Children's Placeplace cash

M Sep 11, 2018

so i ordered uniform clothes for my daughter in July. Many of those items were between $5 and $10. I spend over $100 and signed up for emails and text messages. I received $50 in place cash. Today is the first day that those coupons can be used. The most absurd thing is that I CAN NOT USE THEM. They hiked the prices of their merchandise up to about $20 (for the items i was looking at) which is at least double if not triple the prices I originally paid!!! So The Children's Place say they have a sale going on to use these coupons but how is paying more than I previously paid before a sale?????
example: a shirt i purchased was 9.08 and is now on the site listed as 18.71 and is also marked as 25% making it $24.95. HOW OUTRAGEOUS!!!
They give out these coupons and make everyone wait until now (for me its been 6 weeks) to used them after they have hiked all of their prices up. These place cash coupons DO NOT SAVE YOU MONEY!!! Their offer is a SCAM!!! I waited 6 weeks to be ripped off!!! WHAT A JOKE THIS PLACE IS!!! DO NOT SPEND MONEY HERE!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!! SCAM!!!

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