Chicken Licken / you suing small companies to save your billion rand empire

South Africa

As a concerned South African, I want to voice my concern about your recent unapologetic behaviour over the word "soul". It's about time that companies that make their lively hood from killing innocent animals listen to what we have to say.

How can such a huge company that makes millions of rands a year, benefit from suing a small vegan company just because the company has the word soul in its name. Have you sat back and thought about what you are doing.

One possible reasons why a person becomes a vegan is because they become aware of the violence, pain, and barbarism that is associated with consuming animals and animals products. This compassion to animals happen through the understanding that animals and humans both have souls and are the same. It can happen through the understanding that animals also feel pain and hurt equally to humans. So obviously, the word "soul" has an association with being vegan. So it makes sense to call a vegan cafe something with the word soul in it.

I can't understand how you believe that you own the "brand" soul. Are you going to sue God next because the word soul in religious a scripture.

Your trademark of words that's are associated with food in general like "soul food", "hot wings" etc, to me personally shows how your billion rand empire can get what ever it wants.

But remember, the public is not blind. We all see what you are doing.

Mar 11, 2019

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