SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / be very careful when hiring a car through

Carflexi voucher DFF96CDB, issued on 18 august 2018
My friend (not fluent in English) made a reservation with for a car from Europcar to be picked up in Vasto, Italy. He paid € 84.65 with his prepaid Mastercard. At the rental station they did not accept his card, regardless of the fact that according to their terms and conditions the payment of the rent must be made with the same card used for the reservation. Cash payment was also not accepted, so he left without car and had to hire a taxi at his own costs. refuses refunding by claiming my friend had no valid credit card (same as they accepted for payment of the reservation fee). They first also claimed he did not show up. We will take legal action against the company.

Jul 29, 2019

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