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Complaints & Reviews

news broadcast

A story was broadcast in the main news broadcast on 17/4/19 commencing 1800 about a fire and contained a highly offensive profanity to Christians. Not only heard but also displayed on screen in large writing was an utterance defiling the name of Jesus Christ.
If the speaker used the name of a sacred Muslim, Hindu or other religious prophet would Channel 7 broadcast it?
There would be an absolute outcry if it had been Mohamed or similar yet it seems Christians are fair game for religious vilification and ridicule!
I expect an apology and an undertaking that Channel 7 will not perpetrate such religious discrimination and vilification again.

inappropriate and bullying behaviour

David Koch - his actions and appalling interview with Pauline Hanson on the Sunrise program was totally inappropriate. He should as a minimum be made to apologise for his bulling tactics and demeaning behaviour. His job should be put on notice, that if an incident/s like this occurs again, his employment would be terminated. He has been exposed for what he really is, a bully who sees fit to broadcast his bulling tactics for all to see on national TV.

If this is now the standard Channel 7 is lowering itself to, I will be no longer viewing any of their programs.


David Koch has behaved as a bully on numerous occassions and his interview with Pauline Hanson was appalling...

new broadcast

Last night it was reported that Inondesian citizen Zufirman Shah has passed away in Christchurch, NZ.
This is incorrect. He has had surgery and is recovering in ICU.
The Indonesian citizen who received fatal injuries in the attacks is Lilik Abdul Hamid.
Your miss information has caused the family undue distress at this difficult time.
It would be appreciated if a retraction statements was made in tonights new broadcast.
For correct information, or verification please contact the Indonesian Embassy in Wellington.

news item on channel 7, 4 february 2019

Hi, you ran a story on the news on 4 Feb 2019 about an elderly man being knocked over and killed by a bus in Carlingford. My elderly mother saw the story and was deeply distressed by the footage. Although you provided a warning that you would not show footage of the impact, your footage went too far. There was absolutely no need to show this and I can only imagine the distress it has caused the family and friends of that poor gentleman. This headline grabbing reporting is a disgrace.

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news on tasmania fires

It is very disappointing that there is not more coverage about our beautiful state and the devastating fires taking over and distroying our many attractions that mainlanders and tourist enjoy. Once again Tassie is segregated. We are a part of Australian . This is a concern from many people that live in this state and previously lived here . Very poor!!!


I didn't think the rumours about Josh on MKR being an actor were real but I can see now that they could be true! Why create a character who is making Christians look horrible, not to mention how he's portraying the homeschooling community?!? It's become more about the Drama than the cooking! We want real people with real stories, not fakes.
I'm so disappointed!


MKR, Josh & Austin, Really?

I usually really enjoy the programme but was dumbfounded last night when I watched the first episode of the 10th season.
I enjoy watching as the contestants evolve, seeing them under pressure, either making it or falling at the hurdles.
The choice to bring in Josh and Austin must have a reason. That reason, whatever it is, is bizarre.
They are coming across as racist, sexist and extremely rude. If this is a true reflection of their characters, then I believe it to be an error to have chosen them to go on the show.
We enjoy living in a diverse, multicultural country. The attitude displayed by the pair last night was disgusting and really spoilt the show.
Ash and Stacey really put their hearts into what they cooked and tried to create as good an evening as could be expected. The childish conduct of Josh and Austin was a real shame and I don't think the programme needs it.

seven news

We know that your company is affiliate to CNN but it would be beneficial to all your customers not to have such a bias opinion on one topic when it comes to the President of the United States of America. All Media outlets should Report both sides of a story so people make their own minds up about a report.

We are fed up as well educated people being told negative news about what is going on in America. We watch Fox News and other associated programmes and have come to the conclusion that the Positive News on the president is never reported.

Give our people a Non-Bias News coverage and let them make their own minds up in our Democratic Society.

From Concerned Viewers

cricket test coverage

I love the new commentary team, format and coverage. When the change from Channel 9 last year was announced I wasn't sure how it would go.

However, you have done a great job with lots of great commentators, extras and new ideas. Thank you! I really like all you have done with the Test matches and you have actually won me over to the BBL and WBBL (which I didn't follow on Channel 10).

I have one really minor request - Phil Tufnell is always entertaining but his voice is so much quieter than the other commentators, especially when he speaks low and gravelly. Could his mic please be turned up?

Thanks so much.

Robert S.

cricket coverage or lack of.

If the aim is to stop people watching all forms of cricket full stop then you really have done a great job channel 7. This year/season has been the worst coverage in my living memory you've only broadcast virtually half the t20 games, none of the one dayers and your test coverage is [censored]house at best. Please give test cricket back to 9 and t20 cricket back to ten as your network clearly has no interest in covering it and giving the Australian free to air public the cricket they love and adore you [censored]s are just best sticking to your cycling and tennis. Extremely disappointed seven sort it out.

  • Mr
    Mrs Peed Off Jan 29, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What a bloody disgrace channel 7, where are all the televised games of BBL as promised. Bad enough you don't have the rights to the ODI's, test cricket coverage was ordinary, but gives us all the BBL games as promised. It's not good enough, if you can't televise all games give it back to channel 9 or channel 10. A very angry household right now 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡.

    2 Votes

withholding information

I understand your company is all about profit and getting the public to watch your shows. I find it annoying that you have an hour long news program at 4pm but are constantly telling viewers to tune into the
(half an hour) 6pm news for more information on stories. 4pm is a better time for me to watch your news so I would like the full story please.


I live in North Queensland and when I am watching news I would very much like to see North Queensland whether forecast, I really don't care what's happening down in Melbourne as far as the weather goes nor do I care about Brisbane I do not see it to be that bigger problem for you to put North Queensland weather forecast in news that is programmed for North Queensland.

too much cricket in the news!

9 minutes into what is supposed to be news we cross to "Barra"! at the cricket, then again prior to an ad break then again on return to "news".
Last night was even worse
For goodness sake how many useless questions can be asked on a game that the public are saturated with and not everyone is interested in.
Stop devoting so much NEWS time to brainwashing about cricket.

cricket coverage

I have a family of three boys who all love cricket. They have been members of their local clubs and have...

news channel seven perth, western australia

Today, Australia's best female tennis player, Ashlee Barty beat the world No 1 tennis player Simone Halep. On the Channel 7 news this significant piece of news was delivered in less than 10 seconds at the end of the Sports news after a lengthy report on the Eagles AFL training and a Brats match up display between Tomic v Kyrgios. I was very disappointed and saddened to see yet again female sport just an add on at the end without any film or detail. Indeed not only disappointed but super annoyed that in 2019 we are still do not deem female sporting prowess news worthy.
I shall make my protest by no longer watching Channel seven news

racist comments during test coverage at scg 5/1/19

Dear Sir/Madam,
At the closing stages of todays Channel 7 Test cricket coverage, (5/1/19 India versus Australia) one of the male presenters (Unfortunately not sure who…perhaps Michael Slater) passed what I believe to be a racist comment.

The comment was related to the fact that the game was ending prematurely as the light was fading i.e it was too dark to play.

The comment was along the lines that it was getting so dark the Indian cricketers because of their skin colour could not recognise each other under these lighting conditions.In my opinion this is quite a ridiculous and racially biased comment.

I would appreciate you looking into this especially as a fox cricket presenter is subject to similar allegations. I think the commentator should issue a public apology.

Kind Regards
Rob Paul

  • Br
    Brendanh Jan 24, 2019

    Get over yourself you twit. If you cant handle something as throw away as that stick to my kitchen rules.

    0 Votes

advertising material for bcf

Advertisement shown on Channel 73 Brisbane on Saturday 5th January 2019 between 6.30 and 7.00 PM. BCF ha...

7 cricket coverage

Your adds said every test match every one day and every big bash game live and free to air well you lied 7 and you soon pulled that pro mo thete were no one days and there seems to be no big bash in perth over the weekend well im a tv watcher and ill repay you by tuning out in 2019 i won, t be watching channel all cricket fans a favour 7 and give it back to channel 9 &10 channel 7 you lied and solded cricket fans out for the all mitty dolar sham on you

  • Pe
    Peter Armstrong Dec 31, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    What a total load of bullshit Chanel 7 . You add state live for all. So how come you penalise people who are watching on the 7 plus app. You state the app was the best thing since sliced bread. Well that is a total load of crap too. I can watch the chase, the news which live stream on Chanel seven live. So how do equate what your add states with the truth. I will be taking this to the ACCC and Fair Trading after this post.

    2 Votes
  • Br
    Brendanh Jan 24, 2019

    Well said mate couldn't agree more. Channel 7 you have a lot to answer for.

    1 Votes

cricket coverage

they have misled the public with their advertising, the only way we would see every match and every ball free and in HD as they sprook, is if we pay for foxtel which not free and not something everyone can afford. There are no ODI matches telecast on free to air and very few WBBL matches and only some test matches. Channel 7 has destroyed another Australian tradition through their greed.

  • St
    steve Fraser Dec 27, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Oh ..I did notice a small amount of cricket in between the blanket ( we can't wait to stick you in the ground ) funeral director adds. ENOUGH YOU GHOULS !!! These people need to pull their head in.
    You won't be getting my business, and yes you have ruined the coverage and I now refuse to watch.

    1 Votes
  • Jo
    JonJack Jan 04, 2019

    Dear Channel 7,
    Why is it that you continue to leave Tasmania off the map?

    It may seem like a small thing to those of you in Sydney, but everyday of the coverage for the past 4 test matches, at 6pm there is the announcement says that viewers in Victoria and NSW should switch to 7Mate... what about Tasmania?

    At least today James Brayshaw remembered to mention Tasmania (for the first time!) but the on screen graphic still only says VIC & NSW!!

    We love the cricket down here. No 5th test in Hobart is bad enough, but being forgotten everyday by channel 7 adds insult to injury!

    0 Votes
  • Ca
    Carole Mcdonough Jan 11, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Pathetic Channel 7 Foxtel showing cricket What about the public that don't have pay TV

    1 Votes
  • Ph
    Philip Sayers Jan 12, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Pathetic Channel 7 !! You have done more to kill support for Australian cricket, than the "Ball tampering" scandal ever did. You intentionally mislead the public with your promise of free to air coverage. You are just a money grabbing business with no regard for those of us who cannot afford to pay your excessive fee, for the privilege of supporting our country. SHAME ON YOU!!

    1 Votes
  • Da
    David Cohen Jan 12, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I couldn't agree more! Its a disgrace channel 7!!

    1 Votes