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Zeal Money Solutions Complaints & Reviews

Zeal Money Solutions - Utah, Saint George / Unauthorized Charges

Oct 04, 2012

I was reviewing my checking account this morning and noticed a charge from Zeal Money Solutions for $29.95. I have never heard of this company, nor have I signed up to receive anything from this company. I tried contacting them and naturally their email does not work and upon calling([protected]) them you hear a recorded message and the first thing they tell you is that if you are inquiring about a refund to visit Sounds fishy to me, so I went on the website and they are thanking you for your application(which I never signed)and need you to enter your username and...

Zeal Money Solutions - Missouri, St Louis / Unauthorized Charge on my bank account

Oct 04, 2012

I checked my bank account today and found an ACH Return Fee on my account because a company named Zeal Money Solutions tried to debit my bank account. I have never heard of this company and have never done any business with them. I called and spoke to a representative named Cathy. She said that I applied for a loan and was declined, but they are not the loan company and when I was declined it went to them. I told her that I have not applied for any loans and do not know who this company is. Then, she rushed and said "Well since it was returned we cannot refund you anything." I interrupted her...

Zeal Money Solutions - California / UNAUTHORIZED DEDUCTION

Sep 26, 2012

Last week visited their site inquiring about their loans and this week I got debited $29.95 from my checking account. They have the website set up for you to complete an application requiring your information as if it is a done deal. The next thing you know, they steal $29.95 from your account stating that you joined some membership when you inquired. I have consulted my bank and am willing to band together with thousands of others who are constantly being ripped off by this online fraudulent company. When you contact them, they will not give you a physical address or any pertinent information...

Zeal Money Solutions - Utah, Saint George / Unauthorized debit of my bank account

Sep 19, 2012

I was checking my bank account online and discovered that there was a debit on my account from some company called zeal money sloutions for $29.95. I have never heard of this company and have never done business with this company. I have no idea how they got my bank account information other than from a company I tried to apply for a payday loan with. I did not get the loan and did not sign any papers authorizing any debits from my account. I immediately sent the company an email and also contacting my bank. I have also filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General. Depending on how soon...