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My name is William Kinney. We bought a Montana 5th wheel from Camping World in Burlington Washington for around 1 year. We lived in it for 10 months. Then we went to go on Vacation with it and the landing gear stopped working. So we took it up to Camping World in Burlington twice, the second time to leave it to be worked on, and that is where it has been for the last 5 weeks. I called up there to find out what was taking so long and I was told it has Squirrels living in it and Rats though it. It this unit was sitting out by it self with no one in it that could happen. As I stated before We lived in it the hole time up till we took it up to get worked on. That being, I feel it was sold to Us with out being fully checked out.
After the 4th call to Burlington Camping world to talk to a Supervisor on what was going on with our 5th wheel. I was Lucky enough to get hold of SVP Tim and He had Frank a service Manger give Me a call with in 20 minutes. That is when we found out about all the problems. Now it has be almost 2 weeks and haven't heard a word. We are loyal costumers. We have bought 2 units from Camping world plus all of the camping stuff we have bought. I would realy like to get this resolved. Thank You for your time.


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      Sep 05, 2018

    W O R S T E X P E R I E N C E from start to finish at camping world, KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA
    I have a 30 foot 2004 Winnebago Sightseer which was in need of a new fiberglass roof- Brought it for replacement to camping world in Kissimmee, Florida in April, 2018. When I went to pick it up it was partially detailed with hand-ragged swirl marks every where they could reach, greasy hand and footprints throughout, bath fixtures laying on the floor, and body and mirror(s) damage and scrape marks around the entire RV where they dragged their scaffold around to install the roof. The roof also had a crack in it where it bends to meet the side wall.
    To add insult to injury, more than 50% of the roof fixtures were not dicored (the white caulk-like sealant that waterproofs) and neither were the front and rear plastic channels on the front and back!!! After pointing this out to the manager, he told me "If you have water intrusion just bring it back" (he knew I live in Vero Beach- 100 miles south) At that point I asked to speak with someone else. I was told to leave it (which I was going to do anyway) and they would have another manager call and fix and complete everything.
    Jason Rivera called on Monday and made an appointment with my wife to go over all the problems needing to be completed/fixed. He was very apologetic and appeared to take his job seriously stating that most of the workers involved were untrained/ unskilled but he would do his best. About two weeks later we went back to pick it up. At this point the roof looked to be done properly and fully dicored and the body/ paint work was mostly complete although you can see everywhere it was patched/ fixed up. They attemted to clean up the inside but failed in that respect.
    Fast forward to September 2, Labor day weekend. I went on the roof for the first time since it was fixed- The new fiberglass roof is now delaminated from the plywood below on about 60% of the roof. The only place it is secure is in the middle and where the roof fixtures are- Luckily we have a dish in the front which aids in keeping the roof from blowing off.
    Looking back, I now realize either they didnt apply much glue, or more likely water got under the roof while it sat outside waiting to have dicor sealant applied. (I know it rained torrentially) The dicor along the sides and front is the only thing keeping the roof on at this point. In any event, it now needs another roof and more new plywood.
    I know Im in Florida, (I liken it to a third world country) and I know Florida is number 47 in education which is reflected in day to day sheer stupidity regarding almost everything but I would hope that people who are hired to do a specialized job should know how to do it.
    Im now waiting for a response from Jason Rivera if he still works there and see if this can be remedied. I WANT THEM TO PAY AN EXPERIENCED INSTALLER TO FIX IT as I would never, Never, NEVER, N E V E R set foot in any camping world. DO YOURSELF a BIG FAVOR and save a BOATLOAD of GRIEF and stay away from these slick- talking but ignorant people. GOOD LUCK TO ALL!

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