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House rules: 'high stakes'

So I absolutely love House Rules, and have for quite some time. It's a great show that allows everyone to at least get something out of it, which not many other shows offer.
My first issues with this new season was that Jo Briggs is no longer hosting. Now I understand hosts can change and I could possibly deal with it if you had found anyone more interesting than Jamie Durie (who is trying way too hard in my opinion) and Abbey Way (who is just dull to watch).
I'm pushing through this issue, along with not allowing everyone to have their house renovated - but I can't look past what was revealed on tonight's episode.

Peer voting?? Come on. Do you really want to turn one of the few shows left that has minimal drama (apart from spats between the contestants) and create unnecessary bulls**t?
You're just opening up the window of opportunity for foul play and you're clearly trying to create excitement from it but it just doesn't work. This show has always, and should remain, focused on the work done by the contestants - with no strategic voting needed.
Tonight's episode also proved that it's incredibly pointless when everyone votes fairly (as they should be) - the scores barely changed apart from one couple receiving one less vote... The scoreboard didn't change, there was nothing exciting about it. Why. Do. It?
Keep the votes to the judges and the home owners. Making changes to a show is necessary at times, but this was one that really didn't need to be altered as much as it has.

Sunday with Ben cousins

Ive never complained to a tv station before but i think it is extremely low of the station to put on someone on prime time who is sick and has shown no capacity to get better as a means to commercial gain.

It is an offensive movie to put on at midday

I have turned on the tv to see the news and I find I am watching a movie with a couple having sex. I think...

You killed toadie of

Hello I'm writing today as in the U.K. we saw toadie dam to his death by the clutches of evil fyn Kelly ... please don't kill toadie of he is a legend I'm a cancer sufferer and I watched neighbours since it first started and I look forward to watching the old charectors and toadie being my fave person please don't kill him I beg you please !! Thank you

  • Updated by Tinx · Mar 18, 2020

    Hi I'm writing this today as in the U.K. we have seen toadie being killed by evil fynn I am cancer sufferer and look forward to watching toadie and heartbroken that you killed him off please please please don't kill him please I beg you thank you I been watching from the start and I love seeing the older charectors and how it used to be please bring him back please

the mobile footage shown at the beginning of the news

On 1/3/20 the 6pm News Bulletin in Adelaide began with mobile footage of one man assaulting another man who was being beaten up and was lying on the ground. It was graphic with no warning given beforehand. It was a sickening assault with one man punching kicking and grappling with the other. It was upsetting for any children watching, and actually all the adults with us were appalled at the vision shown while the audio related the story. Even worse, it was repeated numerous times throughout the story, we thought it would never end. This type of thing shown can only have negative consequences for any young people watching as it de-sensitizes them. It is not what we as audiences want to see.

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A movie on seven recent

A movie previously Saturday night at 8:30pm with topless women not approved highly disgusting to women and children watching not appropriate at that time of night, un exexpted morally wrong. Wanting to sue for my family distress I have extremely young boys no warning of nudity. I hope you feel ashamed as well S.B.S. For there disgust nudity sex scene without warning. AT EARLY TIMES OF THE NIGHT. No excess for this not telling that there's sexual nudity sciences etc. AT TIMES that are inappropriate.

repetition of advertisements

1. within one ad break, the same advertisement is played twice, even 3 times
2. ads for future programs are played incessantly - eg ad for Pooch Perfect starting this thursday, has been run at least 15 times in the last 3 hours. Maybe this is the reason some programs are not attracting viewers - eg MKR. By the time the show actually runs, viewers are so sick of hearing about the show. It also indicates the lack of paid advertisements. Viewers have the impression you have limited advertisers so you have to show ads for your own programs just to fill in time.

  • An
    Angela Thodas Apr 01, 2020

    I totally agree with you - I timed the adds and program for 1 hour and the add breaks were nearly as long as program Pretty soon we will be seeing adds with occasional program breaks! Disgusting!

    0 Votes

coverage of fire fight concert

Hi I am very disappointed that channel 7 switched to 7.mate when it was news time Tina arena was singing I loved the concert but missed her because I dont have those subsidiary channels and I was upset as I feel tina arena has one of the greatest voices australia has produced
You could have put the news in ticker tape under the concert
Such a shame

coverage of oscars

Why are Western Australian viewers having to suffer 3 hour delay in the supposed Live coverage of this event???
Social media is reporting winners hours before we see it on your coverage.
What reason/s do have for delaying the telecast into Western Australia?

We hope you FAIL to gain the rights to cover the Oscars in the future. The quicker it returns to Pay TV the better.

Would like to hear your reasoning, although I doubt you will respond, showing your utter contempt for WA viewers.

coverage of the australian open tennis

Channel 7 should strongly discipline John McEnroe for his offensive actions at the Open with his on-court banner designed to denigrate Margaret Court.

He is not even an Australian citizen and has the gall to criticize a truly great Australian player at the pinnacle of Australian tennis. We don't need him as a commentator and he should be sent packing back to the US and replaced by an Australian commentator.

Also, Jim Courier talks too much and is too long winded in his interviews.

broadcast times

Your cricket broadcast was supposed to finish at 10.30 on Sunday 26 January as I was waiting for Motorlcycle cops. The cricket was well and truly finished but instead of changing to the scheduled program I had to listen to two people talking inane rubbish. Please try to keep to scheduled times for programs as not everyone wants to watch sports all weekend

clsures of a current affairs programmes. sunday night and today tonight

For years we have been able to see what people have been subject to in our city, region and in general. These shows have now been axed... Today tonight and Sunday night. This is really a very sad affair. These shows have kept the general community up with issues effecting ordinary people. Giving them a voice when avenues have been closed.
I want to know why? Stop with the reality shows... They are boring and not what we want shoved down our throats...

6pm news program

I used to watch Rick & Sue every night on their 30 minutes news program. I agree that it was prudent to cancel your light-weight 6:30 "current affairs" program which I stopped watching a long time ago.

Channel 9's Current Affair at least tackles some serious issues ... not fluff.

But to extend your news telecast to 1 hour to copy 9's news is rubbish !!!
These little teasers about weather & sport followed by an ad followed by another teaser (get the full story in 30 minutes) is a JOKE !!!

I now refuse to watch your news program.

Channel 10 did the same rubbish a few years ago when they said "30 minutes is not enought time to tell the full News story" ... it was !!
And they did the same rubbish of teasing & repeating stories 2 or 3 times over the hour.

Do you think we are idiots ... I don't have the time to waste watching a 1 hour rubbish news program. I check the internet news sites instead.

May I suggest you consider an alternative?

Kind Regards
Peter Hanlon

  • Updated by Peter Hanlon · Jan 10, 2020

    And why do I have to spend time signing up to a f***ing website to post a complaint !?!?

news promo describing hotel as "most unique".

News promo about Ettamougah Hotel. It was described as "Queensland's most unique hotel.
Unique is an adjective describing the only one thing, species etc. extant in the world!!!
Something is unique or it is not.
This illiteracy in the mass media is at least partly resppnsible for falling literacy standards across Australian schools.
Channel 7 show hand its head in shame.

news from 10 pm saturday night

My wife and I were watching a news update on Saturday night and happened to see a diatribe on from a poor exhausted and stresses out fire fighter cursing at the Prime Minister.

What a shocking piece of television! How is reporting like this informational? How are we to evaluate a terrible situation from a reasoned and intentional perspective while we are shown a clearly irrational and stressed man trying to deal with a tragic situation -this is nothing more than taking advantage of the man and the situation in order to grab a headline or push a distorted narrative.

Poor show guys - really poor...

Randall Ibbott

pathetic comments by gretel killeen

I was disgusted to hear Gretel Killeen's comments demanding the Prime Minister resign because of the ongoing bushfires and her perceived lack of leadership. These comments are so unhinged I would question Ms Killeen's current sanity and her ability to contribute rationally as a television commentator. Right now we must focus on saving lives and property not dividing this nation by getting into a blame game. Ms Killeen is at best ill informed and irrational and she has no place on Television. Get rid of her now!!!

sevens cricket coverage

7 has stuffed cricket in Australia They don't give us one day matches and make us watch foxtel to get cricket we love, I really can't blame 7 for that thats the rubbish Goverment Australia voted in but I can blame 7 for what coverage of the test we get, I was watching a live broadcast of the test today and the ball that got Steve Smith out was mist because there were showing pictures of some fieldsmen, not only did they stuff the cricket they can't even cover what they have properly

sydney hobart coverage

You guys are pathetic in the coverage!!!
It's a huge race top 5 in the world and you really have no idea about it all...
How about you listen to the people that watch your station and get it right
More on the little boats that do the true s2h
More updates and segments throughout the race
Finish line updates
A 2 hour segment on it each day would be great.
But I guess when wild oats takes down her main sail that has your pathetic logo on it you stop caring.
Channel 7 you're disgusting and every year is the same.. Step it up channel 9 could!!

cricket commentators

No 1 rule in cricket not talk as bowl being delivered.

TEST: Slater and female English commentator (not sure of name) continually talk over balls. Suggest they time their verbose comments, often unrelated to moment of play. Result: detracting from ball. It is commentator 101 rule. Plenty of time to talk between balls. It seems producer ticks them off and then they can't help themselves soon after.

Positive feeback: Former English female commentator for Pakistan Tests superb in all respects. Ponting and Pidgean excellent.

Big Bash: Stars vs Strikers last night. Good chemistry in new inexperienced team but continual talking over balls. Also side interviews had no pause for balls including tense time and almost catch 2nd innings. Only attention interviewer took to ball was when they thought it was going to hit them. Positive: Renshaw insightful.

Can you confirm issue related to cricket producer?

sydney to hobart race coverage

Every year it seems to be getting worse.
Terrible commentary and the structure of the footage was all over the place.
Didnt get to see any of the important onboard action when it should be shown. Ad breaks at wrong times.
Id like to assist with making it better, i have a vast knowledge in sailing media.
Please contact me

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