Camping Worldservice


I bought a used 2004 Minnie Winn from Camping World in Harrisburg PA. I was told what wonder shape it was in and how the previous owners had taken such good care of it. On appearance it was very clean and I believed them. But apparently I was lied to, or information about the camper was not disclosed to me. We took the camper on only 3 camping trips. One day trip, and two overnight trips, barely put 300 miles on it. Upon coming home from our last trip, the cab above the windshield starting crumbling and falling apart. I was so afraid that we would crash from not being able to see. We were told to bring the camper to camping world and they would look into it. I was told by Romeo, yes that is his name that it will be very expensive to fix and that he suggests we contact the insurance company. Both Romeo and a parts manager could not explain how this could of happened. Needless to say the insurance company rejected the claim. It has now been 5 weeks and overtime we call, and someone will answer the phone they will check into it and call us back, which never happens. Three times we were told the parts manager was not available to being in the hospital over several weeks time. So what happens to other motorhomes when there is "no other parts manager" This is very frustrating. I feel we were totally ripped off and am seriously considering a law suit against camping world. Still to date, no one will return our calls. Put a call into headquarters today and was told I could file a paper complaint and that they would send it to Hbg Camping World and someone would call me. REALLY???? Someone will actually return the call? I am furious. I DO NOT RECOMMEND CAMPING WORLD TO ANYONE with this type of Service. I felt that we were catered to and suckered in to a great sales pitch...and after that we are on our own. I want this issue fixed at no expense to me. I feel that is the least they can do for us missing basically a whole season of camping.


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