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Beware!! This is a scam!

Do not use this service, Cell-trackers is a total scam! I paid for the service and heard nothing back. These people charged me and stole my money and they ever replied to messages. Three months already passed and I still try to hunt them down and I will not give up until I get my money back. Please do not fell for this scam, there is no service on this site and there is zero customer support. I already sent a report to the police and these people are now under investigation and we are trying to get all the information about Cell-trackers.
Beware!! This is a scam!

I need to cancel this!!

I decided to try this Cell-trackers app and signed up for a free trial. I used it for only one week and decided to cancel because it was nothing like I expected. When I was about to cancel I realized there was no way to do that. I'm afraid I fell for a scam and I'm expecting them to steal my money any time soon. I don't want this Cell-trackers app on my phone, I want to delete it and cancel my account as soon as possible! I have no idea why but I can't get rid of it, when I try to delete it my phone said that's impossible. Stay away from this!

You pay- they do nothing

Crap. Customers, be careful and better avoid the website I paid them money, but these jerks provided fake link and after that they simply vanished. No one replied to my multiple emails and when I asked to provide money back, they returned all my emails to them. WTF? These people are scammers and liars, who take money and provide nothing. Please post your comments about this company.

My bank contacted me and alerted me that this company gave my credit card information to others

DO NOT PURCHASE!!! 100% Scam. Not only did it not work, my bank contacted me and alerted me that this company gave my credit card information to others and they immediately shut down my card (not that I'd object, but they did it without my consent...thanks Bof A for looking out. I'm stating that fact so you can understand the seriousness of how fraudulent this company is). Celltrackers also added a bunch of international fees which they don't mention. Their online support is always offline. I click "contact us" button, nothing happens. There is another option to email for trouble shooting. So I type my question, it tells me my question is too short. So I keep typing, just random things. Over 1000 characters...still too short. Bottom line is they dont let you contact them because it's a SCAM!!!

This is not a legit company and I would not recommend them

I too purchased this software today and was unable to install it. There is no phone number, nor did I receive a receipt. After reading the above post, I called my bank and found out they made an unauthorized purchase of $ 94.95, beside the original purchase price $ 10345! Luckily, the amounts had not posted and was able to stop payment and block my credit card! This is NOT a legit company and I would NOT recommend them!!

  • Me
    Meregow Jan 29, 2011

    I wish I had searched for existing complaints before purchasing their "product". I paid the fee, downloaded the applications and it would not run on any of the three different types of phones I have. I posted a help request and received an automated response that did nothing but reiterate the same helpless information printed in their instruction manual.
    Their website states a 30-day money back guarantee. I didn't read the fine print - found out later that they do not offer refunds at all. Another misleading advertisement of 24/7 support. When you read the instruction manual, they tell you they can not help you install the software and recommend you contact your computer administrator. Huge ripoff! If anyone else has been ripped off by this company, please post. Let's start a class action suit for a refund.

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  • Cy
    cybergun Aug 09, 2012

    I'm worried after reading all reviews after the purchase, it seems that they are very big fraud company. I dont know what to do to get back the refund money. They bluff people saying .jar & .tar files will work on all smartphones which is a big fraud. please dont buy from them

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  • Ra
    rakesh// Oct 11, 2015

    yes it is fraud company..jar and .tar files are not working and for this no any support from them, dont buy

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