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$149. 00 a month will pay for all major parts! Scam!

Dont purchase or fall for Carchex Warranty company. That out of Baltimore. with an out source company of...

Terrible company

I paid Carchex to inspect a Toyota truck outside of Nashville. When I went to see the truck myself, I found that the report had missed some significant issues, such as body damage, a couple of malfunctioning sensors on the dashboard and worn brake pads and shoes with probable damage to rotors. Also, the seller told me that the inspector had not done a test drive, but had done nothing more than take a handful of photos that were included in the report.

Since the report did not present an accurate appraisal of the vehicle, it had no value. The company also did not fulfill what it promises to do on its website, which includes, among other things, a test drive. The $149 fee gained me absolutely nothing.

I subsequently tried both calling and writing to Carchex. They don't answer their phone, which only has an answering machine. I left two messages, neither of which was returned. They also never responded to my written correspondence. I tried getting the charge removed by my credit card company, but they ruled in favor of Carchex - I'm canceling that card (REI Visa).

My advice would be to stay away from Carchex.

  • Va
    Van T. May 31, 2011

    The above complaint should be true as I am having te same problem of credibility with Carchex in extended Warranty. They said that they have a contract for it. When I bought the warranty they sent me a so called contract with nothing more than their phone, the monthly payment amount, the adress of th financing company but NOTHING on what parts to be covered. One day a ABS problem popped up. I contacted a Lexux dealer in my city, the repair cost was estimated at over $1000.00. Lexus office called Carchex who tried to refuse the repair by all types of pretexts and explanations. Lexus gave up, saying that these guys are very to deal with, leaving me helpless in the water! STAY AWAY FROM CARCHEX TO BE SAFE !!!
    Van T Michigan.

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    Roxxy369 Sep 11, 2015
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    I have been scammed by CARCHEX WARRANTY program just recently. I will be taking them along with their unbrella companies such as ROYAL to court. They sold me a warranty also for $149.99 a month. Verbrally stating that I have to have over 1, 000 miles or 1-3 motnhs to start a claim. They are Not honoring their contracts to pay for major parts as they promise verbally and in contract. My transmission went on my 2002 Mercedez, costing me $5, 600. (MAJOR PART) They denied my claim at Royal Insurance who is contracted out from CARCHEX Warranties. 1st denial- you dont have the miles. ( yes, I do, it over 1, 500 ) second denial you have an oil leak, (Well, im not a mechanic the leak didnt not show up on the computer, and i am not making a claim for an oil leak, Im making a claim for a TRANSMISSION MAJOR PART! No problem, I Will be taking them to court. I am also looking at a class action Lawsuit against CARCHEX along with ROYAL INSURANCE. Why should I continue pay them if they going to not honor their contract, what if something else major go wrong such as the engine, what excuse will they say is wrong then. My email address is [email protected] if you will like justice join me with a lawsuit against them at these early stages. Lets tell our stories of how they do not honor their contracts.Please shoot me an email with contact information that way I will forward all contacts to my lawyer as well as the attorney generals office.

    Thank You,

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