Chico'sthank you gift

P Aug 07, 2018

I received a Chico's postcard 8/7/18 thanking me for my patronage and telling me they had a gift (garment bag or tote) for me to pick up at the store on 8/5/18. I arrived at the Cumming, GA store located in the Collections shopping center about 2 hours after the store had opened on 8/5/18. The sales associate and the store manager stated "Corporate sent 6 gifts and all were gone". They further stated "25 customers were waiting in front of the store before opening time to receive these gifts". I thought this was a strange comment coming from the sales staff so I telephoned the store in Alpharetta, GA in the North Point shopping center. The sales associate answering the phone stated "Corporate didn't send us any gifts". Now why would a registered NASDAQ corporation pay an advertising firm to send thank you postcards with gift promises and not deliver these gifts to the stores? Is this a SCAM? What a disappointment.

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