CarflexiCredit vs debit card issues

L Sep 16, 2020

Dear CarFlexi,

I would like to request a deposit back from my booking. There has been a problem with Credit vs Debit card. When I had placed an order and inserted my card details in your system, it took the card and we could finish a whole booking.
However, when I came to Alamo the car rental company, I was unable to pay the rest of the money for the booking because of the Debit cards (two) I had on me.
There was nothing written on the Voucher you sent after the deposit transaction and nothing even before that. On top of that, if your system would stop my booking and notify the ´error´ of the Debit card issue, nothing from this would happen.

I have read all the Voucher ahead and checked important details before I went to pick up the car but there is NO NOTICE about the UNAVAILABILITY TO PAY WITH DEBIT CARD.

I was renting the car with Danish credit card, on Danish soil, paying the Danish bills with the same card. I didn't have any problems with this card ever before and you made me stand there so helpless. Like I said I had two cards with me and none was ´good enough´.

The rent of the car was not for my personal use but for the company I am working for. And this definitely MESSED UP OUR PLANS SO MUCH and we are VERY DISSATISFIED with your deal.

For all the issues connected with this order / booking I would like to receive the deposit back!!!

CarFlexi e-Voucher No: CF86AB16

Kind regards,
Lucia Lauffová

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