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I was enrolled in the Network Systems Administrator Course at CDI South Campus but I had to stop going due to the school ignoring my complaints.
1) Instructor telling the students to just read the textbook. We all know that just reading the textbook is not going to give the student the answers they require. Also when someone is not understanding something and asked to have it clarified the instructor would just say it is in your textbook. Also jumping to a whole pile of information that is not necessary for the topic that is being studied.
2) One of the other students He/she is not grasping the information in the textbooks well is now failing but the instructor or school faculty will not speak to him/her about it.
3) I had to ask for a transfer because of the instructor not teaching us the material properly and not telling us the truth about the information required for the certification exams that we have to pay for out of pocket. As well as telling us that we do not need to know the terminaologies for the certification exams but at the end of the Network+ phase tells us that we need to know the terminologies for the Certification Exam. So basically telling us two different stories.
4) The last but not least of all is the 900.00 charge just to transfer Campuses. I have already paid the tuition well they want 900.00 more just to transfer to the North East Calgary Campus.
5) When I left a message for the Student Relations person and she returned my phone call after three messages she just told me to pay the 900.00 and did not even allow me to fully explain the circumstances as to why she was being informed of the phone call.
6) I had to take the 6000, 00 disbursement for March early...well when I went into a meeting with the Director and the Finance Officer I was told by the Director that I was wrong for asking Student Finance In Alberta to send me the disbursement early without consulitng the school. I feel that I should not have to consult anyone when it is me who has to pay it all back.


  • Fo
    Following Nov 20, 2012

    It is such a shame to read complaints like this. CDI College has a very bad track record. I wonder why it has not been shut down already. Everywhere I go I read about complaints.

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  • Ta
    Tamed Rage Nov 21, 2012

    We as people who are paying for this we need to take a stand and do not back down because as a human we have the right to Education.

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  • Va
    vancitylife Feb 26, 2013

    I'm currently enrolled in the Network Engineer program in Vancouver. The instructor I have is very good and I'm learning a lot. I'm in the middle of the program and so far I'm enjoying my experience at CDI College. It's totally different from how they teach us in my country and I like that.

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  • Ta
    Tamed Rage Mar 07, 2013

    Glad that you enjoy it but you know what all campuses are not the same. This is a complaints board and we all have the right to voice our opinions about things.

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  • Do
    Dontbeduped Jul 28, 2013

    CDI College is widely regarded as a joke. Don't waste your money on one of their worthless diplomas - go to a real college instead.

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  • De
    Deen77 Jun 26, 2014

    Can anyone help me ? I am a student at CDI College, this has been the worst experience ever. I need help getting out of this school and getting all the money back that was paid to them. Poor excuse for instructors, I have learned so little and have compounded my health problems from being so stressed out. My advice to anyone looking to get upgrading DO NOT GO TO CDI COLLEGE!

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  • St
    StubbornA Nov 06, 2014

    Hi I was in the NDM program in Edmonton as well and I got a complaint letter signed by twenty students, sent it off to a nice lady that works for the government in the department that licenses private vocational schools like CDI. I was then contacted by a lady from Eminata, an internal audit was launched, employees were let go, others were moved and instructors were monitored. In the end those that stuck it out and asked for compensation got it. You just have to know who to contact to get things done and don't give up either.

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  • Ju
    Justice4students Jan 12, 2015

    Ehat do you do if no one else has the balls to do it?! Im on my own in my battle.

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  • Br
    Bryan Taylor Sep 09, 2016

    StubbornA who did u contact? This school needs to be shut down.

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  • Ju
    Justice4students Dec 15, 2016

    I am unable to get anyone to stand up against CdI with me. What should I do??

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  • Mr
    mrsabdm Mar 28, 2017

    @Justice4students who's your battle going? i am in the same boat as you, i tried to get a hold Yolanda who was the adviser back in 2012-2013, still trying to get a hold of cdi college in abbotsford but they closed down and i called vancouver career college, said they'll get to me, we'll see if they do or not, other wise i am continuing my law sue, i dont going to pay student loans when i am not working and i have a family to care of!

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  • Mi
    mikey67854 Mar 03, 2018

    @mrsabdm Hey, I really feel for you. I am about to graduate from cdi and it has been a joke. I only took it because I needed cpr, assist, nci and other courses. I already had my addictions and mental health from centennial college. That being said I had a few courses exempt and have had 5 teachers over the past 9 months. The school "CDI" has a great way of placing blame on those people who disappear. What I am trying to say is, if your law suit is becoming expensive it might not be worth chasing a ghost. I know everyone who has gone after CDI has won. Not money, just teachers their jobs.

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  • Co
    cobra_boxer May 11, 2019

    I cannot believe that CDI is still opened for business.
    This is FRAUD by the Government of Canada.
    Where are the LAWYERS when you need them?

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