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This company is harassing me saying I owe them money or I owe 'someone' money by the name of Arrow. This is false. The name is wrong. It is my name but the middle initial is wrong. It is MY address but I do Not owe this company nor any other company money. I have received several threatening letters all with different amounts I 'supposedly owe.' This is false. They have me mixed up with someone else. I did an online research and found there are several hundreds of people with my name or a version of my name living all over the USA. How do I get this stupid people to stop harassing me? Plz advise smb!


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    lndrvr1 Sep 22, 2009

    I did have a debt with Arrow Financial Services that was settled. A year later i got a letter from Capital Management Services telling me they where engaged by Arrow and would settle for 25%. So I called the number on the Arrow Payoff letter I received and the phone was answered Capital Management Services.I did this 4 one could explain why I was dialing the phone number to Arrow and getting through to Capital Management Services nor would the give me a different number for Arrow...I was told to look it up online... I did and the number I found was the same number I had been calling it seems to me that this is the same company and they are trying to double collect. I still cannot get in touch with Arrow Financial Servies

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