P Sep 03, 2018

I borrowed a loan from checksmart about a month ago. I contacted the corporate office telling them I couldn't make my payments on time cause I had a heart attack and I wasn't released from the doctor to return to work. I told the woman I could pay $50 a month until I returned to work. So not even a couple days after that they debited my checking account for the whole amount. One more thing I had to worry about, how I was going to pay my other bills. I called and the woman never notec the account and there computer never showed it was taken out. I got my bank statement that showed they did, and another woman said she would see what she could do to help me. And of course I haven't heard anything else from them. Very bad company. They are rude and I wrote a letter to the BBB and to the manager over there coporate office. Don't use them very big joke!!

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