Capitec Bankbank deposits

D Apr 03, 2018

Good day,

My name is Darrel Ross.I am a client with Coptic now for 10years plus.I am also selfemployed and needed to do my deposits this morning at Westgate Mall Branch in Mitchells Plain branch.

To my utter disappointment the deposit atm was not eccepting deposits.This all well as I thought to deposit over the counter, which will cost me more.But the lady at the reception desk just said that inside deposits are also not possible as the atm is full and the safe is locked, which I do find highly unecceptable as my debit orders needed to be serviced today as its normally done on the 1st of each month.

And then she tells me to go to Symphony walk in the Town centre with all my momey as thats the only branch eccepting deposits.

I find this service to be highly uneccptable as I do not have time for the long ques and the running around for service from my branch.

I urge you to please clean up this service as its becoming a monthly occurance for me.This happnened today 3/4318 at 9am.

Also why dont you seperate the deposit atm from the withdrawal atm to minimise congestion at atms.

Darrel Ross

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