Capital One Auto Financehired a repo company that acts like an private investigator

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Capital One hired a company called Camping Companies, Inc to steal my car. This company acts like a investigation company. They went to my grandparents home to indirectly harrass me. I have contacted my attorney general because we have constitutional rights to fight these thugs. CCI Investigations is what the business card says but my research found differently. They do not have authority to operate in NM and they are violating my right to privacy. I have challenged Capital One because they charged me late fees for no reason. Also, I lost my job and could not make payments. This CCI company website says they have advanced technology to give their customers satisfaction. I say we sue the hell out of Capital One for violating our rights to due process as guaranteed by the Constitution.


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      Feb 28, 2010

    You are not paying for it - it is theirs and now you are going to cost us money by filing a lawsuit?

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  • C
      Apr 21, 2012

    EXACTLY!! I agree that they are douches, but pay your bill. OOH Capital one wants my car back because i dont pay for it!!

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  • J
      Sep 08, 2017

    Can give you number to good attorney if interested

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