callingcards.combad service

M Aug 03, 2018

Several months ago in April, 2018 I purchased $10.00 card on line to call my family in Europe.
I tried calling right after purchasing the card and never been able to connect. Since than I did not
Try to use the card again. I just noticed on my bank account that automatically
Replenish the card for additional $20.00 without my authorization. I did not even use first $10.00
That I purchased back in April and did not connect any calls just yet. Why in the world I would want
To replenish the card. Today I called to talk with customer service and the girl told me that I head it checked to auto replenish, which is not true. After I ben put on hold for several minutes and head to listen to their in and out scratchy music on hold, she came back said that it will turn it off for me.
The call got disconnected and head to call back, talked to same girl again. She said that the account specialist will call me back. I asked if I can set up on line account to view the activities, she said that
I do not need to set up the account because they were going to refund the money. I told her that I did not waned first $10.00 refunded and that I planed of using it. Then again she got me disconnected.
Now I'm finding out that I'm not the only one having this issue. My got is telling me to stay away from this company, terrible service.

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