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CANCELLATION REVIEWThe Company reported 1, 773 cancellations between April 1, 2005 and October 31, 2005. Asample of 223 cancellations was reviewed for compliance with Section 636.208, Florida Statutes.The statute requires a full refund of all periodic charges if the member cancels within 30 days ofthe effective date of enrollment and returns the membership card.Six (6) members who cancelled their membership within the first 30 days after the effective dateof enrollment in the plan and returned the membership card did not receive a refund as requiredby Section 636.208(2), Florida Statutes.Careington International Corporation 4 February 17, 2006

Corrective Action: The Company should establish procedures to ensure that all members whocancel their membership within the first 30 days after the effective date of enrollment and returnthe membership card receive a full refund of all periodic charges.COMPLAINT/GRIEVANCE REVIEWA review of the Company's complaint log revealed that 254 complaints were recorded during thescope of the examination. The following issues were noted:• 164 complaints were related to discounts not being received or a member beingovercharged;• 18 complaints were related to the provider or that the provider did not accept the plan;• 18 complaints were related to members not receiving needed dental services or receivingunnecessary services;• 5 complaints were related to quality of service;• 3 complaints were from members requesting a refund of charges;• 11 complaints cited miscellaneous issues, such as the provider charging for records, usingan out-of-network provider, wrong address issues, or provider inquiries; and• 35 complaints had no indication of the nature of the complaint. The Company failed todocument the nature of these complaints; therefore, it failed to follow its written


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      Nov 24, 2009

    The posted sampling was from a standard Market Conduct Review that was initiated ten (10) months after the Florida legislation became effective. Careington did satisfy all requirements noted by the auditor. If the consumer has concerns with Careington please contact our Member Service Department at [protected].

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      Jun 25, 2011

    I bought carrington through ( Jerry w. crater ) and cancelled within a just a few days days since i was VERY unhappy, i never used it and he still kept 20.00 dollars! 20 dollars for nothing! Thanks Jerry!

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      Jul 11, 2011

    This plan is a scam. I went to the dr. twice with my son. The doctors office was not familiar with the plan even though they were on the list. I called and they said all they need is in the book. When provided used their number there was no answer. I didn't receive a discount for either Dr's visit. I tried to get 3 prescriptions. I could not get the discount even though the store was on the list. When I called to cancel. My bill was due on the 10th and it was the 11th and they removed the 29.99 payment on the 8th. I am very disappointed and would not recommend these plans to anyone. The don't care why you didn't receive your discount. They just say it will end at the end of the month which is not a full month. They billed my on the 8th is going to cancel on the 31st. Not a full month. I hate these companies that spend their time scamming you out of your money. Oh and by the way I did go to the dentist. There was no discount the bill seemed more expensive.

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      Feb 15, 2012

    How stupid are you people? Did you not negotiate the price of the services up front with the dentist? Do you think that Careington is unaware how many idiots like you want to "sign up" for 2 weeks so you can get a cheap trip to the dentist? From the sounds of things, you toothless ###s hadn't been in years. Did you think that someone else would be your advocate/handholder? Grow up! You're not "smarter than everyone around you" you're lazy whiners who didn't cover your bases. It's an awesome program in the hands of a thinking adult, and another reason to complain about being "victimized" in the hands of a fool!

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      Jul 11, 2013

    I joined the Careington Dental plan as a "FREE TRIAL" on July 5, 2013. I changed my mind after seeing some complaints about them, and since no one was available over the weekend, I had to wait until Monday, July 8, 2013 to contact them. I called them on Monday, July 8, 2013, and cancelled my membership "free trial". I told them that I wanted ALL of my money back -- not just what they took for one month. They should NEVER have taken the money BEFORE the 30 days were even up! But they took $31.95 right away! Then, they told me that "IF" I put it in writing and gave me the email to send it to, that I would be refunded the $20 processing fee. So, I did that immediately, and they only gave me back $11.95, KEEPING my $20, when they NEVER HAD TO PROCESS ANYTHING, because I canceled the next "business day", so there was NOTHING to "process"!! I called them and told them that what they told me was not true, and that I wanted my money back ASAP. I actually spoke with the same person, and she LIED to me and said that "they do not have to give the money back to you, even if you put it in writing". I said, "You told me that IF I put it in writing, that it was their policy to give me my money back!" And she denied everything! I asked to speak with her manager, and she was even worse than the first girl I spoke with. These people are SCAM artists! And I don't appreciate people like 'Randy in Portland" who tells people that they are "stupid" for trusting these people. It is easy for someone to say that to people that have done it and have not gotten their money back. But, if people were saying "wonderful" things about the company, then I'm sure "Randy in Portland" would NOT say the awful and "stupid" remarks that he is being very judgmental about! It is so easy to point fingers at people AFTER the fact. He should just keep his trap shut! There are those of us who are good people, and this dental plan did not look "too good to be true"... it looked "reasonable", and that is why I went for the "FREE TRIAL" --- HOWEVER, as it turns out, it is NOT a 'free trial" at all, because if it were, then they would HAVE to give you ALL of your money back! I didn't even go anywhere near 30 days! I canceled the next business day (with the weekend in the middle), since I joined the 'free trial' on a Friday and canceled on the following Monday, which was the next business day. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! Isn't there any way that ALL of us people could sue Careington Denal Plan and get our money back, PLUS money for all of the harassment, mental and emotional stress and anguish that we've been put through? I am permanently disabled, and my only income is disability. So I have no insurance. That is why I thought to give this a chance. I will never trust thugs like these guys ever again --- AND, I still want my money back!!

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  •   Jan 10, 2014

    Ok, so I am currently checking out this discount plan. I wish there was someone on here who have used this before. It currently shows that my dentist is on this discounted plan. So, prior to purchasing their C500 plan I am contacting my dentist's accounting department to see if they are in fact on this discounted schedule. I will hopefully write back with the results. If it is true that my dentist is in network then it will be dramatically discounted from the regular fees. Also, I will be covered right away. I also am looking into Delta Dental's discount and insurance program. The discount program is like the Careington and then they have separate more expensive coverage. But there is a waiting period for major work. I also don't know where Aeria got a free trial because I have not come across anything like that with Careington. Maybe you went through a referral website to get that plan and maybe it was the website who offered the "free trial". So maybe try contact them. I am currently trying to find coverage fast right now because I am having tooth pain.
    Also, on a side note to Aeria, you should try you local health department for dental work. If you are disabled most likely you can get free or close to free work done. I have gone to my local health department and they said if all else fails it costs about half of a regular dentist. Hope this helps and good luck.

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      Jun 15, 2015

    What I have learned through experience is the dentists on the Carington plan charge 1707 for a cap and the Carington 500 plan covered about $700 of that. I was treated badly and the dentist took off a perfectly sound cap and made impressions for the wrong tooth. When I went to another dentist who was not on the plan the total cost of the cap was only about $1000. So dentists who are on the plan just charge you more. It would be cheaper and you will get better dentists if you don't use the Carington 500.

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      Feb 16, 2016

    Plan paperwork relates it is not insurance. I tried it for a year and was not impressed. Dental group was overpriced, wouldn't recognize a retired federal dental plan and pushed this non insurance. It has an automatic renewal charged to your credit card. Careington wants you to email them that you cancel this non insurance. I called them and told them I no longer wanted their non insurance. I will contest charges if they charge account. Bad service and a permanent place in my pocket. Why do all these bad companies congregate in Texas. Let me digress, this company pulls a vacuum. They do not have the right to repeatedly charge my credit card, that is just bad business and not forthright. I see them as arrogant crooks.

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      Jun 09, 2016

    CAREINGTON is a fraud, the prices that are shown on the Schedule 501 are only if a regular dentist dares to do the procedure, in other words, if you neighbor or friend can do the extraction of the root canal, then Careington will honor those fees. If you are referred by your dentist to see a specialist like a Periodontist, Orthodontist or Surgeon, then you have to pay 80%. And they only pay 20%.
    Basically, the company is a fraud and a liar, and it should not be in business.
    I am reporting this company to all agencies!

    This company should not be in business!!

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