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Us Search Complaints & Reviews

Us Search / Paying for Monthly Subscription I never ordered

Jan 31, 2013

I went to to find a phone number, agreed to pay $1.95 but for some reason, I'm now enrolled in the monthly $19.95 subscription that I remember checking "no" on. I called their customer service number and he couldn't even find my account! They have no problem charging me, but they conveniently can't find me when I want to cancel. After yelling at the unhelpful guy, he told me I had to take it up with my credit card company. Why? They weren't the ones charging me, US Search was. This company is a scam.

Us Search - Massachusetts / Unauthorized Debit Card Charge

Nov 16, 2012

I was charged $19.95 and $19.98, in the same day. Forgot to mention, there is usually a phone number following INT* US Search and it is: 8889994384. I have NEVER in my life been to this website, let alone ordered services. My bank is resolving the issue and I hope it doesn't take too long. Something seriously needs to be done. Taking money from people, that I'm sure in most cases don't have alot to begin with. Outrageous!!!

Us Search - Florida / bait & switch scam

Mar 20, 2011

A litle while ago I agreed to a $1.95 fee for an advertised basic search. I used my debit card. I then left their site, went to my online banking site, and found that they had debited three amounts: $19.95, $19.95, and $1.45. All unauthorized. The $1.95 fee I did authorize isn't even listed. I called my banking service, and they told me I was also now enrolled in a service requiring me to pay an additional $19.95 per month fee. And, according to my banker, there is nothing I can do, but beg them for the return of the overcharges, and to be released from their monthly enrollment program. What a scam.

Us Search / Unjustified transaction from Mastercard


Dear Ladies and Gentlemen! My Mastercard shows the expenses below. I am not aware that I did any buiseness with you during this time. Please specify the positions in case I am wrong. Please reimburse all this money to my account. In case there was an contract, please discontinue immediately and do not cash any money from my Mastercard account! Yours sincerely Claus Schnarrenberger 03.08.2010 04.08.2010 US SEARCH, 888-999-4384 USA USD 14, 00 1.30606 -10, 72 03.08.2010 04.08.2010 Auslandseinsatzentgelt -0, 16 03.09.2010 06.09.2010 US SEARCH, 888-999-4384 USA USD 14, 00 1.26953 -11, 03 03.09.2010 06.09.2010 Auslandseinsatzentgelt -0, 17

Us Search - California / Rip-off


I ordered an advanced background check for $76.75 from US Search. A total rip-off...90% of the information I got in their report was on individuals totally unrelated to the individual I requested the search on. Their pricing is way out of line compared to competitors. I had to send multiple emails requesting a full refund and they finally agreed to refund half of what I paid. I will be sending a complaint to the President of the company as their Customer Service is totally lame. Don't waste a dime on this online search company!

Us Search - California, San Diego / Privacy Matters 123 Scam


I paid for a search on US Search to obtain a case number on an arrest. I was charged 19.95 and did not get the information I requested. The only information returned was for two vehicle violations for the same person. I emailed US Search and was told that I would have to pay more money to obtain the information I already paid for. The next day, I noticed an email from Privacy Matters 123 stating that my credit card would be charged if I did not cancel my account. I did not know where this came from but after searching them on the internet I found out that its a scam from using US Search and...

Us Search / reverse fax number


I accidentally faxed sensitive information to the wrong fax number and tried very hard to find out who it belonged to, including faxing back to the same number requesting that they destroy the information and call me, but did not hear back. So I started searching online. Among many other companies I contacted online US Search - was the only one that said they found the number and for $4.95 (a discount of $10 over the "normal" $14.95 price) I could get all the information. A couple of sites had said that finding reverse fax numbers was not possible any longer, so I called US Search to...

Us Search - Pennsylvania / Cramming My Bank Account


In June 2009, I completed a small transaction with US Search for $4.95. A few months later, a new $14 charge showed up on my bank account for a "membership." I never asked for or authorized a membership. The $14 charge put my account into a negative balance, and my bank charged me a $34 penalty. When I called US Search, they offered to issue me a credit almost before all the words were out of my mouth. I asked that if my bank did not clear the penalty charge, would they also credit me the $34. I was put on the phone with a supervisor who clearly said, "Yes." When I called my bank, I wa...

Us Search / Unauthorized charges


I received a charge on my debit card from us search, i called in and disputed the charge with them, I never authorized use of service to begin with.

Us Search / Scam charges!


I asked for specific info on e mail address. Agreed to pay 'special' price of $1.95. Info shown was already 'free' everywhere. I asked my son to use his credit card for me. I not only did not get promised info, they charged the credit $10.00! My son is angry at me and I had to give him an additional $10.00. He says 'never again, I told you they were all scammers'. It appears he is right. It may not be a lot of money to most people, but it might less food for me. It's just wrong!! So far I have not found a single 'honest' search engine and that is a...