Certegy Check Services / Publix Grocerydeclined check


I went to buy groceries and left my wallet and used a check out of my glove box to cover my groceries. When I went to check out, my check was declined because of something with Certegy from 2004. I was given Corporate number of Publix. I called them. They gave me Certegy's number. I called them and they could see where I owed $25 for a NSF check back from 2004 but were UNABLE to process my request or to take a payment??!?!!!

So they give me another number to call. I waited online for 37 minutes and finally get a hold of the most SARCASTIC and RUDEST associate I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with!!! I spoke to Virginia at Certegy Tech Services, Customer Care Department. She is the epitomy of POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE! I WILL NEVER STEP FOOT IN PUBLIX STORES AGAIN. Nor will I shop at stores that use Certegy's Services!! There are too many options out there for me to deal with this kind of BS. You can want and want for that $25 fee ALL YOU WANT, but I dont have the TIME OR PACIENTS TO DEAL WITH POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE. Just let me pay the stupid fee and get ON WITH MY LIFE, CERTEGY!!!


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