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Leon's Furnituredelivery

I ordered some furniture for my new home. The furniture was to be delivered on Tuesday January 7th. The furniture arrived on that day minus my kids queen size beds, boxes and nightstands. I could do without the nightstands, but my kids have been sleeping on the floor. I called and asked to speak to the associate that sold us the furniture. She was off that day, but was assured that she would call us back the next day. I proceeded to explain that my furniture was not delivered in it's entirety and was told that the rest of the furniture would arrive to their Scarborough location by Friday the 10th. I have yet to hear from the associate. I called today to check on the status of delivery and was one, hung up on!! When I finally got someone on the line, I was once again told that the delivery was coming from the Scarborough location and would get to their North York location by end of week. I explained that that is what I was told last week. The person I spoke to offered no resolution. I told him that this was unacceptable and that something needed to be done. He then reluctantly told me that he would have his manager look at it and see if they could speed up the process. Could this not have been suggested without further aggravation on my part? It seems like nobody really cares and that they will all tell you the same thing! I am really disappointed with the level of customer service. At the very least a call back would have sufficed. I need my furniture within this week as I will be leaving for vacation next week. I hope I am not disappointed once again!!

Leon's Furniturecustomer service

After paying and waiting 35 minutes I asked what was going on in a not so friendly way because I lost my patience. Cashier told me to go [censored] my self. Manager Venkat told me to shut up and another manager told me never to come back.
All you had to do was bring my couch to the pick up area.
Customer service should be taught and staff should not be so lazy

customer service

Leon's Furnituresectional couch broken hinge

In May 2019I purchased a new sectional and upon opening the packaging I discovered a broken hinge for the storage compartment we were told a part would be ordered and resolved quickly today Oct 18 2019 I receive a call from a young lady named Marina from the store I guess advising me that the scheduled tech to go to my home that my wife had to be off work for and will not be paid for !! Will no longer be attending my suite due to a wrong part being ordered/shipped? I matter how you want to phrase it this is totally unacceptable after waiting 4 months for this repair now my question to you is what will be done about it ?

Bill Chatsick
Order Number 0501901OFDV
If you require more information please let me know

Leon's Furnitureappliances

My wife and I just purchased our first home and furnished our entire home through Leon's. All the furniture & Appliances (Approx 20k). The issues started right after the purchase was made and just snowballed. First thing we noticed was an appliance warranty was added to our bill for almost $800 which we never asked for. It took about 3 calls to have that reserved.
The next issues started on our first delivery. We provided the measurements for all door ways and was ensured by sales that all our furniture and appliances would fit. When they brought the appliances over they realized the fridge was to tight to get through the door. They had to take the fridge back, which left us with no fridge.
We went in to choose another fridge, and was told the fridge would not be ready for 3-4 weeks.
When we started examining the furniture that did get into the house we noticed the patio furniture chair was missing a leg. Called leons, was told they would send one to us in 5-6 weeks.
Dishwasher that was provided was also damaged. When we called leons we were told to contact Samsung, that after it was delivered it was no longer Leon's responsibility. We argued with Leons for a few days and was able to get them to bring a new dishwasher. We also made arrangements for them to remove all the old appliances from the house and bring them to the garage.
When the delivery people arrived with the new dishwasher we advised them that they need to remove the old appliances to the garage. They told us that was not on the work order and they were not going to do it. I called leons and the manager who organized the arrangement asked to speak with them. They refused to speak with him and slammed the door in my face and walked out of the house.
After they left the house we told Leons what happened and they said they would arrange for an outside private "Company" to come remove the remaining products. The owner of the company called me Sunday morning around 10am saying that he would be there soon to remove the appliances and asked me if I could help him remove the appliances, because he didnt want to "get anymore guys" to help with the job (I'm assuming so he could pocket all the money). I told him that I wouldnt be able to do that. I then asked him if he could give me a timeline of when he would be coming because I had somewhere to be at 2pm. He said rudly "I will be there soon!" and hung up the phone. 3 hours later, still no one at my house. I called him back asking where he was. Again he said "I told you I will be there soon, give me 20 mins. An hour went by and still no one. I called him back, told him I had to leave and asked to reschedule. He told me to contact leons and figure it out.
I contacted leons and they told me they would have him come back the next day around 5pm. Next day at 5 pm i contacted him. told him what exactly needs to be removed and asked him what time he would be arrving. He again told me he would be there soon (without giving me a time) and also stated "That I better be home this time! not like yesterday".
He showed up at 9:30 pm with one other guy. As soon as he entered the house he came in with an attitude and was visibly upset. As he started to remove the furniture he became more and more aggressive. Yelling that he is "not getting paid enough for all this work! " and that no one told him this is what he had to do. I even cleaned out my fridge and removed the doors to make it a bit easier for him. After he removed the appliances he then told me that he is not going to bring in the fridge that he already did to much work and hes not getting paid enough. He told me to contact Leon's and "Figure it out". I told him that I completely emptied my fridge and removed the doors. And I need that fridge in the house now. He got visibly angry again, argued with me for awhile and eventually went out to get the fridge. This time not even removing his shoes or putting on shoe covers to enter the house, and it was raining.
In his frustration trying to remove the appliances he damaged my walls as well as my door. As per the pictures below.
Never in my life have I experienced such unprofessional behavior from a company. Let alone a company like Leon's, which is one of Canada's biggest furniture stores. I would like all damages repaired and I believe some type of reimbursement is in order. Moving into your first home is supposed to be a fun, exciting and memorable experience. Leons has ruined that and taken that experience away from us. It has been truly beyond stressful.


Leon's Furniturereturn and exchange policy

few days ago l have been in north York Leon's store location. l brought dining table set, sofa, rug and bed with frame. l measured sofa in my condo but sales person told me if l brought L in the shape it will be better. Anyway l thought his idea nice and sofa will look in my condo better. He was polite and feel me welcome to store. this reason l feel about sofa he is right. However after one week Leon's delivery our sofa. l signed l got it. When l tried to put the sofa l saw got a lot place.that mean doesn't fit probably in saloon. Then l was driving Leon's store and told them about sofa doesn't fit in saloon. They told me l must spoke with customer care service .l explained him about sofa doesn't fit my condo and l am not happy to keep it and l wanted to change it...he told me if l return the sofa it reduce %50 off mean half price of sofa l must pay it by cash or credit card. When they will get the sofa they will give me credit for shopping.he argued with me and l didn't accept %50 my money done .l told him l accepted with some cost me but not that %50..he become angry and told me l will leave store and l never come back again. l told him l come here for deal and you don't own Leon's to tell him l never back again. After that anyway l don't want trouble l left the Leon's store.
1.when l buy furniture where is my right? Even when l signed after one day how comes they don't accept the furniture?
2.who protect me right? and my money comes right away %50 off?
3.l want to solve my problem who organization or government can help me?
4.he really can tell me l leave the store and l never go back in Leon's again?

Leon's Furnitureservice care and return policy

Before l purchased in leon's sales representatives was very polite and good to us..after when that sofa l bought doesn't fit in my condo..l tried to exchange but what happened that customer care person polite done and he racketeered to call police...if l am not leave store same like he own Leon ‘s...when you want to buy something in Leon ‘s think twice...customer service and return policy nothing...l never want to go shopping in Leon ‘s again

Leon's Furnitureunprofessional, unclear, uneducated staff

We purchased a washer and dryer on November 22nd. First off, the employee that was helping us we extremely uneducated on the appliances that we were looking for, and extremely unprofessional. He left us on numerous occasions to go talk to customers that I'm assuming were friends or family. He first told us that it was price match guarantee PLUS the 5% that they were offering that day. So once i told him that we had found them cheaper at The Brick, he quickly told us that we could only do either price match or the 5%, which doesn't meet what he told us at all. Then, we were asking questions about the washer as there was only a cold pipe at the back, and not a hot pipe. He had NO CLUE, what we were asking him, and then proceeded to go ask the manager. The manager also had NO CLUE why this was. All i had to do was go online and search the description of the product and it was quick to tell me why there was only one pipe. So clearly he and the manager are uneducated. We got them delivered on Friday November 30th. We no longer need the washer and the drier as we are no longer doing 2 laundry rooms in our house, only 1. We went today, Sunday December 2nd to return the washer and drier. We were told that all appliances are FINAL SALE.. which we were not informed about at all! Our receipt does NOT state whatsoever that the products were final sale. In past experiences when buying things that are final sale, we are notified and a big red stamp that says "FINAL SALE" is usually put on the receipt. The employee at Leons, DID NOT once inform us that the products were final sale. We had no idea, and now are left having to pay a restocking fee of 25%, which was also NEVER stated to us. The Customer Service at the Jane location, in North York, Toronto, was NOT helpful at all. Every employee that we have dealt with thus far at Leons, has no idea what is going on, or what their talking about at all. I can guarantee you, that we will NEVER EVER, purchase anything from Leons ever again, and will also make it very clear to everyone what Leons is all about. They don't even deserve the one star that i am forced to give.