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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved ghost whisperer

I don't understand why Ghost Whisperer has a PG rating and is aired at 7.30pm! The beginning of every episode is really scary and my daughter has been having nightmares after catching the start of last week's episode. My daughter is 4 years old and 7.30pm is her bed time. These types of shows should not be aired before 8.30pm! I used to be an avid watcher of the Ghost Whisperer, but stopped watching as the episodes were becoming too gory / scary. I'm sure there are people who enjoy watching this show, but I just wish it wasn't on so early.

  • Ra
    ravens Dec 03, 2009

    l don't have a problem with the gory bits, its after all the reality of life. l'm more annoyed with where the show has dissappeared to.? l was only just starting to watch tv again, but no tv stations just have to tease us by making us guess when a show is or is not not gunna be on!

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  • De
    DedicatedToGhostWhisperer Mar 25, 2010

    My daughters are 4 and 2. The only reason I would prefer Ghost Whisperer being on a little later is so I can have time to get the kids to bed and be ready to watch it. If the kids aren't in bed, so be it - I don't turn the telly on! I have that choice, I'm the parent. Kids will probably go off to sleep better and have a better night's sleep if they don't watch telly for at least an hour before bed time. At that time of night we're busy with dinner, stories, brushing teeth and winding down. Who has time to have the telly on with kids this age between dinner and their bedtime?? I wouldn't miss ghost whisperer for anything. Tonight the girls where in bed on time by a minute! But wait - where's the show? I'm REALLY missing it. Where is my show??

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  • Mu
    Munger Apr 09, 2010

    why would ur four yr old watch it?
    its rated 'SUPERNATURAL THEMES'???
    and maybe for som of us, 8:30pm is our bedtime!!!

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Resolved advertising on screen while trying to watch a movie

While trying to watch the 8:30pm movie - Casino Royale on Sunday night 27th September YOU!! (channel 7) placed in the bottom right corner of the screen an annoying add showing the advertisment for Flashforward. This was infuriating for me and my family because we found ourselves constantly looking at it and could not concerntrate on the actual movie.

The placement of the add was in a position that made it dominate the lower right of the screen because it was large enough to be noticed like as it it was a subtitle for the movie we were trying to watch !!! IT SHOULD NOT BE THERE AT ALL !!! This is why people hate TV and get so frustrated with free to air TV.

The ADD was bold, noticable and in a position to be clearly seen and dominate the screen, you guys have to do something about this because I am not the only one complaining about it, try to understand the inconveniance of it, we were all so frustrated that we actually decided to watch Australian Idol on another chnanel because of it!!

  • Ma
    martinnnn Sep 27, 2009

    I absolutely agree with the comments above. to try and watch a movie with a VERY ANNOYING ad in bottom right corner (NOT EVEN IN THE CORNER!) is INFURIATING!!!
    I watch a variety of stations, and when i switched to seven to watch the bond movie - it pissed me off.
    no movie is worth that BS!
    I'm off to another channel...

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  • Ti
    Timmmm Sep 27, 2009

    I agree,
    don't get me wrong, i love channel 7 and i am looking forward to flash forward, saying this i did not appreciate it raping the bottom right hand corner of my TV for an entire day.

    i think the massive signs that pop up at the bottom of the screen 30 seconds back from an add break are bad enough. no need to leave it entirely on the screen for the whole night.

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  • Tr
    Trid Sep 27, 2009

    I have emailed Channel 7 to let them know we thought this was unacceptable too. I switched off Casino Royale last night and won't be watching 7 tonight in protest.

    BAD IDEA channel 7...

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  • Gr
    Grace1234 Sep 28, 2009

    Someone should contact channel 7 directly, it was so riduculous. During a movie is the only time when there are no ads/logos popping up on the screen. It was so irritating! It's fair enough if they put it there for the first 2 minutes or so of the movie then take it off, but the whole movie?

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  • Ly
    LynneHar May 24, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Inappropriate advertisement for Fifty Shades of Grey - the uncut version showing a woman wanting to be handcuffed or bound.
    The news before stated an 18 yo man was being charged with rape of a girl in her own home.

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Resolved brownlow medal &blue carpet& broadcast

Channel 7's broadcast of the "blue carpet" was woeful. They showed about 5 dresses then spent the rest...

2009 afl finals delayed coverage and camera men complaint

To Channel 7,

I am one of many avid AFL supports who live in Sydney. I would like to put forward a couple of complaints about your coverage of the 2009 AFL finals.

Channel 7’s decision to show these Finals games with a 1 hour delay in Sydney.
The shocking camera work during the game.

Many of my Sydney friends and family follow non Sydney teams who have made it in to the finals this year - Crows, Collingwood, Brisbane etc. We are extremely disappointed that the games have been delayed an hour. Last week, the Crows played in a very close game with Collingwood and the fact that we are unable to watch it live ruined the game for these supporters. Because of the delayed the telecast, other networks were displaying the results on their news bulletins.

During the closeness of the game, my Mother switched it over for a split second and in that second that network had flashed the end score on the screen. People from interstate (who may I add were watching it LIVE) were texting results, people on facebook were posting messages – how are we in Sydney able to watch the game we love without it being ruined by the fact that the rest of Australia actually are able to watch it live!!!

You’d expect that if Channel 7 were the only network to cover the AFL finals, you would at least play it live... I believe Channel 10 in previous years played all finals LIVE! Even in Sydney!!

You would have a lot of angry viewers if you decided not to play the Grand Final live... These are important games, and most have been very very close. It would be nice to be able to watch them LIVE!!!

The second complaint is I think the Channel 7 camera men – or the producer or whoever is responsible for what the viewers see on the tv screen need to go to a course on camera work at the AFL. Too many close ups, half the time we couldn’t see where the ball was because they were still filming the last guy that had the football... It was all over the place and really annoying to see.

As you can see, my overall experience with watching the AFL finals on Channel 7 is not a good one. I hope that if you are continuing to be the only network to cover them in the future you would decide not to delay them, as there are many AFL fans in Sydney (Surprise surprise but not all Sydney siders are NRL fans...!!)


Unhappy AFL fan.

Resolved sunday night program

After watching last weeks Sunday Night programme at 6:30, Channel 7 (Sunday 4th May) regarding the vaccination debate i was disgusted with reporter Mike Munroe's behaviour.

I believe he was arrogant and opionated in his portrayal of this issue as he would interrupt and try to discredit the anti- vaccination supporters.

Vaccination is a contorversial debate and there needs to be more education for parents. It is the personal choice of parents to vaccinate and I felt that Mr Monroe was attacking parents who chose not to vaccinate

He presented a very bias debate because he expressed his personal opinion at times. He definetely failed at his job as a reporter is to present both sides of a debate in a impartial way.

A man of his experience should know better!

  • Ja
    Janette MacGregor Jul 19, 2012

    I wold like to complain about an ad on the program Better Homes and Gardens tonight. It is an ad by a naked girl talking about keeping your vagina fresh and is about sanitary pads and it is just so horrific and the wording is totally insulting during any program. There is no need for this type of crude advertising

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pathetic coverage of afl games

Channel 7 should never be allowed to cover the afl season. Today, 3 may 2009, seven is telecasting the round...

Resolved afl not live or not shown

I can't believe it channel 7 you continue to amaze me with your lack of coverage of the AFL season...

Resolved tv programming

Ok, I don't want to write much, but I will write something. I am a fan of the show 'Ugly Betty'. I was getting really into it until the Australian Open happened. I love the Australian Open, however, I thought that the show will come back again. It hasn't!!! What I would like to know is why did channel 7 remove this show!!! BRING BACK UGLY BETTY!!!

  • Ch
    Chris Murp[hy Jan 09, 2010

    Impossible to view TV channel 7 and 7Two from mareeba

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  • Li
    liberty1 May 15, 2010

    was watching the movie and was verry upset to find that you cut poarts out of it if you are going to show a movie then at least show the whole movie the movie was Independence Day

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  • Li
    liberty1 May 15, 2010

    tonight i sat back to watch Independence Day and was verry upset to find that you cut parts out of the movie if you are going to show a movie than at least show the full movie

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  • Sa
    sandra3sm Jan 28, 2015

    Your closed caption is really terrible and I feel your station really do not care, it has gone on for so long.

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  • Ke
    Keith schadel May 01, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Andrew O'Keeffe is not the right person to host this show. His abuse and talking over the top of guests he doesn't agree with is offensive. He should never be in a position of hooting a s show with news commentary.
    This ignorant behaviour is now weekly, unfortunately., Channel 7 you heavenliest me and other viewers l know to Channel 9l

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  • Ke
    Keith schadel May 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Weekend sunrise

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  • Th
    Therese Graham Oct 06, 2016

    Very disappointed with how far behind Channel 7 is with the seasons of Once Upon a Time. In the USA they are on Season 6. It is a high rating show and I don't understand why its not on when Swamp people and trucking shows take precedence. If you don't want to show it, give the rights to another channel who will show it. Because you have the rights we can't even buy it on video.

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Resolved change in 24 airtime

I've just gotten home from work, hoping to enjoy a night in watching 24. However, after looking at the Channel 7 website (TV guide section), I find out that 24 is not on Wednesday nights anymore, but has now moved to Sunday @ 10:30pm (an hour later than the Season Premiere last Wednesday).

I think I've lost count as to how many time Channel 7 has changed the time slot of 24 so many times (since Season 1) without "alerting" its audience. This is absolutely bull crap and Channel 7 should fire the person in charge of this.

My faith in Chanel 7 has dropped dramatically. In saying this, I hope Channel 9 regains its no.1 position in ratings.

A very unhappy 24 fan.

  • St
    steven Harris Mar 09, 2009

    They then advertise 24 on Sunday at 10.30 only to start it at 11.15pm. Too bad for those that set timers. I set it to go 20 minutes over as they are hopeless with there times. Obviously need to start setting it over a hour later.

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  • Ih
    I Hate Channel7 timing Jul 20, 2009

    What happened to 24 on Sunday 19th July?

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  • Sa
    SAMMO19692004 Mar 07, 2010

    Boo hoo to chanel 7 for showing the ''mornington secondary college police youth corp band'' for 5 seconds and not even mentioning them!!!...they all were up at 4.30am today to get to the parade...alot of family and friends were watching hoping to see embarrassing to see them for only 5 seconds without a mention of who they were...shame shame on chanel 7...

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Resolved sundays 24

i was just wondering how hard it is for a channel to let its views know when there cancelling a show. i...

funeral adds

Funeral adds...Family members watching a movie trying to forget for a while they have a relative dying from...