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Seven West Media / Channel 7 Complaints & Reviews

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / Broomehill-Tambellup shire bad behavior

Lee Simpson on Feb 24, 2017
On the 17th Feb 2017 at 10.15 am The Broomehill-Tambellup council ranger along with her ceo, RSPCA and heath inspector all came in separate car's to the Broomehill Home of Mr and Mrs Draper. Mrs Draper was shocked by the turn out thinking it was a raid, to her surprise and even more shock...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / Executives breaking road rules and putting pedestrians at risk of being killed while on the nearby pedestrian crossing

abc11185 on Feb 13, 2017
10am, Tuesday, 14/02/2017: You have given me a rotten start to the day. This happens on a regular basis. Channel 7 Executives in expensive BMW's and other cars drive onto the pedestrian crossing near the Biotechnology Building, Australian Technology Park when I am in the middle of the...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / Channel 7 australian open final coverage.

Rob_staff on Jan 29, 2017
After 2 weeks of detailed coverage of the Tennis on channel 7, I find it utterly despicable and disappointing that channel 7 cut straight to the news in Western Australia, straight after the players' speech of the Federer vs Nedal final. Quite possibly the biggest game in the sport...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / William hill ads

Steve Ormond on Jan 29, 2017
Saturation advertising of player odds, how to make a bet and betting options incl after-tennis open options in horse racing. All this was shown in children's viewing time before 7.30pm with no thought of the consequences to young minds. Minature prints issue warnings but this is too...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / Australian open telecast over 2 weeks.

GordonSq on Jan 29, 2017
Hi channel 7, after viewing the channel 7 broadcasts of the australian open over the last two weeks, I have never seen a more repetitive broadcast of commercials as I have ever as seen over the last two weeks on the seven network during the coarse of the australian open. In particular the...

Channel 7 / Tennis coverage

Trevor Ferguson on Jan 28, 2017
Hello, The AO coverage has been terrific and Channel 7 needs to be congratulated. Jim Courier shows his wealth of knowledge and his interviews with players was very good. In contrast Rennae Stubbs should be sacked. For her to say to Serina Williams, 23 times Grand Slam Winner, "NO POTTY...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / 7 news victoria

Angelakill on Jan 22, 2017
On tonight's news there was a segment reporting on a jewellery store being robbed. The thieves were charged today. At the end of the segment the reporter said that the charged were of 'African descent'. My understanding is that this would only be said if the criminals had not been charged...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / Tennis coverage

ferb on Jan 21, 2017
Sunday afternoon, 22 January, Why is 7 network only showing one game and not showing Wawrinka game on 7 two or 7 mate.Instead showing re runs of the shows and forcing people to watch on their tablet or phone...it's not the same as watching on the big TV.I mean Wawrinka is a former winner...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / Commentary on tennis coverage

Julie Mews on Jan 20, 2017
Your tennis coverage is superb for which a big thank you. The commentator Jim Courier is dreadful. He speaks endlessly OVER THE PLAY, even when it is a great, edge-of-chair gripping moment. The BBC have forbidden commentators to speak over play for just about as long as they have been...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / Tennis coverage

maddychick16 on Jan 16, 2017
Why on earth is the same game on both of your channels (Seven and seventwo) ?! It is utterly ridiculous that you are not utilising both of your channels.In case you did not realise, there is the defending champ currently playing (On rod laver) and instead i'm watching sam groth on two...

Seven West Media (Channel 7) / News

Isei on Jan 8, 2017
For several years now, we have been watching ch 7 advertise your one and only weather reporter jane. Bob will spend air time to introduce her, bring her up with what she can do, her qualifications, over the years? She's not new on your screen, you only have her most of the past year...

Seven West Media (Channel 7) / Seven news samantha jolly

Ijty on Jan 2, 2017
Please please please re-train sam jolly out of the channel 10 style of newsreading with emphasis on the final word of each sentence. True news reading is where the verbs are given emphasis. Her performance has failed to improve since at seven. Painful and frustrating to see her read the...

Seven West Media (Channel 7) / School spectacular

JocelynBW on Dec 3, 2016
Every child has a talent that should be celebrated - really! - I was very disappointed with the lack of video footage of the dancers. Our beautiful niece who dancers and who has down syndrome could not even be seen. Other family members and friends of the family could not be seen at all...

Seven West Media (Channel 7) / Airasia ticket

Archana73 on Dec 1, 2016
I was booking ticket for my son through online channel, but booked it in my own name by error. Now trying to change the name and no one helping me. $1400 gone. It is affecting us financially and also emotionally. My son was supposed to go on some research for his internship for hi...

Seven West Media (Channel 7) / Seven news

Kevin pissed on Nov 22, 2016
I was 7 news like every other night and tonight you ran a story about an austrlian teen which has been arrested in bali on suspected drugs. The news shown seemed to be one sided and with all the footage on facebook and other media i. E. 9 news where the security guard was filmed placing...

Seven West Media (Channel 7) / Channel seven app

Hammerstom on Nov 8, 2016
I am fed up with advertisements on the app! Every time I go off the app to send a tx or answer a phone call and then return to the app I'm forced to watch two 15 second adverts! This is costing me a fortune in data charges! Chanel 7 has a advert every 6 minutes anyway! Why do you need more...

Channel 7 Sunday Night / Burquini/france report

Madeleine Sutherland on Oct 4, 2016
Sunday Night 18th September We often watch and enjoy Sunday Night but recently were extremely disappointed with the Burquini/France report. It $s squandered on a cheap reporting thrill. You can do better. Our story is a more credible one of hard-working Australians who experienced a rough...

Channel 7 (Melbourne) / Channel 7two - free to air

Pamela Casson on Sep 18, 2016
My TV is tuned through Foxtel and with no access to free to air!! I was trying to find 7two but only had 7mate...after contact with Foxtel I was told that 7two is now free to air and has been replaced with 7mate. I was extremely disappointed as I am able to watch the tennis and other show...

Channel 7 Brisbane / no tv reception for 4 days now since 19/6/16

no television on Jun 22, 2016
i am complaining regarding no channel 7 since 19/6/16 the station just suddenly disappeared and has not been on since. After numerous phone calls to report the matter i have not had any satisfaction as to what is been done about it. My next door neighbour and other people in the area have...

Seven West Media (Channel 7) / What the, hell channel 7

Zain Astin on May 24, 2016
I don't understand why 7hd won't be simulcast in sydney or brisbane and that the only 7hd we have is some stupid 7mate broadcast. So sick of waiting for a 7hd, and when I say 7 hd I mean 7... Not 7mate, not 7flix, just 7. Every other main network has an hd channel of their main channel...

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