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M Sep 13, 2018

Week of September 9, 2018
CAQH has a rigid template format and processes which do not always apply to everyone depending on their situation.
The credentialing process of CAQH demands that one has personal liability insurance. It completely ignores federal employees covered by Federal Tort and makes demands that you have a statement of no insurance or they hold up your gainful employment. I received three "failed" notices for the personal insurance criteria, despite uploading a statement which reminded them that federal employees are covered by federal tort. They do not seem to comprehend this, and get very nit-picky, requiring one to provide policy data that does not apply in their email messages. A representative on the chat function stated to print, sign, upload, scan a piece of paper indicating that I do not have insurance. Why is this necessary? Should not the template already have a way to address and attest to this? Why hold up the employment of an individual over something so trivial? Do they not know this about federal employees, yet they are in the business of credentialing? Instead, I have to purchase a scanner and go through multiple steps that are time consuming.
Depending on the organization, it seems there are a plethora of credentialing details that can hold up the process of gainful employment. We need better processes for credentialing, and it should not take more than two weeks to complete this process. I have heard of primary care providers being unemployed for 6 months to a year due to credentialing barriers. This is silly and not necessary.
I could not upload a pdf or word file of the email message since you restrict uploads to photos of videos. How can we do what you recommend, "copy of the email correspondence or chat" if you restrict formats?

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    CAQH is the company, but your format would not allow this to be input and the title is NOT correct. Please remove the post.

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