California Department of Motor Vehicles [CA DMV]customer service

A Aug 02, 2018

I came to DMV in Vallejo, yesterday Aug. 1, 2018. I stopped at the line at the front and was met by a rude clerk who yelled at me asking me "WHAT ARE YOU HERE FOR?!!!". I attempted to inform her of the nature of my visit. She abruptly cut me off and proceeded to tell me what I needed to do, turns out that she had me fill out wrong paperwork causing me to start all over back outside, I was in tears and left. I returned today, thinking it might have been a bad day for the clerk. Again I was met by her at the front door with the same nasty attitude at 8am. I finally made it inside 30 mins later just to wait in another line, not to be served but to receive a number to be served. After waiting 20 mins in this line, I was given a number and told to pull my vehicle over to inspection area. I waited approximately 10 minutes before inspector came out. He asked me why was my vehicle over here with out being processed inside first. So here it is 9:05am and I am back inside waiting, not to mention I lost my parking space and had to find street parking due to moving my car prematurely from direction of DMV window clerk. While sitting here the system for calling cutomers shuts down, and now people are unsure if its there time to be served or not adding to the back up. DMV in Vallejo is horrible, they are not knowledgeable of their jobs or the services of the people they are serving. This office needs a serious audit, and to be penalized.

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