Children's Placeunhappy with children's place customer service

T Nov 14, 2017

I placed an order at the end of September (fairly large order). When I did not receive it by mid October, I sent an inquiry as to the status of the order.
I did not hear back from them. Followed up 2 weeks later and was told by a client service rep "Oh yes, we've started an investigation with Canada Post, but it will take about 14 business days to hear back". She provided no details on WHEN the investigation was ordered.

Never heard back from Children's Place - so I called them back today (November 14) and after being placed on hold for about 30 minutes, I was told "Canada Post says they delivered it". I expressed confusion because when I look up the tracking number it does NOT say that it was delivered.

I asked them for proof that Canada Post says that they delivered it.

They said that they would offer me a one time COURTESY refund. And that if I don't receive the refund within 7 business days to take it up with Paypal.
When I asked for an email to confirm that I would be getting a refund, the rep expressed surprise - saying generally they do not do it - but that she would because I requested it.

Thank you for the refund - but I feel as though I've been given very poor customer service. I had to repeatedly follow up. Children's Place provided NO proof of Canada Post's claim that it was delivered to dispute the information I can get online using the TRACKING number. And now I'm made to feel that I'm somewhat dishonest and that Children's place is doing me a huge favor by refunding me as a one time courtesy?

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