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free to air cricket

You spend all that time advertising " One Spot Stop - Summer of Cricket" then no Big Bash on Saturday 22/22.

I can't watch my Scorchers!!!

All that deceit and lying to your viewers.

You sell your cricket coverage rights over to Foxtel. Money more important than regular viewers.

Well I better get Foxtel then, so I will cancel my subscriptions to the West and Sunday Times and get Foxtel.

So please continue to sell your sporting rights to Foxtel so I can get to watch more sport.

James Bonzas

lack of free-to-air cricket coverage on saturday 22 december

I cannot understand why there is no free-to-air cricket coverage occurring on 22 December. There are several games happening today and not one shown on your much publicised 'Summer of Cricket'. This is very disappointing to an avid cricket follower. I do realise that this evening's Carols from the Domain (from Sydney) is an essential for some viewers. However, there are at least 2 other associated Channel 7 stations that are showing only rerun movies. Surely, the cricket (Women's Big Bash and Men's Big Bash) could have been shown on one of these outlets throughout the day.

inappropriate placement of advertising during big bash 2018/19

I wish to complain about the inappropriate placement of advertising during Big Bash cricket 2018/19...

gambling advertisement during the cricket

My family and I love watching the cricket- my three young boys are avid club players and we attend several games in Melbourne every year. ...we have also lost everything, including our family home- due to their fathers gambling addiction.
As much as I understand it is a financial decision to run gambling ads during the cricket- I utterly believe the ad should also include references to it being a social and individual disease and addiction, and phone numbers for the gambling help line.
At the least, a warning at 10:23 am on a Sunday morning that the ad is not appropriate for young was not the case this morning as we settled in to watch your broadcast.
Katherine Brown

cricket coverage / not on 7plus

the cricket is not being shown on 7plus, I call 7 and was told that this is because you cant steam it, but I watch the 6 pm news every night, so called live TV, is this not being streamed live!!!. You have been advertising for the last six months, That crickets new home is on 7, FREE for EVERYONE, but on If you are have 7 plus, this is bad advertising and very disappointing for cricket fans across Australia.


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seven news

Wednesday evening news, item about AFL draft and young player Brayshaw, last season's onfield one-punch was repeated at least five times in the two bulletins that evening. I have previously drawn your attention to the unnecessary repetition of violent scenes. This one is especially egregious as it bears no newsworthy relationship with the real news event. It was contrived. The indulgence of violence in this way is a form of violence in itself.

cricket telecast

I am absolutely disgusted that channel 7 are not telecasting free to air all international cricket. In a time when we are concerned about the lack of children's involvement in outdoor sporting activity you are not providing ant encouragement for our future adults to be involved in sport. Then what about retirees who have built this country and now relying on a pension and not able to pay for pay tv. Some say that twenty twenty is the way of the future and you do not encourage
e it at all by depriving most Australians of it.
Change your programming. It shows a great lack of understanding of your audience all in the name of dollars.

  • Wi
    Widdle Wabbit Dec 15, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Wow, whomever does the sound mixing with the cricket needs to have their hearing tested. The constant drone of crowd noise gives me a headache. Why do you have commentators when most of the time the drone just drowns out whatever they are saying?

    I understand that it is a new thing for 7, other stations have managed to get the mix right, but after about 30mins of watching I have to turn it off to rest my ears.

    0 Votes

sports coverage, in particular cricket

How come you bunch of sops with billion dollar budgets have been unable to get the one day series v the...

Sydney Metro Area TV, Music & Video

channel 7 news

ACMA file reference: BM-4132

Please refer to the ACMA file reference number

Incitement of Public Hatred, Provision of False Information, Spread of False Rumour, Slavery of the Media, and, Overdrive inhumanity, are problems I have been having with the media. I am in a situation where I cannot turn off the media. My situation at Hunter New England Health Services is exacerbated by severe and continuous Abuse of the Media.
I am Sane and Mentally Well under the Mental Health Act and therefore shouldn't be spoken about publicly.

lack of cricket coverage

For months during the last footy season, Chnl 7 promoted their coming cricket season coverage with comments like: "T20's. ODI's, Test Matches - all free to air through the Channels of 7".

As a Perth resident I initially thought the lack of cricket coverage today may have been due to today's ODI being played in Perth. I then Googled Sydney & Melbourne TV guides. No cricket promoted there on the Channels of 7.

So much for your dishonest promotion. Be assured, Chnl 7 will now be my very last viewing choice.


  • Pe
    Peter Annandale Nov 05, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What a joke, they couldn't lie straight in bed. Seven's out for me (can't afford a Foxtel subscription. Always hated the way they sell their subscription model).

    This is going to back fire on Seven..

    3 Votes
  • Ga
    Gary Duel Dec 13, 2018

    Completely agree, Bloody morning show Horoscope, what a load of C#$P!! INSTEAD OF THE CRICKET
    % or ^ more years of this S#*T

    2 Votes
  • Ke
    Ken Duncan Dec 21, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    even yesterday and this morning advertising T20 big bash Perth scorchers well free too air my but and you want to watch all your repeats instead your company tells huge lies, media like Polly's fork tongue KD Ken

    2 Votes
  • Th
    Three lions Jan 29, 2019

    Give the cricket back to Chanel's 10 and 9, Chanel 7 are totally useless, unless its the afl Chanel 7 can't do any sports properly

    1 Votes

cricket coverage

I cant believe there is a two page spread in the Sunday Times saying Channel 7 is showing the cricket 'live...

nsw trains

Nsw trains should be ashamed for providing the c-set trains with no ac packed c compartments during peak hours causing suffocation and possible death most leppington trains are without ac. People are sweating about to faint and vomit twice today someone was about to faint have a heart - and stop promoting ticket checkers but imprive the state of the trains
someone can die as a result of suffocation

nsw trains continues to do this inspite of promises to send new trains
todays situation was so suffocating it felt worse then a third country

7flix advertisement of a horror movie at 4:30pm

I never complain about free to tv
However this afternoon as my children and I were watching Modern Family around 4:30 pm
There was a advertisement for the movie "IT"
I couldn't believe that a horror movie that has taunting me since a child was advertised during the day.
My children were all scared and are now surrounding me in fear.
Please pick when to advertise these movies as 4:30pm is definitely not a good time to put a child eating clown all over tv.

Thanks for your time
Kind regards
Angelina Mason

73 mate innapropriate content

The advertisement in general and all similar ads such as halloween being shown at completely irresponsible times while my kids are still awake. The movie itself is ma+15 so why would it show up on an advertisement at 7pm???!!! This is ridiculous. Seriously who are the producers and organisers of this channel. I think it is pure common sense. Understandably channel 7 probably get funding for showing these horror film advertisements but come on. I mean you broadcast a show such as the project about communities etc a show for the people or families. Then you broadcast stupid horror advertisements on your channel? There comes a time where doing something for money is an easy obvious decision and other times the decision should be made on pure family morals regardless of time of day or night or what other channels are doing. This has to change or I will have to consider the question being answered on 7 the project. I think the show hosts would answer that question fairly easily. It's really a no brainer.

mrs brown's boys - screening at 7.30 pm qld time; content of program

I was watching the news when an advertisement for 'Mrs Brown's Boys', screening at 7.30 came on. Is the titillating of women's private parts appropriate for either adult or children viewers? Why did your network deem it acceptable to screen content that firstly degrades women and secondly is screened at children's viewing time? In a culture that struggles to protect children from oversexualisation, I would say that your network is blatantly promoting degradation of women and pornography. One of the images screened was of 'Mrs Brown' laying on a table with her legs between a man's head. Forget the spoken words... your image has already placed a woman in a compromising situation.

placement of advertisement for new halloween movie

I was watching the 4pm news and at about 425pm an advertisement promoting the new Halloween movie came on. One of my children was in the room with me and watched it.

It was highly inappropriate at that time of day when children can easily watch it as it had scary content. The main character was hiding in a closet and was seen when the child asked the babysitter to open it. The main character has a scary mask and was seen a number of times in it.

I don't think this should not be shown before 730pm as it is scary for children to see.

ticket sales

wanted to buy from ticketek site but site went to viagogo who are not affiliated with ticketek. As I thought I was still dealing with ticketek and that these were the only tickets available, I had to pay nearly 3 times the price to get the tickets, 4 months before the concert.
I realise laws are trying to be up-dated, but in the meantime, ticketek should state that they are not affiliated with viagogo (in large writing), and ticketek should allow returns up to 2 weeks before an event so viagogo can then sell their tickets for the higher prices (which would be fairer).

2018 afl coverage

I watched the AFL Grand Final yesterday and your coverage overall was good and it was a great game. However I was very annoyed that much time was spent with the camera on Julie Bishop. She's got nothing to do with football ! I wanted to watch the game not spending time looking at a freeloading politician. If you want to make things better for viewers please keep the camera's on the game or if you have to, on relevant spectators.

afl commentary

I am offended by commentators in the recent Collingwood v Richmond game saying OMG.
This normally does not happen, as it is blasphemy, there should be no prejudice, commentary should be indiscriminate. Should commentators say something offensive against muslims it would be page one news, remember the Christians who are offended when using God's name in vain, after all we are a Christian nation, or not?

mini series bancroft

What the hell has happened. I was looking forward to the next 2 episodes of this excellent miniseries (Bancroft), good, gritty dramas are so rare these days, as per my TV guide and some random story of cold case murders in Australia comes on
Whats going on. I am so sick of good programmes being replaced by cheap reality tv because this is all this is. So many programmes these days are a rehash of unsolved cold cases and give no new information on the case anyway and just fill in time and attract the trolls who get gratification from these sensationalist stories. I am seriously considering cancelling my pay tv subscription for the same reason. I have not seen a new and gritty tv show for a long time. I know not as many are being made but we are being served rubbish. Even the old movies are the same ones churned out over and over. Lift your game 7 and this goes for all the other channels too.
I would really like an explanation as to why Bancroft was removed from this evenings viewing also.

  • Ru
    RupeGeorge Sep 19, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What happened to the final part 2 of Bancroft. Finally a great mini-series, then we are left hanging the final episode was advertises for 8.30 pm Monday Sept.18. So when will you give as the final episode, after you bombarded us, with adverts for the show. No good enough channel 7!
    Bronwen Hughes

    0 Votes
  • Ma
    Marjorie Poole Sep 19, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I'm so glad I'm not the only one who is annoyed that this Mini Series was not shown on Monday as advertised and would also like to know when it will be on. Hope Channel 7 don't sneak it in at some late time-slot - it is definitely prime time viewing. Very annoying.
    Marjorie Poole

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