Chnlove.asiaComplete and total scam and these guys will be laughing all the way to the bank as they probably steal your identity as well

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Complete and total scam and these guys will be laughing all the way to the bank as they probably steal your identity as well. Stay clear of these types of sites that dream of a hot asian girl who is 18 years old moving to america for you and giving you lap dances and cooking chow mein is only a pipe dream. If you pay for membership, just realize you are just paying for a fantasy.


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    Jesse Ramirez Oct 21, 2018
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    I don't know what this is, but I was charged by you and I don't know why, contact me at [protected] or email me at [email protected]

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  • Sa
    samwise gamgee Sep 24, 2017

    This site has now changed its name from to - presumably to try to distance itself from the fact that most people now realise the originally named site was a scam.

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  • Re
    Reviverr Sep 08, 2017
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    I am Chinese, when I chat with the girls, I type in Chinese directly; yet, still not sure who's on the other end. My concern is not actually money, I am wondering if this organization might harm you beyond what you pay for on the site. For instance, will they actually have some girl meet you in China, bring you into some unknown location and hold you hostage until you give up your entire bank account. They call it 仙人跳 (xan ren ti ao), meaning girls would use their beauty to attract you first, then suck you out until you dry. This is not the worst case scenario if you can be released after you pay. I wonder if they suck you dry, will they cut out your organs and sell it in the black market. Seems like that's the worst case that I can imagine. If chnlove or they call themselves asiame now, is only looking to rip you off on letter, chatting, pictures, even phone calls, if you have enough money to buy some fantasy, so be it. But I am afraid that the fraud doesn't stop there, there might be more coming if you actually do visit and meet with the girls.

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  • Co
    Corporate office Jul 05, 2017
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    Gotta make money some how. Scamming only ferrets out the stupid peeps.

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  • An
    Andreee Jul 05, 2017

    This site is a waste of money, the girls are VERY good and pull you into the dream of meeting...there may be one or two real ones on here but after my experience over 6 months most are fakes and get some sort of kick back from the fees charged. You will generally find most replies are only 10 lines long or are cut n paste "stories" that cost a lot to read and do not relate to the relationship. When it comes to the crunch and the chance to meet you will find they are suddenly "sick" or some family member is and they have to go away...they are going away on business ... or won't be available, ... then you will realise you have been sucked in to their world. If you have lots of money to waste then go ahead, the girls are pretty and will write you nice things and make you feel good ... but DO NOT rely on this site to find you a wife. If you want a foreign wife just go to the country for a holiday and look around there are plenty of nice women available ... I just hope that Kahma comes back to bite them one day.

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  • Al
    Aleksis Aleksis Apr 09, 2017
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer - 自动邀请聊天 chnlove, globalcompanions

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  • Ja
    Jacob5000 Dec 08, 2016

    It happened to me aswell but with me, there was this girl called Siyou who was abandoned by her grandfather in Kunming
    I met this lady Michelle from Shenzhen, I wanted to marry her and I wanted a family. She said she had powerful connections to get this abandoned girl legally. I was happy for Siyou and I thought it was real. I thought wow I will have my wife, we will have a daughter and also get marry and have more children. She claimed to be millionaire but told me she needed a savings plan. What saddens me is little Siyou is somewhere maybe forgotten.Siyou is on China News, I fell sorry for her but also wanted to help her and become her new father. Michelle used this knowledge and I lost nearly a thousand dollars . She only ever showed me one photo of her and what was supposed to be Siyou.
    For all I know little Siyou is dead or in some orphanage and Chnlove grabed the money and left a trail of collateral damage.

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  • Le
    Learn From my Mistake Jun 27, 2016

    Major scam. This site apparently has a whole room full of lawyers who want to suck you dry. They could care less about you wasting your life and emotions on phantom dream women.

    The "ladies" get huge commissions in order to act interested and to keep the money moving out of your bank account. Many have not actually logged on for 5 or 10 years. Yet you'll always find them suddenly available and ready to tell you whatever "somebody" thinks you want to hear. You may be talking to a bald, fat man - truth be told.

    The pictures are extensively photoshopped. Skin is whitened. Bodies and faces are transformed. If you think I am exaggerating go to the other Chinese dating sites and take a look at real Chinese women. The only exception is asian date, which is also a scam.

    Most of the ladies (or the pretending "agency" workers) only ACT interested in order to run up the bill. Be suspicious of those trying to send pictures during chat @ an extra 10 dollars a pop. Another give away: They will want you to make a "love call" - $78 for ten minutes.

    Run for cover or you will have your ### handed to you. Instead, go to a legitimate Chinese dating site. They do exist.

    Oh, and if you have gotten recently burned on chnlove, please have your credit card company reverse the charges. If there is any question, point them to hundreds of scam reports.

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  • Et
    Ethan Anderson Jun 04, 2016
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    Verified customer

    Run from chnlove and asiandate like your pants are on fire. You will sooner get rich in a casino than find a real lady here. Yes, many of the women are real and yes they have incentives to drum up all the business they possibly can.

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  • Mi
    Michael8745 Apr 17, 2016

    This is an easy way to check the sincerity of a girl on : tell her that you are soon going to visit China and would like to meet her to see if the two of you are a good match. The chances are you will hear "Let's get to know each other first, I need time to get accustomed to you, etc. etc." Translation: let me get as much money out of you, idiot, as I can.
    Think about it. If you were to strike a face to face conversation with woman you think likes you, would she suggest texting or calling each other first "to get to know each other"? Don't be a piece of the Chinese BS statistics, be American, be smart.

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  • Jo
    Jon Turnquist Nov 20, 2015
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    Verified customer

    CHNLOVE is BOTH Real AND FAKE... Heres how I know...
    61/2 years ago, I met a lady on chn, and back then, sharing information wasn't a big deal... I contacted the lady, and she quickly gave me her email address, and we quickly got set up on QQ international, so we could webcam together... After about 9 months, she came to the USA, and by the end of the year... We were married.. We were married for 5 years, and unfortunately, I think she got homesick, or just didn't adapt well here, however, we still divorced as Friends... NO Scam there...
    However... Since I was so happy from my first experience, I decided to try it again about 6 months ago.. I believe they have changed ownership, or something, but now you cannot exchange any information.. They monitor it like it was the plague.. They blot out numbers in letters, and blot out photos.. It is not the same.. Anyway... I met this beautiful lady about a month ago..Very sweet, and kind, but would only write in "Chat"..Incidentally, This woman was 32 years old, but still lived with her parents... This is not abnormal.. Lots of unwed ladies in China live with their parents, and some are still virgins... Anyway, she also asked for "love calls" a lot. Even though I mentioned how expensive the are. Anyway... When I asked this lady about exchanging information, she told me that her parents were very protective and wanted to talk to me first... On "love chat".. At $5.00 a minute... It got expensive.. But I thought, ok.. I will accept their wishes and culture or whatever, and called them... First, I spoke to her father.. Twice.. For a total of 11/2 hours.. Then, I spoke to her mother (on a different day) for almost 1 hour..Her parents seemed very nice and happy for their daughter... When I called and talked to her mother, The lady answered the phone, then handed the phone to her "mother".. After the talk.(for an hour on "lovecall"), I spoke to the lady on "chat" for about a half hour.. THIS IS where it got odd... About 10 days later, while I was "chatting" with her, I asked her about exchanging information.. She then told me that her mother wanted to talk to me first... ? I said "wait a minute.. Don't you remember ... I already spoke to your mother for almost an hour"... She then started accusing me of "Chatting with another lady, and talking to HER mother. Wait, What??... Only 10 days ago she was so excited about me talking to her father and mother, and now she forgets it???? Things went downhill from there. I asked her to call me, but she said she was afraid I would find out her phone number... She had been telling me "she loved me and wanted to be married someday" but doesn't want me to get her phone number if she calls me? SCAM...When I asked her to prove me wrong, she wouldn't and she started trying to make me feel like I was the one in the wrong... By the way... Her name is VICKY, profile P272064... Such a sweet, lovely lady... and angel... But ITS NOT HER.
    ONE FINAL NOTE>>> After I got Nowhere by writing to customer service and telling them how I got scammed...and after losing $2800.00 on this Scammer, They offered me 2 whole credits for my solution... I wrote them 3 times... I got nowhere.. HOWEVER... I called my CREDIT CARD company.. And they are giving me MY MONEY BACK... I told them my story... And they are crediting my credit card... They will still try to contact CHN, but they said they looked into it and cannot...
    SO MEN...IF you ARE a victim of FRAUD... Contact your Credit Card Company.

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  • Stay away from Chnlove site and all of their link sites!

    Chnlove scam on the poor Chinese girls pay money to upload their profile and the men around the world who think they are talking to the girls on the pictures! NEVER!!!

    You see the person you are actually talking is not the Chinese girl on the profile but
    the translators who work for the agency. And most of them are men! Not even women!

    I got one translator cornered while chatting and find out it was a Man!
    These men act like a profile girl and doing sex chat to clean up your wallet.
    And, the poor Chinese girls you really want to meet has no idea you even exist!

    Expect to spend thousands of dollars fast!

    10 emails to get contact info - NEVER.
    30 days to chat to get post info - NEVER.
    30 more days to get their email and number - NEVER.

    You spend 60 days on site and get a random fake contact information from the
    same office. And still you don't meet the girl you want to meet because she is gone long time ago.

    Because of them, so many people who has potential to meet their dream partners
    are never to meet! They just suck your money and this is their snake oil business models.
    To scam both side of the game! They deprived on people's love; the worse kind of human!!!

    For those who got scam by Chnlove, start sending out complaints to all your local agency and government authority to put them behind bars and shut all their sites down. google your local internet for fraud sites, and do it for the humanity!

    Again, don't talk to ### who try to lap dance you in sex chat, they act like they want to do you on the spot.
    Gentlemen use your senses and not sausages. I played along for whole week, chatting everyday trying to find out where is the real girl. Boy, he sure was surprised when I drop it on him. Then they tried to put a fake woman, another translator on chat, letting me listen to her voice and telling me its her. LMAO~

    Tip: Go China and meet a real nice person for yourself. Stay clear of Chnlove, they are just a can of worms to eat you out.
    They set up the system so well since 1998 looting the men's around the world. Please someone shut it down!!!

    - More trouble ahead for Chnlove and their link site-


    I became friends of the manager of this particular agency and we kept in touch. She has quit because she could not take the decieving of men anymore. She says yes all the woman in profiles are real but they hire woman to pretend they are these woman and just lead you o and on to spend as much money as they can out of you. Some woman you do actually talk to but you have to ask the right questions right away to figure this out.

    So the police found out through some foreign men coming to them and the owner was arrested anf thrown in jail and awaiting court as i write this. All the former employees have told them of the scam and that the orders to do this come from the QPID Network head office in Hong Kong

    This is a good time to now make this a huge issue and get these ### shut down as the poor woman that actually want to meet someone are also losers.

    My friend was asked to open her own agency and they said if she did she had to do this scam--this was from QPID management in head office

    I have called Visa to get them to do a fraud investigation and remove their name from this website which is really how to hurt them but VISA tells me they do not consider this fraud as i willingly agreed and paid but is that not what Fraud is--someone tricking you out of your money---clearly VISA is aware of the issue but again profits before what is right for their clients so VISA na d Master Card are just as bad as QPID--wish someone would do an expose on both Visa and Qpid

    Tip for consumers: Again, got to China and meet a real person. Not this snake oil site. And all the post from Chnlove customer service here is totally BS.

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  • Da
    davidwebb Jun 02, 2013

    This site is a total scam, Any man who uses this site has more money than sense. I include myself in this analagy.
    Please be warned, nothing is as it seems, lies and deceit in letters from writers who pose as ladies available for love. I wrote to a lady every week for a year, I ignored all the signs it was fake and arranged to come to China.. I flew over to meet her, receiving 4 letters (all charged for) in the 8 days before I arrived. She did not show at the airport and I was informed by the agency " her mother had banned her from meeting me". How stupid am I, Do not be as foolish as his old fool. You have been warned, water is wet, snow is cold, fire burns and THIS SITE IS A SCAM. Thank you for reading this and I hope it saves you money.

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  • Te
    Tedd Bear Apr 14, 2013

    You are so stupid asking someone questions related to her professional job unless you are looking for a free ride or con someone out of their funds.

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  • Ha
    happygolucky123 Apr 14, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i joined chinalove some time ago mostly out of curiosity. recently i put my photo in my profile and wow, i got about 700 admirer letters. i did not take it serious and thought that's just another internet scam. but some of the letters i read looked like they just might be genuine and actually some are perhaps written by a real woman looking for love. i bought some credits and wrote to one girl only so far and i purposely ask her some questions related to her professional job to check out if she really is this person in her self description. the reply letter i got today has not addressed my questions so now i am wondering if i wasted my money ? i just might hire a detective agency to find me the contact info for this lady. she gave me enough clues and info in her letters to track her down if she even exists. if negative i will report it to the local chinese consulate to investigate theis company. china does not deal lightly with fraudsters, here they get a kiss and a slap on the wrist, over there they get a brief trial, and if convicted on multible counts a blood test and then a trip to the range and a bullet through the head and their organs harvested. so if all you guys got ripped off i suggest you take accurate account of your stories and report it to your closest chinese consulate. you will have to bring evidence to substantiate your claims.

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  • Fa
    fasdfasdf Feb 18, 2013

    cam chipmunks= chn club, these idiots are thieves . they should not be able to use visa or MasterCard secure payment I will report their fraud to the credit card company.their site should be blocked and they accounts with Visa and Mastercard should be blocked as well.

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  • Mi
    Midnight Mudslide Jun 21, 2012

    Yup... charges you for letters you get DELIVERED... that you don't even open.. If you write to a girl ONCE... then pipe in on a different chickie... and are no longer writing the first... they will generate A TON of letters from the girls you are no longer interested in... and CHARGE for each one!

    Best thing is/WAS... I was communicating with one on yahoo... and I got a letter from her on Chnlove... got charged, of course...asked her and she had NO IDEA who wrote and/or sent it!

    They sign a contract for a number of months and must adhere to it... no bailing on this money making factory!

    CHAT is completely bogus!

    Bark a little bit... and all they do is delay, delay, delay... politely, of course... never answer anything or reimburse you. They certainly wanted me to name the chick who ratted them out... which I didn't. Complete FRAUD!!!

    Run for the trees!!!

    -3 Votes
  • Na
    nana brobbey Apr 14, 2012

    I think China love is a legetimate responsible dating website. I found my dream lady
    at this site without making a trip to China and without spending lots of money. If you are really interested in a Chinese lady, this is the place to look.

    -6 Votes
  • Hp
    HP1 Mar 09, 2012

    I have a friend that was one of the girls 'looking for love' on She left the site- after asking more than 20 times to be removed. 6 months later the agency re-activated her was just a translator pretending to be her.
    These guys ARE laughing all the way to the liars. I hate to think of the all the guys out there that con themselves that this is the real deal...BE WARNED!!!

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  • Ch
    chinkicker May 17, 2011

    Scam chipmunks= chn club, these idiots are thieves . they should not be able to use visa or MasterCard secure payment I will report their fraud to the credit card company.their site should be blocked and they accounts with Visa and Mastercard should be blocked as well.

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