him go to casinos and self exclude himself, then he found this online.
I realize Chumba is for entertainment, and my son has problems, but giving ways to reverse the self indefinite exclusion is very bad. It should be permanent if a person says they have a problem, and they arent able to control their spending and its made them homeless. Please remove the ability to remove the indefinite self exclusion. I know it says it only allows you to use it a week after indefinite exclusion but U also say its Chumbas decision to exclude in all requests. How many times do you reject the indefinite self exclusion, and do you have a list of the people you actually allowed to indefinitely self exclude? Is there a Sunshine law on that? like do players or explayers have a gaming number to put on the list, so it doesn't break hippa laws?
I sure hope these flaws in blocking oneself improve because seems no matter how many times a player tries to stop casinos, and were successful in real casinos your website, allows ways out. Its wrong in so many ways.

I have won over 100k with chumba in the last 2 years. I have a host, and they treat me well. I was never denied a cash out. Even gave me a debit card to instantly cash out with. The games are more tight than ever now. And it is slowing me down. They are 100% legit. They are very meticulous on information. So if it's a capital letter, make sure it's a capital letter. Some people get anxious and start getting upset. I did do, but once the "hard part" verifications are over. It's smooth sailing.

You can type & write what you want on these reviews…So can I, and it still doesn’t mean it some truth in what you type or write. In regard to your debit card you claim you received I read on other site they received debit card that DIDN’T WORK so people PLEASE BE AWARE. Jenny is a hired predator along with Raymond.

Just like you crying wolf because some of was smart enough to figure out the SCAM Chumba Casino is running.

Just like you, fake and lie

I just wine $3, 657 and as soon as I went to redeem my winnings they deactivated my account this just being a couple hours after they finally verified my bank account.

Exactly this board it full of cry babies

[email protected] I would like to be part of the class action law suit please

[email protected] I would like to part of the class action law suit as well

Im a high limit player, and a friend of mines told me about chumba casino. I trusted to play because ive seen him cash out money, but it was never alot of money. I dont think chumba casinio expected me to be able to play the high limit games, and I won over 50 thousand dollars. then came the verification issues, and I started receiving emails that errors kept popping up for me to be verified. I went to my bank and had everything that they asked for printed out, and I also had it sighned by my bank manager. I then received emails of chumba saying that they would prefer me to use another bank, besides bank of america, which is my primary account. I stayed calm, and I went to wells and fargo, opened a new account and requested to switch my banking information. I then received a rejection letter from chumba within a hour. I know that I have played over thirty thousand dollars playing the high limit slots, and every since I first started playing, its been nothing but trouble. hats off to anyone that has ever received a cash redemption, but I can honestly say that chumba casino has ripped me off, and I plan on speaking to my attorney about the issue. I will never recodmend chumba casino to anyone, unless to warn them.

Roguish thieves! Chumba Casino is ran by CROOKS & THUGS from overseas…STAY OF AWAY from this online gaming sites…They will Steal your money and Raymond knows it. That’s why he’s under every other post or comment. I hate a THIEF

Same they did exactly this to me to

I used bank of america for years even use a business account, so I call BS. Good luck with your attorney lmao

They deactivated my account too saying I breached or assisted other accounts, lol!! I only play to win and when I do win they deactivate my account.. [censored] Chumba

After they verified me and redeem my winnings then they deactivated my account so my winnings is gone they cant say that they going to pay me. We should do petition or sue them.

Chumba Casino will STEAL your money and then send you to debt collections. I made $120 worth of deposits throughout one day to attempt to play, but each deposit was failing (Hence the reason I kept trying). It came out of my bank account though (Which I noticed the next day), so when I reached out to Chumba, they blamed my bank stating I needed "permission" to deposit. I told them that was not the case as I had made successful deposits prior to this, so there must be a glitch in the app. I made a simple request to either have my money put in my Chumba Account (I had the proof that the money was successfully taken from my account), or send it back for me to put back in my account. They continuously over several days blamed my bank. I got in contact with my bank for those few days and they assured me it was not an error on their end. I forwarded these messages on to Chumba who STILL blamed the bank and REFUSED to credit the money to my account. I had no choice but to dispute the funds to get my money bank. I was a PAYING customer who did NOT receive services. Now, Chumba Casino has sent me to debt collections for the money I gave THEM and didn't receive services on. And the only response they can give me WHEN they respond is "You need to discuss this with your bank." Absolutely disguisting behavior. I would not trust them with your money, and I would not trust that you'll even get your money that you win. You may go to collections too! It's like I walked into a store to pay for something, they didn't have what I paid for in stock, so I got my money back, and then they sent me to debt collections. I just don't see how this is legal whatsoever. PROCEED WITH CAUTION.

chumba is evil and greedy

my god its like the same thing that i have been dealing with

I won over $10, 000 and cashed out no problem. Then another $5500+ cashed out with no issues, multiple $2500+ and $1000+ cashouts without any issues. Yell ever thought you might not be doing something right? It took me about 10 days to get verified because I was sending in the wrong info. Once I realized MY mistake- chumba honestly is the best online casino I've found.

You a thief is what hilarious… You as foolish as you sound I see. You mean to tell me all these bad reviews and not one of them did nothing right? You nothing but a internet PREDATOR…but I got time for individuals like you.

HAHAHA! finally showed everyone you are Chumba's little monkey. "Chumba is the best". LOL. Graduated from high school yet?

I think this board is hilarious, with all the butt hurt comments, obviously people can't follow directions or they are just starving for attentions.. Chumba is the best!

Ignition casino is the best

Same happened to me. Got paid on smaller amounts. Wait till you win a larger amount. They sent an email saying my account would be funded 7-23. Then nothing. I get only automated responses. 66 grand. Better hope you don’t win much.

Yep, once you start winning on their site, they'll kick you off. That's what happened too me. I went to luckyland to play. Did not know they were owned by the same. I received an email, stating I gamble too much. Maybe I played 150.00 that day. Rip offs. Don't use these people.

They ripped me off for over 2000. Huge scam. Same with global poker. They stole my winnings from a spin a win. Took me over oneyear of nasty emails and they finally caved. Im relentless. Stay away. Tell everyone. Stay safe everyone!!

No way.

Ya right.

That’s exactly what Has happened to me. Total ripoffs

Chumba are crooked I spent$25000 on their site sent quiet a few emails complaining to them they told me they were closing my account for 2months because I have a gambling problem I told them if they think I got a problem send my money back we'll there answer was my account is closed permanently they need to be investigated!!!

They have paid up for me in the past when I cashed out but this last winning of over $5000 disappeared from my amount and they will not acknowledge my winning. I am thinking they pick and choose which winnings they intent to recognize.

[email protected] i won 3 thousand dollars and like so many others my idenity verification has been denied so in the mean time of waiting I gambled. the 3 thousand then kept adding more money im now up to 1500 and again tried last night to cash out with no luck. i also just went through my credit card statement s and have charges i know i didnt make ! what do i do ? this isnt right! and are the gift cards real?

There is a class action lawsuit and a revealing book about Chumba Casino coming out shortly! If you'd like to be included and have complaints, emails, anything relevant, please leave your email and someone will get back to you shortly!

The book is set to premier on Amazon, and the details include tell all's

Customer with years of gaming history, being kicked off site for requesting free sweeps
Game glitches purposely committed
ID theft
Billing errors, not errors


I would love to get in on this class action lawsuit!
[email protected]

Please let me in on this. I have won $47, 000 one time and the verification process somehow never went through. Once all the money was spent playing they send me a debit card which does not work. I have had over a hundred charges to my bank account that chumba said were denied but my bank did pay out. I am glad (and sorry) to see that there are others with the same problem. So i know it is not me being crazy. My email is [email protected]

[email protected] I have wrong payout evidence on my screen recording opt me in the please

Ripped me off for over 66grand

I want in on the class action !!! I won’t a progressive jackpot over $500, 000 and after verification was approved, they closed my account and said they had the right to refuse payout. After I’d deposited around $3000, and my wife had cashed out $29k from chumba. I have all the proof still and will fight until I get what I am owed!

I just wrote to them about how the game has glitched multiple times. I won the Grand in one game and they replied that all winnings are predetermined after you spin, so why say you can stop the reel whenever you want if that’s not true. When it does land on a big win the game glitches and switches to a lower prize. It’s happened more than once September 8th I finally sent an email. Definitely rigged to make you lose. - [email protected]

Do you have information on this I can have? They're sending me to debt collections for the money I deposited and they refused to let me play on and they are absolutely refusing to work with me and pull the collections complaint. I've had enough of their disguisting behavior.

please add me to the class action suit [email protected]

ripped me for over 5000 [email protected]

I need to be a part of this. Please. My email is [email protected]

[email protected] i want to join the class action!! i have spent well over 16k on this site they told me it was legal but its not in tx. at all the same people keep winning they have doubled charged my account. i see all these people getting host and perks but when i asked to get it that never happened. They Scam people out of money.

I got burned for thousands


Can you point me in the right direction for the class action?

I have tried to cash out and they will not pay. I have sent over 20 documents and it's always an excuse I'm sick of it and I think they really need punished i really would like all the money I spent on it back

Chumba casino has charged my bank acclunt numerous times without my consent and i have no idea as to how they have my card information. I dont have an account with them so i dont understand their charges.

The fact you want shut up is what I’m exposing & the FACT you represent Chumba Casino is STEALING & SCAMMING people who think they’re gaming on a legit site. If enough people keep reporting it will ruin YOU! And I do me YOU since you keep posting in defense of this SCAM

What are you trying to expose, the fact that people lie about money they spent because they lost, or the fact they can't follow simple instructions to verify there accounts so they can cashout? I can guarantee that you don't have a leg stand on. LMAO

Trying to find out if you'd agree to have your story shared in a Chumba tell all book, exposing the gaming website?

I cashed out Monday Dec. 16, 2019 for 1200.00
I have received no info since. I love playing this casino, and always have excellent customer service. I hope I didn't get lost in the high volume of people you must have to deal with daily. Sorry to bug but Please help me. X-Mas is in three days.


[email protected]

I tried cashing out 100 bucks 2 weeks ago have been getting the run around over verification and now all communication stopped 4 days ago. Dont waste your time at this [censored] casino

Can't get them to verify my information and give me payout this iscrediculous they have no problems with you giving them money. My face book has my maiden name with my married name so they are saying my I'd doesn't match yet it matches the account they are taking money out of for me to play. They say they follow up and no response so they close


My account has been deactivated temporary I was emailed and told. They asked me to provide certain information and I complied but haven't heard anything back. I received a notification today I won one the weekly trivia's they do but I can't even access my account. Customer Service has been great previously and very prompt but not so far this time.

I have $500+ of unauthorized charges from chumba. I have messaged them multiple times and no response. I'm not letting them get away with this! I want my money back! And they should be shut down! They have deactivated my account and won't respond to my messages.there is no phone number to call for them.

Stop STEALING & get a JOB!

you have a gambling problem, those are verified. get some help buddy.

Guess you should stop gambling with money you can't afford to lose

I won 392, 00 then another 199.00 Its been 6 weeks of verifying my account but no payout, they just want me to keep resubmitting my paperwork, byt yet they add fastest payouts not all I want is my money won, after all ive dumped enough in.
Every hr I get a re submitt my paperwork Ive done it more than once per day I dont know what their problem is

i was playing chumba casino for real money i went through paypal i played twelve hundred dollars when i went to cash out at nine hundred they said i had no money

My account has been deactivated, and I have no idea what happened to cause this to happen. I really like this game. ( Chumba Casino). Could you please tell me what to do to solve this matter?

yes chumba casino is total scam.i ween 6800 dolar they dont pay me that money and when imi trying to login Error 027: Your account has been temporarily deactivated. Please contact customer support at [email protected]

You won't win you will get hooked and lose all your money! I have spent Thousands like a sucker they will tell you to be patient while they take your money.STAY AWAY I TOLD THEM I WILL POST INFO ABOUT THEM.STAY AWAY WHEN I SAY I HAVE BEEN TAKEN I REALLY MEAN IT.PLEASE STAY AWAY!!

waiting for pin to cash out snce november, sent several emails asking for new pin and now its january 31 2019 and still no pinKent from chumba said i cant cash out under the previous system . but, whats the new system. anyone know? cuz im sending emails but no one is helping

They owe me over 2000.00 and won't pay up I need that money!!! I have lost way more than an that I hear they never pay anyone

Rip off. I finally won and they would pay. I showed id and plenty of other proof. Total Scam.

This place should be shut down because they are a total ripoof.. I have played here numerious and never won a [censored]ing dime.. most times my money last minutes and thats playing fifty cents a spin.. STAY THE [censored] AWAY FROM THIS GYP JOINT!!!

I'm finishing up on my complaint about chumba casino. Today I was credited back every deposit I made to chumba, by PayPal. If chumba won't Honer there terms of paying out go to PayPal and get your money back. It worked for me.

I gave all my personal information ( bank account, drivers license, & a bunch of info. about me and my family) and I haven't received a PIN yet to cash out!!its been 2 hrs now. I have been emailed 4 times saying the same thing, that my registered email with PIN will be sent to me. I keep emailing them to send my pin, but no response now.

casino did not pay me the money that I had won made up excuses that my address did not match my bank statement and ID they did then when they finally approved that they would not give me a pin number so I could cash out I had $1255.89 WINNINGS that would not let me cash out they closed my account

Yes, I have spent ALOT of money, but I have also won. If you follow the process, they do pay.

I won on Chumbia Casino and submitted all the information to receive my winnings, but I have yet to receive the money I have won. There always seems to be a problem with verifying the information. Ir has been 2 months and the problem has still not been resolved. I have sent & received numerous emails with no resolution.

You were to limit my buys to 160.00 a day so my wife would not over spend, you agreed but that did not happen so I dont think I owe you

I had about 3 cash out all together was $700 I linked my Facebook account to it and it deactivated and cancelled my cash out

I won $670.00 gave more than enough information and still have not received any money always giving me the run-around mad coustomers.

My name is Juan Ibarra not April ables

You guess will face the fall of chumba Casino with the federal government

[email protected] summer...HELP...I am not at home and I am trying to play from my phone..won't let me log in...please help I am apparently locked out...thank you

I think I won and I was wondering if I could get my money from the pargon casino in Markville, La


I have sent several "verification documents to get my refun for a month. Still haven't received it.

So customwe service and cashing out process sucks DON'T GIVE THIS GUYS MONEY. When you win! YOU'LL NEVER GET IT. They'll respond at first then totally stop talking. Open cases with PayPal and they'll automatically take out money in your casino account. Not like you'll ever see your money ever


I have verified my account twice as well as sent all correct documents they still.making this complicated. I have also just had surgery and need my funds i have been out our work since july.

lady let me just recommend some advice here. if you have surgery and you need your funds I'm little confused why the [censored] your gambling. i feel embarrassed for you, for making this post. true definition of stupid.

Bogus payout. They take your money real easy but when it's time to pay out FORGET IT! They ask for confirmation of ID which is gust a stall, after you provide it they will say they need something else and when you provide that they just stop communicating with you. They never send you your money.

i have submitted numerous documents and wont pay me my $4200 i won legally

I have won a [protected] and a 700 dollar that I have tried to cash out but still have not received

I have sent every piece of mail I have that might fit the required verification requirement and informed my CC company of my concern as its been almost 3 weeks. Humans response was to block my account which I have in good faith continued to fund and use. What do I do now.

I won 36, 000 4 days ago all thyhey kee p saying is in progress because they have a lot of cash outvrequest I'm gett ing frustrated theory used t o paid my winnings in a day I hope is not a sca mnandvthey tr ying th o keep my money

I won $500 on Chumba Casino
They received my request for cash out but haven't responded about approving my pay out
Can you help me with this?
Just like they take the money from my account, I want it to be added back.
Normally, there isn't a problem, but hopefully it can get solved

will turn over to PAY PA legal
pam Mayo

These guys are illegal.. Stay away.. This is an ALERT..These guys are scammers stay away

Cashed out 2 weeks ago did verify 10 days ago and still nothing... very unhappy with the service

I have tried to cash out winnings fro from Chumba Casino several times. I provided all the necessary documents they requested but they refused to honor those documents. Is this casino a scam because I trusted them and sent them private information.

This online casino is a scam. They will not payout at all! They get your personal info which includes your drivers licence and who knows what they do with it. Save your $! Stay away from chumba!

I have sent multiple support documents and am getting the run around for almost a month im getting frustrated.

I provided the necessary documents and still haven't received my winnings.I contacted customer service to no avail.

Someone is using my bank account/debit card to fund their gambling habit. This happened to me in May 2018 as well. Tired of getting my account hacked. My media trail led me right to Chumba. Does n't your company have safeguards intact to prevent this from happening (especially to those on a fixed income like myself)? It's literally killing me.

I dont have a bank account I only have paypal how do I cashout

well i won 100 and then thy started a new payout so it gos to your bank not pay pal so i gave them my bank statement this was 3 days ago and stell no one has got back iv played on the casino for 3 years never had o problem tell now hope you can help thank you joann pedro

Since Chumba Casino recently changed there payout methods, no longer use PayPal, and after I sent in my bank statement, I haven't been paid! When they used Paypal, i never had a problem with my payout! Payout is $100. This happened around June 25th

I tried to cash out my account since March 2018, I've been back and forth with emails since March 2018, now I'm being told I forfeited my money. Ive received the runaround after runaround.

I cashed out 350 dollars prior to june 30 and still havent reveived anything and now no response. Ive never had cash out issues before whats going on. I've submitted all information that they requested and still nothing I'm fixing to call my attorneys to look at into this

chumba says its the banks fault but i tried with bank online i cannot bye sweeps with card not banks fault they are not getting a request.

I have been playing for several months. Until now I have not had an issue. I have received cash outs. Now all of a sudden they can't verify my banking information!!!??? Won't give me the money I am owed. Have threatened them with legal action.

I, too, am very unfortunately a victim of Chumba Casino. This is a total nightmare. I ‘won’ $6000.00. After submitting all documentation that they requested I was told the edges of the documentation wasn’t showing. I began investigating them online. They are a total rip off. Please do not get involved with these crooks. PayPal is useless, they offer no buyer protection for online games, but they have no problem taking your money to play them. I have contacted my banks, and have only recouped very little from one bank. I have filed a complaint with the State Attorney General’s office. I am begging them to investigate this fraudulent company and hopefully they will be able to help. I urge everyone that has been scammed to contact your State Attorney General. If they get enough complaints...maybe..just maybe, for once the good guys will win.

No I read policy I paid 20 dollars.I won 100 dollars sent in a bill my drivers License and my bank statement .They want account number to rip me off.I plan on suing them .They saythey are in SF but are in Austrailia .I plan are pursuing this Least i got others to not go and quit bur they been scammed too.They are crooks

If you all are really serious you need to report them to their gaming authority. Chumba's DBA is VGW RMG Malta Limited and is registered under company number C76814 and their license number is MGA/CL1/669/2010 you can even file an online form with them at the Malta gaming authority. if the links goes away you can look for online gaming at mga dot org dot mt

Filed papers with US ATTORNEYS OFFICE

I, too, just filed with my State Attorney General. Should I wait for a response or should I contact US Attorney General?

Good idea im with you

I’ve been waiting 2weeks for my cash out of a measly $160.00 I’m sure that’s a drop in bucket for them they don’t respond I wish I would have known it was a scam lesson learned for sure

yes its a scam for sure

I am currently trying to cash out 2, 000$ I sent them my Id and a bill, they got back to me in 24hrs saying by bill was not good enough so I sent them back a PDF of my bank statement. it has been 6days now with no response from them, I have resent e-mail and nothing. I see other people have gotten paid out. I wish they at least had a live chat, I don't know what to do a this point

They want your bank account numbers to rob you.Sames as they asked me I sent in insurance DL and bank statement address Wellmore than enough I did call Paypal Wrote fb and Calling bbb again.I do feel for the ones who won big I think u win and they never pay hardly anyone.Post this and warn your friends and close they losers down

I did love playing Chumba and had done so for about 2 or 3 months. I had cashed out a lot but put in a lot too. I seen some comments about two accounts with the same IP address. That is the issue that I have. There are fraudulent charges to my credit cards without my authorization. It looks as if I play $60, $60, and $150, they tack on a few more $150. This has happened to the point of costing me thousands of dollars. One Charge Back form stated that Chumba is saying that I had two accounts with X amount of transactions per account. and the accounts come back to my IP address... Has anybody else ran into this that can assist me with my fight with them?

I am fairly new to Chumba Casino and I have won twice, cashed out $100, and then $200. Everything was processed and in my Paypal within a day. When I won the 3rd time, I cashed out $110, things changed. I received the initial email cashout request, but nothing since. They won't return my emails or anything. If I am struggling to get $110, I feel bad for those that win something big.

Oh well, I won't be spending anymore money on that site.

Get others not to as well.

I see a lot of complaining people on here, the reason a lot of you are saying chumba is a scam because #1 you don't take the time to read the terms & conditions. You just jump in sign up and play to try to get something for nothing and that's probably how you live life with nothing positive to say about anything or anyone. The rules, terms & conditions are there for a reason. A lot of you need to grow up and be the adult you are suppose to be and not the child you once had been. Maybe if a lot of you got out of Mom and Dad's house in to your own, then you can understand what life and responsibility really is. Every time i cashout at chhumba, i get the money in my paypal account in about 2 to 8 hours with no problem. I made 3 withdrawals this weekend $100.00, $150.00, $300.00. I won the $300 with a deposit to my accout of $5.00. So it is on the up and up, are you?

Posting again today Dont play there

They are crooks plain and simple

Yes I sent in proper documents and they have written me 20 plus times.Why I dunno I gave them what they asked for Now they write me everyday asking for same thing They are harrassing me I have turned them in to almost ever place and post on social media Someone posted that the attorney general .I have my own lawyer on it People are quitting and i am warning.File complaint with pay pal vgw holdings face book and on social media.Write a gaming association They say they are in SF but are in Austrailia so its hard to do but keep after them if u have time

I hear ya They dont pay most people.I am making a stink about it. They stop with me although they write me 2 times a day I say harrassing.I sent in 3 forms of id They want all of bank statement I may be dumb butnot that dumb.Been scammed before.I wish i would of read up on these crooks Write the bbb Complain online and if its enough money threaten to sue. Post on FB that they dont pay as well

Liar. You are so obvious ., you grow up .. Didn't fool me .. One particular sentence was a dead give away..



That might be the case for some, but I cashed out $110 as my 3rd withdraw and haven't heard anything from them about getting paid. Times 1 and 2 were no issue and I was paid quick. This time, not so much. Pretty sad actually.

I sent them over $4000. I won over $2000 that they have yet to pay me!

I must disagree with the initial complaint stating that Chumba Casino is a scam...they are not a scam. If you are truthful with them about your particular situation, then most likely they will work with you. If they request ID because several accounts are using the same IP address, then go ahead and send what is requested if the money means that much to you!! Its just general procedure which is what you are agreeing to every time you play by checking those 2 boxes as you login to play on their casino. They are wonderful and people need to start reading the fine print a little closer. They send out free sweeps cash and promotions to their players via email a lot. It clearly states at bottom of these emails that the promotional emails or links are not to be shared, and I know that there are facebook groups that share these emails & links with each other and then wonder why accounts within this group are randomly becoming blocked from playing in the casino... smh...

Can you further explain what you mean about "They request ID because several account are using the same IP address". Asking because I have had several thousands of dollars charged to my credit cards that were not authorized by me. Support tells me that there is only one registered account but yet they tell my credit card company in a dispute that I have two accounts matching my IP address with thousands of transactions on it. Trying to understand what happened and why the reply to the cc company said two accounts but they tell me that I only have one account... Fishy to me.

I call boil [censor]. Nobody is giving that much money away from free from playing a game. Come on people get real. Stay smart

I would not advise to go to the casino. My friend Chris Pallante lost everything because of them

I also faced similar problem, then wrote to support, I was told Chris Pallante, he said that they have server problems that soon they will eliminate and the money transferred to the account.

People that can't own up to the fact that they choose to gamble they loose and want to make everyone pay and hate the one they came to and physically decided to participate in playing with. They just can't get over the fact of being homeless jobless liberal and trump won so you lost gambling Hillaries minions. Just say better luck next time or don't play if you can't hang with the idea we all know is a risk. We are all adults here. Duuuuuhhhhh. Love you chumba.

You are wrong and can't just admit you chose to gamble lost and got mad. I play too. I win I lose. So what. All you haters want is a handout and a free return to go gamble in the casino and ### some more about your own dam decions you can't own up to.

Not true at all! I won $6000. I submitted all documentation at least 5 times. I was told the “edges” of the documents weren’t showing. They had my driver license and 2 bills showing my address. They are total crooks. I have sent everything to my State Attorney General.
If I won and lost, then you’re right...too bad, so sad, but when you win, they DO NOT pay out. This has been a horrible nightmare.

No i Played once and won Sent in exactly what they wanted.More than a few times.They want my bank acct number I sentt in DL insurance bill, bank staement with address but notmy acct number They dont need it as they pay thru pay pal They are crooks


I have cashed out twuce from chumba but wen i hit 1000 they xidnt pay Nd said i had mulitple accounts...but where can i read on policy?

Dont matter hes not going to get his money Its a scam

Well. Did you have multiple accounts??? What's the issue???

Love for chumba. i am sorry. I was wrong.

Total Scam!!! I won $6200 and they closed the account. Left me with a $17. balance. BEWARE!!!

I am trying to cashout 570.00. Chumba has been extremely patient with me, even as to go so far and tell me to be sure my address matches on all accounts involved. They are very serious about security and fraud and told me I needed to look a little further than my paypal account. I just discovered my netspend debit card is not accepting my address whih goes like this. 920 1/2 S. 56 St. Upper. They have it 920 S.56th St UPPR. S I just asked Chumba if this is what was holding my cashout request. They responded please fix this so we can cash you out. I will update tomorrow after I talk to customer service. (I moved 3 weeks ago and actually forgot to update my accounts my new address. I really wasnt worried about it cause my old address is my moms address lol)

Im tiredvoff loosing money ig i dont see myoney backbon my account orvsome money on my paypal account im going to stop playing

Chumba Casino lets you win when you are a new player, they will wait til your
hooked and after a couple months of winning, all you will do is lose eveything
you put in. They had a 297% profit in just a couple of months in Dec 2016. Im
pretty sure those big named winners on the winners list are just made up names.
They have never posted on facebook or even played the facebook trivia. Makes you
think twice about that. Also, if you look up the owner Laurence Escalante on
facebook and instagram you will see familiar names that always win big like
Kirkpatrick, Carol, Etc. So he just lets his family members and friends win big.
Just take a look at the link below which shows proof of keeping more money than
paying out.

Last week on wend the 12and the13 i won 300 dollars i cash them out 100 at a time they deposit only 200 and the other 100 desapear they said they deposit it and is not thrue im tire of loosing money both way wgenvyou play and when you win on sat after spending 200 dollars im on my last 50 cent playing chillie mama finally got the 3 chilliesvthe them game closed saying is been closed beacause inactivity i was playing by the timevi got it back by 50! cent where gone i didint get credit for the 10 spins i think this site is hack

I got roped in on a specail BUT they never said that when i joined through FB link ad I had to $400 and funny if you direct join through chumba casino outside of FB ad you only had to win $100 any way went hard core after them and got all money refunded back to my Bank card.

Apr 05, 2017

I just received a deposit to my PayPal account in the amount of $400. My first winnings from this website, Chumba Casino. I made a $10. deposit to them from my PayPal account and $20. was given to me in free play. I played a little at a time for about 1.5 weeks. The accounting department (very friendly and patient) and I went back and forth for another week, via emails, because the driver license I copied via my scanner was set on black and white to save on color. They couldn't accept a non-color ID; so I did it again in color. Then they needed to verify address, via utility bill, which I don't have, because all utilities are included in my rent. And my cell phone is pre-paid, so no bill there either. I copied/emailed my annual membership bill from ACSC or AAA. The bill said "thanks for being a member for more than 35 years". They said that was ok. The whole transaction took about 2-2.5 weeks. And the money was quickly deposited into my paypal account. What an awesome treat!! I LOVED IT!!

I also won $100. on another online casino and never deposited one penny. They gave me $50. in free play and I went up {$500.} and down {$10.}; until an employee from that casino called to remind me, I could withdrawal $100. They would send me a check. I felt bad for being rude to that nice lady. I thought it was a gimmick and I told her, "Ma'am when pigs fly, Ill call you back." She was definitely persistent and would call me weekly. I finally called her out and said, "Ok". The process took 30 days to receive a bank check in the amount of $100. Nothing went wrong there either. I haven't been back to that casino, because they make it difficult to deposit funds. I am not interested in signing up for some random middle man company that will have access to my bank account. Most everyone has Paypal. WELL, I DO!!

It seemed so quick and easy to get $400. Let’s do it again! Well, this time, I've made a few deposits from Paypal to Chumba Casino. Yep, that’s all the information you are going to get. It seems being that I AM an adult over 40yrs old, but under 50yrs old, I am going to have to set limits for myself in my own spending department. I can also tell whomever is reading this comment; that $22. + got lost this past weekend, when I was playing on my laptop and cell phone. I sent Chumba an email and before I knew it, that money was placed back into my account, when I turned on my laptop again.

I have only POSITIVE COMMENTS for this ONLINE CASINO: CHUMBA. Which are based solely on my POSITIVE EXPERIENCE, I’ve had with them.

Patricia Kreiger
San Diego, California…..USA.

Oops sorry. Tacoma, WA 98408. 05/01/2017

So will you share the name of the other casino? My spare email account is [email protected] I created it for the sole purpose of being able to receive emailnfrom members of sites like this one. I would really like to know. Im disabled, pretty much housebound and bored. Thank you. Dawn Sattler

I have seen the rule about multiple account and if one account wants to cash out, then you have to have all accounts from that location verify too, before they will cash out, even thought your account is the only account that cashes out. Also they take your money from multiple accounts from the same location and that is scamming people. Cause if you proof your a real person(to cash out) and may have other accounts at that location who never cashes out and does not play with sweeps cash(real money) for the fun of it... or another account for the fun it... They will never cash you out...That a scam... However I can see if multiple accounts from that location are trying to cash out which I can understand and that is how I took rules for cashing out... So to me this place does SCAM PEOPLE!!! This site needs to be taken down...DO NOT PLAY CHUMBA SCAM CASINO!!! THAT IS THE TRUTH!!!

After playing at this site for several months and depositing way to much money I finally won..When I cashed out and after sending in all the documents they asked for they deactivated my account..not giving me 1 absolute reason why..and they will not answer any of my needless to say they got the money I deposited and didn't have to pay what I had won..So I hate to say I fell for a complete scam. And I hope they are shut down for doing this kind of thing to people.

I have never played at chumba Casino but if you have ever played slots in Atlantic City or in Las Vegas usually you can find out what percentage of the money each slot pays back. You should call up call them up and find out how much percentage each slot pays back. In Atlantic City I could be as high as 95 to 99 percent but it can be as low as 1% online and they will say it's not rigged because of 1% win so you should know what you're getting into before you put any money into it. Technically they will say they are not cheaters because 1% win or 10% or whatever but yes he should know what you're getting into before you get into it I think most of the people on here have gambling problems. I read many stories about people losing thousands of dollars only to win back a small amount count your chips and save them for another day

They do pay out but it is through a pay pal account they do not take your personal information that is done through Pay Pal and they pay within 24 hrs and that is all I can say they do not handle anything except the winnings and it is all done through Pay Pal and the customer has to withdraw the winnings and all the casino does is supply the pin number that you use when you withdraw and the rest the customer takes care of the other Identity fact with Pay Pal such as the amount of money you withdraw and send it to pay pal then you go to pay pal and transfer it to your own bank in your own country that you happen to live. I have got my money every time pay pal is easy but the casino itself wants to be sure you get your money but they do not go into much detail. Pay pal needs all the information they deposit a small amount then they take it back to be sure you give them the correct bank account number. If you do not know what you are doing in the casino then you should not play because it is the same as a casino you would walk into they ask for ID also on cash out's .

They are a ripoff they said I could only cash out at 400 so from my 10 dollars I won a little over 400 and they started all this crap about my address and refused to pay me. Never giving me a time limit to send my info in. So they even closed my account on Facebook to were I could not play. They sure didn't do that when I was spending my money on there website. SCAM---SCAM---SCAM. DO NOT PLAY THEY NEVER PAY YOU!!!

They do pay out and that is the truth

How long did it take for money to be deposited into paypal

I had mine within a couple hours and I could go in and transfer it to my bank account and had it the next day.
You have to do the transferring because only you has your personal information.

How long does deposits take to be deposited into my paypal

How can i rest the account email address i need to change the account email because I don't have access to that account email someone hacked it and changed the password and i want to change the account email before that person takes my cash how can i rest the account email

The only way you can change your email is to ask Chumba to change it. You cannot have multiple accounts cause if you do you will get all your accounts closed and not be able to play. It's in their rules.

Is there away that i can change the account email because i need to change the email that's on my chumbacasino account because i don't have access in to that email its been hacked i want to change it before that person takes my cash thats on my chumba casino account how can i rest the account email

First of all they cannot get your winning out of chumba they give you a pin and no one else has it but you so the money will stay there till you take it out. You need to make sure your pay pal account is verified properly and you will have to prove who you are to them and your chumba pin number will do that but if you did not write everything down you will not be able to get it at all no one can take money out through your E mail that I do know.

Ive been playing Chumba for a few years now. The very first day I played, I cashed out $2, 000...But things are different now. Its hard to win anything. You have to have $100 to cash out. I know they have someone watching certain players portals. I know how all ther games work. I can tell when the reels are stuttering or spin uneven with the rest of the reels..And they control what the reels land on..Sometimes I literall feel that I am fighting against someone on the other end to get a good spin..Ive ended up only winning .56 on a feature or in that kind of range way too many times and ive spent hundreds and hundreds of $$$ here..I just wanna make some of my money back, but Chumba takes it away every time..When they were giving away bonuses for a short time, I had spent $(#) and they refused me a bonus. I was furious as I thot Ide get something back.. Chumba is unfair, they control your winnings, they know the players that are VERY GOOD at manipulating the game and I believe they have a crew of people to monitor you and interact so you lose everytime. Its #### and I am gonna complain to the gaming commission. Its not right when you put alot of money in Chumba, play regularly and they take it all away never letting you win, when you use to win alot
t before..They track players that are good and those players i guarantee have spent thousands of dollars to learn those games well..ALL FOR NOTHING...CHUMBA IS UNFAIR...THEY WILL MAKE SURE YOU CANT WIN... I had the feature on Monster Spins just today. they give you 5 spins..they only let me win on 1 spin and it was a dollar something..####!! Every other spin had no winnings . I spend alot here and i just want some of my money back or a good pop..They never let me win anymore tho..

You're right, they do see what you're doing. They drop code without you knowing in your pc so they can watch you live. Don't believe me? Look at your cookies, it's called Full Story. And guess what, you can't stop recording until you download the opt out cookie from Full Story. Again, don't believe me, go to

I feel the same way as you! It's controlled! They are CROOKS!

They are a complete scam i have spent the past 3 weeks trying to get my money the keep say to check with paypal which I did multiple times. Paypal said they ( chumba) have made no deposit to my account. They still refuse to pay me the money i won fair and square


No problems with me the first time they ask for verification of identity and address I sent him a copy of my T-Mobile bill a copy of my ID and a copy of a jury summons that came in the mail and they were good with that after that the deposit into my account for 600 came within the next 24 hours. Just in the last day I put into separate withdrawals for a hundred each and they're already in my PayPal account less than 12 hours later.

I'm pretty sure anybody who comments to be winning money, are hackers or game "developers" siphoning everybody else's money right into their accounts. I mean really, who's going to stop them.

How do I get my photos and documents I need to them? I've read terms and agreements but it don't say. Do I email them to support?

Agreed! I've lost some money too ... that's why it's called a gamble. It seems like some people feel like this should be different from other casinos in the world and have extra winners. Or, because they've put a certain amount in (sometimes ridiculous amounts) they "expect" a win. It doesn't work that way in Vegas, it's all chance and I'm not sure what people don't understand about that.

Nope, you're wrong I'm a real human and a simple teacher in Colorado, it's for real. A process to go through for identification, a time period of a few days for authorization but they notify you every step of the way. Just got my first cash out after following all directions and got two more processing today. I'm a real human and that's the truth.

They are on the up and up I have lost money but do not cry about it they were not twisting my arm I live in the US they do pay with in 24 hrs and I do not work for them at all I play because it is fun.

This place is the biggest ####ing ripoff I've ever seen.. Total Scam... DO NOT PLAY HER...!!!

I have had issues also. Where are they located in order to contact the Attorney General?

I think they are based in Malta. They owe me 10, 000.00 which I know I will never receive,

I have not recieved mym100.00 I cash out went through paypal as directed with chumba casino no funds has been deposited in my paypal acct what a waste

Me two im tired of loosing money with thid people

The only fraud i have seen is paypal and how they will let you use your account and then if you play too many times in a row they suspect fraud and quietly freese your account. They will let you do 1 dollar transactions and then donate 100s to charity. But you can not use it for the casino or other means of recreation for your own enjoyment. .. They have a very bad staff at paypal they are run by the automated system and the customer service at paypal is slower than old man river. And that is that. Chumba is the best though.. Just wish paypal could take an example for their own future. As god as my witness other people like the man behind facebook will have better ideas and ways of bettering the online money system!!! And the paypal will be looked at someday as the old way.. !!!

Do not feel the same way I LOVE THE CHUMBA WORLD

I am a little worried because they asked me to send a copy of my drivers license to them after I requested a withdrawal. They had already told me the verification process was completed. Why do they need a copy of my drivers license if I have a valid Pay Pal account???

Why don’t they ask for your identity prior to playing the games...this way when you win, they have all info needed..BECAUSE they are liars, crooks and scams! State Attorney General is on it!

I won 600 and is waiting for it to be deposited into my PayPal account. They sent me an email over and over again for my I'd and I sent it four times, is there another way to contact them?

Be cause a drivers license is a sure way to be identified so that they know really who you are when they pay out big winnings and that they do not a hoax at all.

They are commiting fraud by not being upfront that you need to play at other chumba loging or upload thier app to get the lower payout amount of $100 thier must be bold clear lamguage transparency about any winnings to be paid.

When you play it quickly says our sweeps cash can legally be cashed out.


Also I didn't spend a dime to play they gave me $20 free sweeps on sign up

I have had no issues cashing out with chumba casino. I win over $5000 n made a total of two cash outs . I sent in a proof of identity they asked for n within 30 mins it was approved and sent to my PayPal the 1st payment then i requested 2nd payout about 2 days later n just as the 1st it was sent quickly with no issues.

How do u send id to get winnings?

Chumba emails people and bribes them to post a good review on their facebook page in order to receive a $50 bonus. Thats why you see positive posts in their visitor comments. They will let you win in the beginning so you get hooked then all of a sudden your luck is taken away and will never win again. They control what you win, when you win. You will see three pictures match up for the bonus and then all of a sudden skip to a different image.


No your just a lier on the take

I've NEVER received an email bribing me to post a good review anywhere to receive any kind of bonus. They do sometimes have a post (on their fascebook page) on which you can reply as to why you like them. From those comments, they choose RANDOM people to win a certain amount to play. But, everyone has that opportunity. I've not had any problems cashing out and customer service has been wonderful.

Wow I wish they did that for me when I got mad. Oh I did write badly and I never got bribed . are you trying g to blackmail them by saying this reverse psychological post????? If you don't say on CE things to me you owe me a million bucks

They do pay out and that is all I am going to say if you do it properly.

P.S. No wonder your name is PETTY!

Blah Blah Blah.. I'm not a sore loser. People know the truth. You must be the @#S kisser that thinks if you write positive reviews for them, you will win more. HA! Youre a JOKE!

That's a I play there all the time, and I cash out just a sore ### loser...I support chumba

I don't think Chumba Casino is a scam at all. I played there with some promotional sweeps cash that didn't cost me a dime. I cashed out $400.Sure I had to go round & round with their support team for a day or 2 over a discrepancy with my ID and physical address.Once we cleared that up, they paid me promptly. I won't spend any money in their casino, but I'll be happy to play with everything that they're kind enough to give me for free. If anyone loses a substantial amount of money there they probably have a gambling problem and should consider getting professional help.

Paul Hermann.

Do you mind my asking how you solved the descrepancy with your address?? The address on my identification is my permanet mailing address not my physical one

I play all the time. Yes, you have to have proper ID and you must be legal to play, but all that is in the terms. Read before you play. It's not rocket science and it's simple. I've won several times, cashed out hundreds in minutes, and it was no big deal. The only cashout that took a couple of days was for $1500 and they stayed in touch every step of the way. Don't have ID? Don't play. Multiple accounts? Expect problems. Stay on the up and up? You can have fun and win, like I do.

I am trying to cash out $1250. I stupidly have spent in excess of $5000 and now they won't pay me. They say that there are oter accounts from my location. Yep my dad husband and sis! I told them that and they want their ID's too! What??? i am just trying to cash in a small fraction of what I spent with them. I haven't cheated them and mow they are cheating me! If I don't get my pay out in 24 hours I'm gonnna dispute ALL of the charges. I won a small fraction back fair and square and they still refuse to pay!!! They are definately a scam. DO NOT waste your money!!!

You do know that in the United States, any winning of over $1, 000 must have your ID recorded for IRS purposes. You have to claim winnings on your taxes...

Listen they said to send ids. What's the problem??? Are you lying?? Its not a rocket ship schematic the idea here is you are in a house with illegal immigrants losers or fake ids

I can vouch for this company they are not a scam. I was cautious as most are but received my 1000.00 payout just a few mins ago...this place is in the up and up.

Yes it is but some people turn it over to complaints to make them look bad I have always gotten paid also and you handle the cashout your self if you follow directions you have the money with in 24 hrs.

Correction I did not win 35 times typo error I won 3 or 4 times

I have been playing Chumba Casino for about 9 or 10 months and won 35 times attached here is my latest winnings, I did not add money I keep playing the contest and quizzes on the Facebook page, I won in July I won their contest for the 4th of July which they deposited into my account in game in the amount of $50.00 from that I played a came out a winner of $2244.14 over 40 of my friends play on there to and most of us have won here and there and winnings were deposited with in a few hours to our PayPal account .So No I Strongly Disagree they are not scammers .Unless there is another site out there and we are speaking of 2 different casino, customer service got hold of me through fb chat and walked me through the steps to get my winnings into my PayPal account, they were awesome THEY ARE NOT A SCAM !

You received a $50 deposit from them? That’s odd, their minimum cash out is $100. 🤣🤣🤣

when I hit cashout, it tells me they are verifying me, but it has been a long time, what should I do.

Which one did you play through? I played through the one that has Lucky Charms and Classic spins and others? These reps or so called reps are asking for mine and my husbands info off of our ID and DL cards and our Marriage Certificate

I agree, I've cashed 3 times and received in my account in a day, working now to winning bigger than my last $300

I just spent $10 and doubled my money I was just trying out the site and when you go to take out your money and have it put into your paypal it just keeps asking you over and over for your e-mail and to re-enter the items by the red dot, everything is right yet it will never let you cash out at all I feel stupid and wish I would have never wasted the $10 to try this site out, and it stalls all the time when it spins its horrible! I will never trust an online site ever again especially this one!!

Yep. I agree

you can only cash out 100.00 or more. you can't cash out only 20.00. it's in the rules pretty clearly.


I have lost ore than what you guys have..the games have glitches they keep telling me that lady luck will come my way, when I confront them about the game being rigged they insist its not yet after that email I win pretty good. Of course I think my "luck" has changed and boom they take it all. They say the people who are always winning tens of thousands dollars a day are real people. I highly doubt it. To me they stole all my money. I throw their rules in their face and they say something different. They say they are not a gambling site nor a casino, really cause their name states different. Anyway if there was a way to sue them I would be on it. To "BET" $2.50 get a feature and only win 10 cents or less is bogus.

Actually, when you attach your PayPal to some sites it preapproves payments. You have to go to your preapproved payments within your PayPal account and cancel them. I do that for all subscriptions and just pay before the due date. I don't like anything that auto pays for me! Facebook is the same way, you can attach PayPal and preapprove game purchases so you just click buy. If you don't turn that off inside of PayPal, it will keep billing directly from the bank!

So are you saying just have your visa or mastercard attached to your paypal accout??? Ihave $570 to cashout so I want to make sure I get this right

I have won over $7000 and yes they do pay through paypal I have had a few issues about the glitch in my games when playing or a few time my money not being credited but over all its real not a scam I'm from Austin Texas. One thing I would love to tell everyone though is that be careful with your bank account being attached to your paypal because they will get you that way not telling you they are getting a preauthorization with your bank account you will wind up negative and you will be ###ed royallly

Yeah, have been going back & forth with them the last 3 days. Even when I copied & pasted their rules & emailed it to them, they still want my D.L. number, Which they are Not getting. Have a nephew who is a lawyer & I think he & Chumba are fixing to have a "Come to Jesus" Moment very shortly!!!

I gave them what they wanted and I got my money. Won over $4, 000 within 6 weeks. They are legal.

Did you ever get paid out??

I sent them so much paper work you could forge documents .it's a lode of c rap oh the only thing they sent was a survey wanting to know if they made me happy.(Really) wtf

Ihope so i keep posting that they are scammers but if it helps one person its worth it They hound me and they owe me they want my financial numbers



So it is legit

Hello there was your lawsuit resolved

good. I turned mine into Paypal dispute and my bank has also contacted them. Good luck to you. I am
elderly and trying to have some fun. Can't cash out and they have no phone. It seems I saw that they are based in Malta. Does anyone have any information on them? mp

Can I ask where I send my photos too to verify cuz it doesn't say. Do I email them to support or?

Never had a problem since playing with them. Won several times, just won a couple days ago, cashed out $700 with no problem within 2 days in my bank.

When I submitted my ID and proof of address, I received my payout within 24 hours. Easy peasy. :)

Just own up and say you have no I'd and you are not able to afford a bill to show a proof of your residences.

How long did it take

I got my money today after I sent them my DL and a copy of my electric bill to verify its my PayPal account the put the money right into my account. I spent nothing and they gave me $100😊. Definitely not a scam at first I thought it might be after I sent of ok drivers license and than they want proof of address but as soon as they got it I got my money 💰 excited

@lana golden I submitted a withdrawal last night for $200 and verified my paypal account but I received a Email from chumba casino asking for picture I.d. for verification purposes to me sure the paypal account was mine. What do you suggest I do now. It's only been a day.

They do pay out but it is paid out through paypal and that is the only way they do not take any ID you have that is given to a paypal account only and paypal need the verifying not the casino I have cashed out and had the money the next day so if you do not follow the directions then you are unable to do it Get Paid that is.

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