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Children's Place / terrible treatment from a whiny mother with entitlement issues

Canada Review updated:

I'm so upset I don't know where to begin! So I'm working at my Children's Place store and lo and behold this prissy woman slinks in.
Im really busy with about ten customers so this woman just starts grabbing clothing for her shot nosed kid to try on. So I am rushing about and she's just standing there like she's waiting for a bus! Turns out she wanted her kid to try the clothes on! When I apologized for not reading her mind with the reason: my ten other customers, she got [censored]y at me!! All in front of the ten other customers she was taking me away from.

Then it's time for her to pay and get the hell out of my store and my sight. Then what happens? Her palm pilot or whatever the hell she had on her with her precious ten freaking percent off craps out on her! This is what you get for standing there for God knows how long with you thumb up your bumhole!

Then -- get this. She takes out her plug to CHARGE the freaking thing!!! Right there on the counter!! There are other people waiting to check out who were able to find the other dressing rooms because they used their brains and LOOKED! God I was so embarrassed for that cute little girl.

Mar 16, 2019
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