Chico's Retail Servicesdiscrimination

A Sep 03, 2018

I went in to the store today (Sept.3, 12018) at 3:30PM at Firewheel Town Center, 275 Cedar Sage Dr, Garland, TX 7504 only to be completely ignored by the sales women that were too busy having their little conversation by the cash register. Three minutes later another lady walked in and they had no problem stopping their conversation to greet her and welcome her to the store. I immediately called my husband to tell him to tell his mom not to buy me any more gift certificates from Chico's for Christmas because apparently they don't care to have my business and I explained to him why. The two emmployees never even bothered to apologize to me for their behavior, I know they heard my conversation because I was standing by them, they just continued with their conversation. Finally and elderly employee, Pam, came from the back and apologized for taking so long for helping me...even she heard my phone conversation. Is it your store policy to treat Hispanics as if they are not as important as other customers that walk in? If I could return the gift certificate and get my in-laws money back, I would do that in a heartbeat. For this kind of treatment I would rather go back to shopping online with Coldwater Creek.

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