Chevron Corporationgas station chevron on pacific ave location 10421

A Nov 03, 2018

Went to chevron bout 10:30am on 10/24/18 to get $22.00 in gas went to the register the worker was rudely talking to a friend instead of taking care of customers there was nobody in line but me so I waited patiently finally after bout 2 minutes he says what, I said. may I get gas please I paid went out to car to pump and I can see him staring at me threw the window. gas was done so I started to wash my windows there was nobody at the gas station at this time I was maybe out there doing my windows for 3-5 minutes tops he comes out yelling on the top of his lungs saying you been here for two hours get the hell out of here and don't come back I felt like he had a problem the whole time staring at me well his friend came out with him and they talking bout me being there and my skin color being black I should not be there and he started yelling again at me so I took a picture of him I have never been treated so badly in my life he needs to learn customer service for sure. I think people like that should not be working where you need good customer service.

gas station chevron on pacific ave location 10421

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    I went inside and I get tea like I do every day I get coffee or tea well I put hot water in my cup and then put tea bag in my cup and the tea bag was so old it busted in my cup it was hard as a rock well I didn't want that who wood so I was fixing the situation I went to dump it and get coffee instead and I was going to let the worker know about there tea bags when I go up to pay well as I was fixing the situation I could hear the worker was on the phone talking to someone and he was mad telling someone on the phone, so I have to do it again he was very mad about his phone conversation, well I'm taking care of my business and he gets off the phone and he looks over at me and says, what are you doing your taking to long just leave the cup and leave just leave now, I was stunned I kept my cool and I respected him still and did as he asked and I started to walk out and he still running his mouth yelling at this point he saying leave just leave [censored] I turned and looked at him and said what [censored] and after that I was being called a [censored] over and over multiple times I was just so floored on the way I was being treated so early in the morning it was bout 6:45-7:00am I come to this chevron a lot and never been treated that bad but how dare him go around calling people [censored] that in my eyes is uncalled for and he needs to learn some customer service or maybe not work at a place where you need to put a smile on your face be nice and have good customer service no matter how your day is going...

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