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Walkfit Complaints & Reviews

Walkfit / Stay away

Jun 26, 2011

I'm the type of guy who would buy something and if I don't like it I just put in the trash. But this time I just have too, because I was sooo pissed. I'm not pissed at the few dollars I wasted on "Walk Fit" but because this product is B.S. I was in Pain as if I had walked on rocks. I think it's doing the opposite of what it is supposed to do. Better just get some good inserts which was what I did If you want to align your bones ask a doctor, not buy cheap product to do a major repair.

Walkfit / Miss-information about the refund

Jun 20, 2011

They lie about the refund be careful. They lie about the refund be careful. They lie about the refund be careful. They lie about the refund be careful. They lie about the refund be careful. They lie about the refund be careful. They lie about the refund be careful. They lie about the refund be careful. They lie about the refund be careful. They lie about the refund be careful. They lie about the refund be careful. They lie about the refund be careful. They lie about the refund be careful. They lie about the refund be careful. They lie about the refund be careful.

Walkfit / Orthonics insoles

Feb 17, 2011

They tell you $19.95 and $9.95 total then you look at your credit card and they stuck another $14.95 for some other special shipping, this is unscrupulous..and lying. I ordered these in good faith that the price would only be around $29.95, not $40.00...this is what happens when you think you can trust a company to be honest. I called and asked for my money to be posted back into my account and of course they said too late, your order has already been shipped and I just ordered them late last night.

Walkfit / Scams people and coustomer service ***

Jan 31, 2011

I order the insoles, agree to pay 50 dollars, then on my email said I was going to be charge 70 dollars and my bank account was charge 97 dollars. I called costumer service and they told me I order the extra insoles, which I did not. I got mad and before opening my package I sent it back. The guy in the customer service told me that as long as the package was close I would get my shipping and handling too. I only got refunded 70 dollars and now they are telling me that the rest was shipping and handling. When I ask to talk to a manager, the lady called Jenifer told me he was in a meeting.. Lame excuse!!! I want my money back, you said satisfaction guarantee and there is a lot of people very unhappy!!!

Walkfit - California / Wouldn't refund my money


I returned these during the 30 day trial period following the instructions to send them back. No refund ever showed up. When I called them, they said I needed a return authorization number before returning them, but the paperwork that came with the insoles made no mention of any requirement to do this, nor does their website. They refused to refund my money. I wish I had checked the complaints on the web before ordering, I would have seen they are scam artists.

Walkfit - Texas, Arlington / unclear ordering process


I finally was able to order the shoe inserts I've been wanting for about 2 yrs now. I was only able to buy the basic product without the extras. I finished the ordering process and no amount was posted as to my balance. When I got the product, the extras were included and taken out of my account even tho I didn't authorize that. I am returning the extras but am keeping the basic product. I will keep you informed as to whether my accounted is credited the extra amount over what I authorized. Thank you, Lavonne Hill

Walkfit - California, Van Nuys / Unethical business practices


I ordered the walkfit orthodic product. Customer service was poor, but the product was acceptable when finally received. However during the order process, I elected a 'free' gift for joint support formula. As is typical with these types of 'internet free gifts', the free gift triggered an online 'subscription', whereby the company continues to send product and bill your credit card for the charges. This company's business practices are unethical. Once I triggered this free gift, I could not get Customer Service by phone to cancel the subscription. Nor could I...

Walkfit - California / Overcharging


Walkfit posts a price on the website and when you order they change the price and overcharged my credit card almost double. When I filed a complaint their service agents gave me a big ### runaround and would not cancel my order. They also charged $9.95 for a fast ship, which I did not request and tacked on an additional $39.95 shipping and handling charge which was in addition to their $9.95 shipping charge for each item. They are theives and will not work with you to make things right. They know that credit card companies will give you a hard time to file a dispute and will hang up the phone...

Walkfit - California, Hollywood / scam


I ordered walkfit insole online after I saw it on TV. I got my order like 3-4 weeks after the ordering. I was charged 29.99 total, which is right. then next month, I saw my credit card is charged again of $44.85. i called walkfit, they say it is the joint formula that came in with the package. so I went back to try the ordering process, and realized that it is true, when you click order, next they will ask you if you want a "free "gift, but be careful, it also says, you will be charged $20/month from now on, and they will continue to send you the joint formula. so I guess I saied yes, that i...

Walkfit / Terrible experience


I ordered 3 Walkfits in August and my order was missing one set. I have not been able to get the other set and it is now November. I can never talk with the same person twice nor can I get the same service center twice. It is very difficult to understand many or the people at the centers and I am always getting cut off and have to start over again with another call. My account was charged the full amount for the 3 pairs along with outrageous shipping on all 3 pairs. They do not want to reimburse me for the missing pair and yet they have not sent it either.

Walkfit - Minnesota, Rochester / Deceptive order form


when you order from their website their order form has pre-filled out fields for additional product. You have to carefully scroll around and make sure they are all unchecked or you get the product. They offer no order confirmation before they capture and charge your credit card, so you don't see that you have inadverantly order other stuff - due to their site automatically filling it out "yes". they will refund the product price, but not S&H, which is about $15/item - a huge rip off for something coming by US postal service.