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Seven West Media / Channel 7 Complaints & Reviews

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / news broadcast

Apr 17, 2019

A story was broadcast in the main news broadcast on 17/4/19 commencing 1800 about a fire and contained a highly offensive profanity to Christians. Not only heard but also displayed on screen in large writing was an utterance defiling the name of Jesus Christ. If the speaker used the name of a...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / inappropriate and bullying behaviour

Mar 21, 2019

David Koch - his actions and appalling interview with Pauline Hanson on the Sunrise program was totally inappropriate. He should as a minimum be made to apologise for his bulling tactics and demeaning behaviour. His job should be put on notice, that if an incident/s like this occurs again...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / sunrise

Mar 19, 2019

David Koch has behaved as a bully on numerous occassions and his interview with Pauline Hanson was appalling behaviour and it is time for David Koch to be sacked. He is setting an example of bullying for many people to follow as they will see this behaviour as acceptable. It is not. He ha...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / new broadcast

Mar 18, 2019

Last night it was reported that Inondesian citizen Zufirman Shah has passed away in Christchurch, NZ. This is incorrect. He has had surgery and is recovering in ICU. The Indonesian citizen who received fatal injuries in the attacks is Lilik Abdul Hamid. Your miss information has caused the...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / news item on channel 7, 4 february 2019

Feb 4, 2019

Hi, you ran a story on the news on 4 Feb 2019 about an elderly man being knocked over and killed by a bus in Carlingford. My elderly mother saw the story and was deeply distressed by the footage. Although you provided a warning that you would not show footage of the impact, your footage...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / news on tasmania fires

Jan 30, 2019

It is very disappointing that there is not more coverage about our beautiful state and the devastating fires taking over and distroying our many attractions that mainlanders and tourist enjoy. Once again Tassie is segregated. We are a part of Australian . This is a concern from many people...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / mkr

Jan 30, 2019

I didn't think the rumours about Josh on MKR being an actor were real but I can see now that they could be true! Why create a character who is making Christians look horrible, not to mention how he's portraying the homeschooling community?!? It's become more about the Drama than the...

Channel 7 / mkr

Jan 28, 2019

MKR, Josh & Austin, Really? I usually really enjoy the programme but was dumbfounded last night when I watched the first episode of the 10th season. I enjoy watching as the contestants evolve, seeing them under pressure, either making it or falling at the hurdles. The choice to bring in...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / seven news

Jan 28, 2019

We know that your company is affiliate to CNN but it would be beneficial to all your customers not to have such a bias opinion on one topic when it comes to the President of the United States of America. All Media outlets should Report both sides of a story so people make their own mind...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / cricket test coverage

Jan 25, 2019

I love the new commentary team, format and coverage. When the change from Channel 9 last year was announced I wasn't sure how it would go. However, you have done a great job with lots of great commentators, extras and new ideas. Thank you! I really like all you have done with the Test...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / cricket coverage or lack of.

Jan 24, 2019

If the aim is to stop people watching all forms of cricket full stop then you really have done a great job channel 7. This year/season has been the worst coverage in my living memory you've only broadcast virtually half the t20 games, none of the one dayers and your test coverage i...

Channel 7 News Perth Western Australia / withholding information

Jan 14, 2019

I understand your company is all about profit and getting the public to watch your shows. I find it annoying that you have an hour long news program at 4pm but are constantly telling viewers to tune into the (half an hour) 6pm news for more information on stories. 4pm is a better time for...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / news

Jan 14, 2019

I live in North Queensland and when I am watching news I would very much like to see North Queensland whether forecast, I really don't care what's happening down in Melbourne as far as the weather goes nor do I care about Brisbane I do not see it to be that bigger problem for you to put...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / too much cricket in the news!

Jan 13, 2019

9 minutes into what is supposed to be news we cross to "Barra"! at the cricket, then again prior to an ad break then again on return to "news". Last night was even worse For goodness sake how many useless questions can be asked on a game that the public are saturated with and not everyone...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / cricket coverage

Jan 11, 2019

I have a family of three boys who all love cricket. They have been members of their local clubs and have played since under 8's. They have always looked forward to watching as much cricket as they can on tv. It's a favorite family activity. We are so disappointed with channel 7's decision...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / news channel seven perth, western australia

Jan 9, 2019

Today, Australia's best female tennis player, Ashlee Barty beat the world No 1 tennis player Simone Halep. On the Channel 7 news this significant piece of news was delivered in less than 10 seconds at the end of the Sports news after a lengthy report on the Eagles AFL training and a Brat...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / racist comments during test coverage at scg 5/1/19

Jan 5, 2019

Dear Sir/Madam, At the closing stages of todays Channel 7 Test cricket coverage, (5/1/19 India versus Australia) one of the male presenters (Unfortunately not sure who…perhaps Michael Slater) passed what I believe to be a racist comment. The comment was related to the fact that the game wa...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / advertising material for bcf

Jan 5, 2019

Advertisement shown on Channel 73 Brisbane on Saturday 5th January 2019 between 6.30 and 7.00 PM. BCF has substituted the word "gun" for a previously long time used word "fun" in their advertising jingle. This is clearly a form of subliminal advertising (or behavour conditioning) as it aim...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / 7 cricket coverage

Dec 29, 2018

Your adds said every test match every one day and every big bash game live and free to air well you lied 7 and you soon pulled that pro mo thete were no one days and there seems to be no big bash in perth over the weekend well im a tv watcher and ill repay you by tuning out in 2019 i won...

Channel 7 / cricket coverage

Dec 23, 2018

they have misled the public with their advertising, the only way we would see every match and every ball free and in HD as they sprook, is if we pay for foxtel which not free and not something everyone can afford. There are no ODI matches telecast on free to air and very few WBBL matche...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / free to air cricket

Dec 22, 2018

You spend all that time advertising " One Spot Stop - Summer of Cricket" then no Big Bash on Saturday 22/22. I can't watch my Scorchers!!! All that deceit and lying to your viewers. You sell your cricket coverage rights over to Foxtel. Money more important than regular viewers. Well I...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / lack of free-to-air cricket coverage on saturday 22 december

Dec 21, 2018

I cannot understand why there is no free-to-air cricket coverage occurring on 22 December. There are several games happening today and not one shown on your much publicised 'Summer of Cricket'. This is very disappointing to an avid cricket follower. I do realise that this evening's Carol...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / inappropriate placement of advertising during big bash 2018/19

Dec 21, 2018

I wish to complain about the inappropriate placement of advertising during Big Bash cricket 2018/19, specifically at 8:25pm Friday 21st December. At this time there was a graphic "smoking causes cancer" ad exposing kids to people dying, a woman unable to eat and needing to feed self...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / gambling advertisement during the cricket

Dec 8, 2018

My family and I love watching the cricket- my three young boys are avid club players and we attend several games in Melbourne every year. ...we have also lost everything, including our family home- due to their fathers gambling addiction. As much as I understand it is a financial decision to...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / cricket coverage / not on 7plus

Dec 6, 2018

the cricket is not being shown on 7plus, I call 7 and was told that this is because you cant steam it, but I watch the 6 pm news every night, so called live TV, is this not being streamed live!!!. You have been advertising for the last six months, That crickets new home is on 7, FREE for...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / seven news

Nov 22, 2018

Wednesday evening news, item about AFL draft and young player Brayshaw, last season's onfield one-punch was repeated at least five times in the two bulletins that evening. I have previously drawn your attention to the unnecessary repetition of violent scenes. This one is especially...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / cricket telecast

Nov 16, 2018

I am absolutely disgusted that channel 7 are not telecasting free to air all international cricket. In a time when we are concerned about the lack of children's involvement in outdoor sporting activity you are not providing ant encouragement for our future adults to be involved in sport...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / sports coverage, in particular cricket

Nov 16, 2018

How come you bunch of sops with billion dollar budgets have been unable to get the one day series v the saffas on free to air? Pathetic and un-Australian. You have ruined the summer of cricket ( at least this one + however long this shitty deal lasts for). Also a lot of people will now...

Channel 7 / channel 7 news

Nov 7, 2018

ACMA file reference: BM-4132 Please refer to the ACMA file reference number Incitement of Public Hatred, Provision of False Information, Spread of False Rumour, Slavery of the Media, and, Overdrive inhumanity, are problems I have been having with the media. I am in a situation where I...

Channel 7 / lack of cricket coverage

Nov 4, 2018

For months during the last footy season, Chnl 7 promoted their coming cricket season coverage with comments like: "T20's. ODI's, Test Matches - all free to air through the Channels of 7". As a Perth resident I initially thought the lack of cricket coverage today may have been due to today'...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / cricket coverage

Nov 3, 2018

I cant believe there is a two page spread in the Sunday Times saying Channel 7 is showing the cricket 'live and free in HD' on a day when they clearly aren't. Its UNAUSTRALIAN. Liars, fake news, call it what you like. Its bad enough not putting the cricket on free to air, like it has been...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / nsw trains

Oct 31, 2018

Nsw trains should be ashamed for providing the c-set trains with no ac packed c compartments during peak hours causing suffocation and possible death most leppington trains are without ac. People are sweating about to faint and vomit twice today someone was about to faint have a heart -...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / 7flix advertisement of a horror movie at 4:30pm

Oct 22, 2018

I never complain about free to tv However this afternoon as my children and I were watching Modern Family around 4:30 pm There was a advertisement for the movie "IT" I couldn't believe that a horror movie that has taunting me since a child was advertised during the day. My children were...

Channel 7 / 73 mate innapropriate content

Oct 18, 2018

The advertisement in general and all similar ads such as halloween being shown at completely irresponsible times while my kids are still awake. The movie itself is ma+15 so why would it show up on an advertisement at 7pm???!!! This is ridiculous. Seriously who are the producers and... / mrs brown's boys - screening at 7.30 pm qld time; content of program

Oct 16, 2018

I was watching the news when an advertisement for 'Mrs Brown's Boys', screening at 7.30 came on. Is the titillating of women's private parts appropriate for either adult or children viewers? Why did your network deem it acceptable to screen content that firstly degrade...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / placement of advertisement for new halloween movie

Oct 9, 2018

I was watching the 4pm news and at about 425pm an advertisement promoting the new Halloween movie came on. One of my children was in the room with me and watched it. It was highly inappropriate at that time of day when children can easily watch it as it had scary content. The main character...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / ticket sales

Oct 8, 2018

wanted to buy from ticketek site but site went to viagogo who are not affiliated with ticketek. As I thought I was still dealing with ticketek and that these were the only tickets available, I had to pay nearly 3 times the price to get the tickets, 4 months before the concert. I realise law...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / 2018 afl coverage

Sep 29, 2018

I watched the AFL Grand Final yesterday and your coverage overall was good and it was a great game. However I was very annoyed that much time was spent with the camera on Julie Bishop. She's got nothing to do with football ! I wanted to watch the game not spending time looking at a...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / afl commentary

Sep 21, 2018

I am offended by commentators in the recent Collingwood v Richmond game saying OMG. This normally does not happen, as it is blasphemy, there should be no prejudice, commentary should be indiscriminate. Should commentators say something offensive against muslims it would be page one new...

Seven West Media / Channel 7 / mini series bancroft

Sep 17, 2018

What the hell has happened. I was looking forward to the next 2 episodes of this excellent miniseries (Bancroft), good, gritty dramas are so rare these days, as per my TV guide and some random story of cold case murders in Australia comes on Whats going on. I am so sick of good programme...