Cenlarhome mortgage

Co Nov 08, 2019

July 2019 a we received a check from cenlar for the amount of our july house payment din e the amount was less than what was due due to increase in escrow! We deposited the check and immediately sent them a check for the correct amount. Several days later we got insufficient funds charges and found out cenlar had put a stop payment on the check we'd deposited from them. Why?? Nobody could explain! Multiple phone calls before they admitted they had gone this and "will let you know". Call after call... Promises to call us back... Nothing. Then check will be "processed" oct 9 but it will be 21 business days. Today is november 8 and nothing... Same story, same promises. We are retired, husband is disable vet, live on ss and 1 pension and no savings! We are using credit cards for groceries. And have had interest charges, insufficient fund charges, late payment charges! Not even a sorry from cenlar, no one cares because it's not them and they're getting their payments. Not one returned call regardless of promises! We're being held hostage!!!

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