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Channel 7sundays 24

i was just wondering how hard it is for a channel to let its views know when there cancelling a show.
i brought the tv week as normal to know when what is i find out 24 is on sunday 8th at 930pm.its a two hour esp.i have foxtel, which has the 24 esp on at 1030pm of i tune in at 930pm, no its not on.i tune back in at 1030pm, no its not on.the 7 news is on, so i again tune back in at 11pm.and guess what no so glad i stayed up for nothing.i guess they screen it some other time and ill miss it.
so again is it that hard to annouce sometime due the night that there will be NO 24 tonight!!!


  • Ch
    channel7hater Jul 14, 2016

    And tonights game between western bulldogs and st kilda. what a joke channel 7 are!! you have been denying Queensland viewers all year, if you never planned on showing the games live why did you buy the rights! sell them back to foxtel so we can see live footy not some stupid flower show!!!

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  • Si
    sim29 Jul 14, 2016

    Great programming seven! The game of the season and you blokes put it on Sunday, at frikin midnight. Who's programming the sport, do they have rocks in their head or are they being payed off by the NRL? Shame channel seven... You have missed out on dominating the ratings yet again.


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  • Dc
    DC62 Jul 14, 2016

    It was extremely frustrating to no be able to watch downtown abbey on sunday 19th. As there was no signal, so much for digital TV. Every other station was funtional except for channel 7. How dissappointing and this is not the first time:(

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  • Re
    Reviewer13950 Dec 28, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I want to know why these news stations NEVER cover stories in the Northern Territory. They're currentlt experiencing flooding and not once have I seen or heard a mention on the news once today other than "stay out of low lying areas". I have, however heard all about the bad weather and flooding overseas... what about our own people Chanel 7? Here is one story on the local Katherine Times facebook page: The Foskey Pavilion has registered 448 people, with one more bus en route from Batchelor expected to bring the total to just under 470 evacuees. “A number of activities are now being planned for the evacuees, in particular the children, ” Region 2 Controller Commander Bruce Porter said. A minor flood warning has been cancelled for the Katherine River at Gorge Road as the tropical low continues on its predicted track. “The tropical low has moved east as predicted. The Bureau of Meteorology has cancelled its cyclone watch, but a severe weather warning is now in place for the same area, Port Roper through to the Queensland border. “I continue to urge everyone to exercise extreme caution on the roads and to consider the necessity of their travel plans. Anyone setting out should check the road report website through Secure NT before they set out to drive anywhere. “The last thing we want is for anyone to become an unnecessary statistic. Your safety is our priority.” Water levels across the Arnhem, Carpentaria and Gregory districts are being closely monitored, including the Waterhouse, McArthur and Victoria Rivers. Police and NT Emergency Services continue to search for the 28-year-old man who went missing in floodwaters near Peppimenarti on Friday afternoon.

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  • Ja
    Janice Joan brown May 12, 2013

    Why can't you start and finish on time it drives me and friends mad you put rubbish on before the shows and always runs late . Please pick up your game and start on time .also what rubbish you put on celebrity diving I was glad it is finished

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  • Gl
    glam fairy Jan 29, 2013

    f its good that channel 7 has full coverage of the floods but its constantly on every single channel starting from 6am & the past 2 nites theres been no show of home&away but yet you put on my kitchen rules& every otha show.home & away only just came bak on afta the xmas break& if you can show all the otha tv shows y not show this show?there beta be a catchup on Sunday.

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  • Ke
    Keza55 Jan 25, 2013

    I am so fed up with all the program's that are repeated and repeated, re-run after re-run. We who are unable to leave our homes and can not afford foxtel are subjected to all these old program's day and night. The old movies that you put on have been played over and over. That new free to air add would have cost a penny please put some of your money into new programs at all time of the day and night.

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  • Co
    complainingwoman Sep 22, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    You have got to be kidding! Josh may be talented but he was asking young girls to send him naked pics of themselves over the internet. This is disgusting and should be dealt with harshly. I wonder if your opinion of him would be different if it were your own grandchild he was interacting with? I know that, if it were either of my sons acting in this way, I would be devastated and would remove them from the show myself as punishment.
    Josh is young and talented. If he has what it takes to get ahead in the world of celebrity he will. Hopefully this experience will teach him a valuable lesson to take with him into his future.

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  • Fi
    Fi Fi Sep 20, 2012

    X factor

    We are grandparents who love watching XFactor and seeing what wonderful talent there is in Australia, especially this year. We are now gutted that Josh Brooke's has been kicked off the show as we placed him as one of the two potential winners of the contest and thought he was amazing last week (voted for him too). Is there no room for some other kind of discipline/correction for this young man? He has really worked hard to get to this point on the show. He is young and obviously a bit silly with what he has done. Now that he is gone will the show be a true reflection of Australia's talent. I don't know if we can be bothered watching from here on. We do hope someone snaps him up to make music because he has LOTS of XFactor.

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  • Co
    complainingwoman Sep 19, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have had enough!!!
    Reality TV shows have been on for years now and channel 7 still runs over every night. The past few nights "X Factor" has gone over it's time slot by more than 20minutes. This is crazy- how can they not know and why can't they stop televising and play the rest the next evening. We often record shows such as "Winners& Losers", "Criminal Minds", "Up All Night" & "GCB" so that we can watch them in peace once the kids are in bed. However, lately we have been missing the ends of these shows because of X Factor running over time.
    Get a grip channel 7- X Factor is not that brilliant. It's just the best of the bad bunch of shows we have to choose from during the rush hour from 7:30 to 8:30 when we have to have something child friendly on while we do the bedtime routine, dishes, school lunches etc.
    I can't wait for things to get back to normal...but then they will think up some more reality rubbish to take it's place I suppose.

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  • Di
    Diana Laing Jul 11, 2011

    Again, we deaf and hard of hearing people were let down by Channel 7's subtitling facilities.
    Last night on 'Dance with the Stars' the subtitling was terrible, was downright rotten in fact. In the News before that the subtitles were not coming on either. I have noticed the decline in the quality of subtitling in recent months when at the beginning it was voted No 1 by deaf folks.
    How would people react if the voices of commenators were of substandard level? Or if the voices came across in spurts and spasms? Yes, a major outcry!
    I am tired that we deaf people are always 'at the bottom of the ladder' and marginalised and it is about time that a fair go be given us. I remember when subtitling first began, nearly all deaf people I knew always switched on to Channel 7 News and other programs all because Channel 7 was the first to subtitle (out of loyalty). I will ask around now and see if they the deaf folks are now disappointed with channel 7. I hope Channel 7 will look into this matter of why the subtitling was not effective last night. This morning the news subtitling was back to normal, great!

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  • Mi
    Mick666 May 22, 2011

    I understand the need for advertising to pay for the tv shows that we watch but it is beyond a joke how many channel 7 squeeze into a game of AFL. Everytime there is a goal there is an ad, sometimes 5 in as may minutes. It seems that channel 7 see a game as an opportunity to screen as many ads as possible and don't care about the viewers at all.

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  • Mr
    Mrs D.A. Barrett Jan 30, 2011

    cant find the right place to complain about andrew okeefe on weekend sunrise cant you do better than this man to me he is a complete idiot and he never stops laughing and it drives me craxy I love sunrise but not andrew okeefe he is a bloody idiot I think yours faithfully Marilyn Barrett

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  • Vi
    VictoriaP Jan 18, 2011

    I am absolutely disappointed at the coverage of the Australian Open 2011, chanel 7 has only broadcast those matches played from Australian players. Yes, I understand we want to support those athletic professionals from our country but sometimes it be nice to watch the famous players play. No offense, but I rather watch a match from someone like Roger Federer then an un-seeded Australian player. I get so fed up that I don't even watch the tennis anymore.

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  • Pe
    Peter Bonis Oct 16, 2010

    Endevouring to watch commercial TV, I find it hard to get the theme of any of your shows with your adverting interupting every five minutes. I understand that you need to advertise to be profitable but there is a difference between profit and greed.With all the extra new stations and the obvious increase in adverting give the viewers a break and PUT SOME PROGRAM IN BETWEEN THE ADS...PLEASE.

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  • Di
    disappointment123456 Oct 07, 2010

    Our family found it extremely annoying when Channel Seven suddenly changed the schedule for a certain programme. Last week it was 8:30, and remained the same for two weeks. Then, YOU changed it to 7:30, and all of a sudden we were watching Criminal minds and had completely missed the show! Worst of all, we couldn't watch it on the internet and it was a much-awaited show for us. This disappoints us, because it is not the first time this has happened. Ten, however, is an extremely reliable channel, as it shows the channels and the times which they will be viewing weeks into the coming months. This has been a major let-down, and if this happens again, that will be the last straw. We really hope this doesn't happen again, as many people we know are now swiching from Seven to Ten or ABC, more reliable channels than Seven. Please make sure tis doesn't happen in the future, or you will lose some viewers. We will appreciate it if you take this to mind.

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  • An
    [email protected] Aug 13, 2010

    Why is it that channel 7 (and the other channels) won't show anyone else but Australia playing sport? For example, they will show the Wallabies vs Springboks but not the All Blacks vs Springboks, or the Boomers vs Dream Team and not Dream Team vs Russia...!!! Yet in New Zealand, all of the Wallabies vs Springboks or Wallabies vs Wales etc games go to air regardless of their time. Regardless of where you are from, what about the lovers of rugby? Very disapointing channel 7!

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  • Di
    disgraceful7 Jan 26, 2010

    A five set match and you go to the News, Today Tonight and even worse Home and Away. The only close match I get to see is between 7, 9 and 10 on how pathetic television can get!

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  • Un
    unhappy about tennis Jan 26, 2010

    I would like to complain that for the second night running, Channel 7 have stopped coverage of the Australian Open Tennis in Melbourne at 6pm to go to News and Today Tonight. Last night a local was in action and we all missed it, and tonight, Andy Roddick has just made a great come back to be 2 sets all, and they have stopped the coverage again.
    In the UK, the channel that has the rights to show the competition does so with sense, sometimes moving across to a sister channel to enable normal programs to still be shown, aswell as good tennis action that would pull in large audiences of viewers.
    Channel 7 has a digital second channel - why not use that instead???
    Next year, I hope ABC gets to cover the Open, so we can be assured of being able to see the right coverage!

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  • DrDavros Jan 21, 2010

    Why are you watching commercial news for a full coverage ??? Get Foxtel... Remember this is Australia...
    15 mins of News ... if your lucky.. then another 20 mins of SPORT !... Commercial news sucks!

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  • Jo
    Joel Draper Jan 21, 2010

    I would like to complain about the absence of effective coverage of the Haiti earthquake.
    As we all know on January 12th, more than two hundred people perished in a freak natural disaster.
    This event was not caused by any god, but by movements of the earths geothermal plates.
    Perhaps this absence of a human force can explain the grave imbalance between coverage of events such as September 11th, 2001 and the beforementioned earthquake.
    I rarely watch channel seven, and make a special effort to avoid any news coverage from the channel; and now my convictions are confirmed.
    I sat for at least fifteen minutes, during which time I saw a story about credit card fraud, a visit from one of the Royal Family, and a story about the possibly flailing plans of the NSW government's Metro scheme for the city of Sydney.
    While I'm sure these stories hold some resonance for viewers I think there are undoubtebly more significant events taking place in the world.
    While I'm sure there has been some coverage since January 12th, I think perhaps more than two minutes could be afforded to the story.
    I have read reports of incompetence of behalf of the United States, and an overall feeling that an invasion, not a show of unmitigated support, is taking place. Yet this found no mention in the 6pm news.
    Nor was there any mention of the efforts being made financially to support the ongoing tasks being performed by the extraordinary people trying to assist this ravaged island.

    Of course this is an unpleasant story; of course it is easier to watch Prince William kissing the cheeks and shaking the hands of his excited Victorian fans, yet I think a network which commands a great number of regular watchers, who turn to them for the news, must take responsibility and play it's part.
    Media must face the facts that it too plays an undeniably crucial role in the relief effort. Only coverage of the event will spur those sitting at home on their couch to react, to consider how lucky they are, to consider helping out.


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  • 24
    24 adventure Jul 19, 2009

    You go and change 24 to 10:30 then 11:00 then last night not at all. What is up with you? There are people who enjoy 24 and after watching every espiode expect to see it finished, not just taken off. I suppose we can expect more of this. Shows you hate are on forever and shows like 24 gone. Not all people have money to have fowtell or to but dvd's. Once again we get punished!

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  • Ke
    Kerry Apr 24, 2009

    Could you tell me what songs Paul Potts, Mark Vincent and the young phillipino boy sang on Wednesday night?

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  • I agree fully with the above complaints. Why would useless channel 7 just change programs without asking or informing the public? Maybe because they are so bloody useless. The one decent show they put on at the ridiculous time of 4pm Saturday is "Seconds From Disaster" but all of a sudden the idiots at channel 7 decide that people interested in factual informative shows such as the above mentioned one now want to watch a bunch of useless bloody horses run around in circles. How dare you you ###. Start asking the people that pay your wages before deciding for us that we should watch useless ### like horses. For gods sake if I wanted to do that I would go to the TAB or the club and avoid channel 7 all together, which is not such a bad idea. You have just lost another viewer you idiots. And as for that fake David Koch and Mel, fair dinkum, are you so bored that you want those half wits to represent you? How the hell did you win the morning ratings when channel nines "Today Show" runs rings around that crap you put on? I believe it was a scam as I have never met a single person that prefers fake Mel & Koch over Karl and Lisa on the "Today Show". So who did you pay for that you scammers???????????

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  • Si
    Sieglinde Hartmann Mar 03, 2009

    Also it is most annoying when you buy TV week and most of the Movies that are supposed to be on are either cancelled or running up to 15 minutes late, that "Stiff and Stiff ad at day time is most offensive, so cut it out, also those horrible sex ads at night are also very offensive, I would love to watch a movie and enjoy it and hellooooo all of a sudden those ads come on. It is absolutely disgusting. And for heavens sake get rid of Dannii Minogue from Australia's got talent, it's not about her but the contestants and she spoils the show with her stupid attitude. And David Koch he is so full of himself it hurts.

    Clean up your act Channel 7 you're not funny any more.

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