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I have been a customer of capital one for as long as you've been capital one. I am grossly disappointed in the way my account was (Is being handled) with the exception of "tiffany" who I truly hold in high regard. However, following our resolution of a problem, no one seems to understand that and continues to allow "late payment," "past due" calls/e-mails, when — are you ready? — I don't owe you any money!!!
Tiffany did all she can and she was great.
Today I got a recording (british female voice) telling me to check my account (wth?)
I called to discover that, in a nutshell, capital one is driving a train at 85mph, a curve is coming up with a 30 mph limit and you are not able to stop. I am extremely angry that a public company does not have an ombudsman to respond to the "fell thru the cracks" people and correct idiotic unnecessary problems. A senior manager (Yeah, sure) named "cassie" asked me to re-hash the whole issue. I accommodated and then asked, "okay, now what?" I heard crickets. Then, I called her name, "cassie, cassie, you there? Hello?" she said in a hurried voice completely unfocused and I could tell she had not been listening, "i'm here." I then told her to try to do whatever the h* it is she does, and I would do precisely what it is that I will do. So, nothing is truly (In the purest sense of the word) "resolved." what's in my wallet, you might ask. My own money because I don't owe capital one a penny. By the way the corporation should not have a 3rd party vendor answering the corporate tel line. They don't know the meaning of the word "ombudsman" even though I told her I would define it for her. Holy moley!!!


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      Dec 19, 2017

    Hi Ms. Bartoli.

    With the utmost respect, it doesn't stand to reason that past due and late payment notices would be adding up without something that began the whole issue. There is some original amount that started the entire problem. That's not too assume that such charges are or are not legit, but those original charges need to be disclosed.

    I would also suggest that using the train analogy is in very poor taste.

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