Camping Worldcustomer service from start of purchase through the end

T May 18, 2018

To say I'm upset is an understatement, I will never ever walk back through the doors of any camping world location ago, but especially not the Council Bluffs Iowa location.

We began the process of purchasing a 32' crossroads zinger camper @ the annual camping sport & RV show in Approximately February of 2018, we purchased the camper under a show special price, and also added in the heavy duty hitch etc which was an extra $500 added into the financed price.

Upon delivery or should i say attempted delivery, the driver delivering our brand new camper proceeded to wreck it into some trees causing an entire panel to be damaged, we made him take it back and we had to fight with them to get them to replace the panels etc, it took them 6 weeks to do this simple process, because nobody could get their facts straight and get things ordered to make the repairs.
After they finish it we had to then deal with the fact that they refused to attempt to deliver it again.

When we took out truck in to have them install the special hitch we paid for at the initial purchase, they tried to pass of a $50 stabilizer bar as the $500 hitch we purchased! We had to Argue and argue with them and make them pull up the original documents to prove we paid for it! They finally got it installed and we brought it home 2 weeks ago.

Upon entering the camper we find that they never detailed it like they were supposed to do, our corn hole game we were promised with the purchase we still have never gotten, there is grease stains on the carpeting in the $25, 000 brand new camper! Wands for the mini blinds are missing. We ask about them they told us we are making that up!

I'm through with this company and will be filing with the BBB and possibly seeking legal action.

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