Caltex / i'm really disappointed and feel like I have been ripped off

Went to Caltex petrol station in Durbanville(Durban road opposite KFC) on Wednesday morning to fill my empty petrol tank up. Usually R250 fills my tank, but petrol had gone up so i asked for R300 to be put it. I went inside withdrew cash and the petrol attendant told me that he is done, R300 please. I gave him the money and drove off. I then noticed my petrol gauge only went to 34 of the way and though how is it possible that the price of petrol has increased so much???

It is when my petrol tank showed empty yesterday and I went to another Caltex petrol station in Cape Town CBD (Kloof ***) I put in another R300. Why then did the petrol gauge go over and above the FULL line??

please explain to me, was I ripped off at your Durbanville branch?

I believe that it is not the responsibility of the customer to check that the pump is showing the correct amount, but that is it CALTEX and CHEVRONS responsibility to train and teach their employees to hold up the integrity of their employers name.

I'm really disappointed and feel like i have been ripped off! I now see how easily it is for petrol attendants to *** customers money when paying with cash!

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