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Chic Marketcubic zirconia eternity rings

I ordered two different cubic zirconia eternity rings from Chic Market which were way too big for me. I have been trying to contact their toll-free number and the recording STILL says they are out of the office for the 4th of July holiday. It is now July 19th!!!
I have sent them numerous e-mails and have yet to receive a reply. The rings are very cheap looking and are obviously made in China. I would even exchange them for a smaller size but no one will get back to me. RUN from this company - after they have your money, they don't know you anymore!

2 sets earrings

Order number 460112 still processing and it's been a week, where is my product, this www. Chicmarket, LLC seems to not exist it should not take a week for my 2 items not to have a tracking number, give me my item or return my money I m calling my card to cancel this order this LLC is a scam and full of lies also I will be notifying consumer affairs

2 sets earrings
2 sets earrings
2 sets earrings

the product in question is unknown. it probably is a chain necklace

On May 9, 2018, I made a purchase (order # 458293) for $21.98 with my American Express card and I received a confirmation (email). A few moments later I tried to make another purchase for a different chain necklace going to another shipping address for the amount of $19.98 using the same credit card. I was denied. I tried to use another card and this one was also denied. I called American express and they told me that there was no problem with using my card. Meanwhile I see that ChicMarket charged my American Exp. card for $19.98. I have not gotten a confirmation and I'm not even sure what item it is. When I went to "my account", a pending amount of $19.98 is shown and the $21.98 purchase is not even shown. Therefore, why was $19.98 charged and why haven't I gotten a confirmation so that I can be sure that it is the 2nd item I wanted to charge going to a different shipping address. If I don't hear from ChicMarket, I will call American Express and cancel the $19.98 item, so that I don't get charged for a sale that I don't have confirmed. My email address is: [protected] and phone [protected]). My name is Aida Castorena. And now I can't even access my acct. with ChicMarket.

Chic Marketjewelry

Just received my order and it was a cheap necklace, not the bracelet I had ordered! My order # 453136 for the bracelet . On the paper inside of the envelope the order # [protected]. The description of what was in the package was 7CTwPear-Shaped Sapphire Bracelet ! It was a square box with blue stones inside it on a cheap chain necklace . Item #RBS7200S is for the bracelet . Shipped on 3/5/2018. Tracking #9374869903502669467119


Was given the ok to return an item but they will not contact me with return information or return label I have received e-mails from two separate representatives of thi...

Chic Marketmkf suede saddle bag

I ordered this bag. Chic Market delivered a completely different bag. I sent it back with a request to have the correct bag sent to me or a refund. That was on July 26th. I am currently on the third circle of complaint. I'm about to sue them for fraud - assuming they really exist! There phone number appeared not to be in operation. I am seriously considering taking them to small claims court

Bad site

I've ordered two different bracelets from website. Shipping took longer than I expected, they said that it usually takes two weeks to deliver, but it took them 3 weeks to deliver my order.
When I opened the package I saw that they sent me two identical bracelets. I contacted Chicmarket customer care right away and explained what happened. I asked for a replacement but they claimed that they were not able to accept any returns. Very disappointed with this website!


I have purchased three items from website and my order arrived in a timely manner. Two items looked great but one was defective. I contacted customer care service and they said that I can return the defective item and they'll issue a refund. Seemed like a great deal. Following all the instructions I sent it back.
Waited patiently and decided to contact them again and ask why was it taking so long. Customer service did not reply. I'm very disappointed with ChicMarket.

Fake reviews

Don't believe in any reviews you see on Chicmarket website, they all are fake and written by their employees. I ordered some items from this site and thing I received were terrible and rubbish. They never gave me a refund, so I left several negative reviews on their website. When I went online I could not find any of my reviews! I suggest everyone to stay far away from this place! These people are totally dishonest! If they would be a reputable company they would fix their own mistakes, but all they do is hiding them and scamming people out of their money!

Not worth it

Be sure to read their return policy that they only issue store credit only, not the original payment method. I've ordered a bag from ChicMarket website and when it arrived it was defective. So I called their customer service and asked for a refund. The rep that I spoke to insisted that there was nothing wring with the bag. After I sent them a couple of pictures they finally agreed to refund back to my credit card, but need to deduct some stocking fee. Absolutely ridiculous! Then I received a message stating they cannot refund my card and offered me a store credit! Total scam. I will never order anything from this place.

  • Tu
    turne Apr 24, 2016

    I purchased a pair of ear studs showing a pair in a enlarged picture of over 1/2 inch. The ones I received are 1/8" wide. To small to manage putting them on. They are a Big Rip Off Joke.

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Not worth it

This company is actually a scam! Normally I do a little research and read reviews before ordering online, but unfortunately, this time I submitted my order and hit the send button. Two weeks passed and my order has still not been shipped out. They are very slow when it comes to delivery, but they charge your card very fast. Sending messages directly to the company is a total waste of time. You'll get only computer generated responses. I tried to write, call, complain, but it's useless. Please read some reviews before purchasing from ChicMarket. If I actually receive my item someday I'll be extremely surprised.

  • Ra
    raecone Mar 13, 2017

    Ordered 4 items from Chic Market. My impression of the quality is ...there isn't any. Dollar store just might have similar junk. I agree that it is best to keep your money in your pocket. You can find better jewelry at Macy's or Diillards when it is on sale. At least these stores stand behind the products they sold. Plus you have it right then and no ship charges or return ship charges.

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  • Sr
    S. Ross Sep 19, 2017

    I, too, am having a disappointing experience with Chic Market. Their products look so inviting online, but returning or exchanging an item is like pulling teeth. First of all, you have to have an authorization for returns. They take forever to send the form (you can't return without it). I have sent emails and they respond, up to now, with a polite email. The last email I received told me, in so many words, to stop sending emails because it would delay the process they use to approve the return. What's to approve--what is it based on? I believe they are waiting for the 30-day return time to pass and then deny the return. I will never order from them again. Beware!

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  • Je
    Jeaneen Boyd Apr 29, 2018

    I am suspecting the merchandise ordered is actually being sent from overseas like China. The company claims Oklahoma as their headquarters and most customers are assuming it is being shipped from some where in the USA at least but not. Thanks for the review.

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  • Be
    betts0330 Aug 20, 2018

    Received an infinity cross necklace and came defective. Am not able to contact !!! Very tired of ordering online and have this happen quite often! DONE!!! Will report to Better Business Bureau! I want a replacement or my money returned ASAP!

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