CarFlexi (Goldcar), Brindisicouldn't recover / use the car I rented.

G Sep 13, 2018

No of Reservation : CFD05AA8 // e-voucher No: 3872556

I booked a car on that I had to rent in Brindisi airport. As soon as I got there, I couldn't actually rent the car. Indeed, the GOLDCAR card reader did not accept my payment. I could not by any other means rent this reserved car. This is all the more so since the Goldcar's employee was not accommodating and rather angry.
In short, I had to leave from there (around 10:30 pm) and find another way to rent a car quickly. I was able to rent another car from another company, where my card worked very well and my payment was successful.
My problem is that I paid CARFLEXI ZUG CH an amount of CHF 137.57 for the reservation of the car at GOLDCAR. Except I never received your consideration, namly the car.
Finally, I therefore ask you to refund the above-mentioned amount.
Thank you for your reading.
Gianmarco Pinto

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