Chicken Lickenwings

M Jan 13, 2020

Dear Chicken Licken

I would like to Express my utmost discuss in your chicken !
I bought a party 16, rock my soul 6, popos, salsa coldslaw and a medium chips this afternoon at the chicken licken on Ontekkers road
My 9 year old son took a bit on a chicken wing and bit onto a steel pin that was inside the chicken wing he immediately screamed as he hurt his tooth we inspected the chicken and found a steel pin inside the chicken wing something so strange and something i have never seen before !

I am furious for many reasons my son could have swallowed this steel pin or this steel pin could have caused serious damage in his throat or stomach

We completely put of as a family from chicken licken and i am seriously not concerned with chicken licken giving me a free meal this will make me even more furious ! I would love to know what the action plan is to rectify this for me as a consumer before i take the matter further.

This is a serious concern and i am sorry a free meal is not going to cut it.

I have added pics as evidence and had to go scratch out the slip from the dustbin



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