Chico'sReturn policy


I purchased three items before leaving for an overseas trip = been a Chico's customer for years. We were gone 6 weeks. Upon our return, I tried to take back two of the three items, but the store said "too bad, you kept them 62 days rather than returning them within 60 so no store credit and no return" Everything had their tags on them, I had my receipt, the items were not on sale and still in the store, and still no luck. I find this quite rigid. The date of purchase was 1/3/2107 and the transaction # was 8170. I tried doing the "chat" to get try to get some resolution but she was unable to help. I want people out there to realize that there is no flexibility in the 60 days policy. After shopping at Chicos for years, I will never grace their door again. With companies like Nordstrom who bend over backwards to help customers, why shop somewhere the touts exceptional service but does nothing to back it up.

Terri Warren

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