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US Passport Office Complaints & Reviews

US Passport Office - Florida, Miami / passport

CandidaOrta on Jun 11, 2014

I got a letter from the passport office today telling me that: Thank you for recent passport application. The evidence of your birth occurred, and the US citizenship or nationality you submitted is not acceptable for passport purposes for the following reason: the certificate shows that your birth was recorded more than one year after your birth occurred, and the evidence used to create the delayed birth record is not sufficient. And they go on to say please submit a certified birth certificate, for the birth certificate to be acceptable, is must—– 1 be issued by the office of vital...

US Passport Office / US Passport office sucks, but we solved the problem!


Our applications for renewal were sent in early March. My son's and mine got here, but my daughter's was denied because of a small headband in the photo - almost 2 months after sending it in. We called the number several times over a period of 3 weeks and got totally stonewalled. No answers, no phone number to find out, can't talk to anyone else, oh well sucks to be you attitude.<br /> <br /> After looking into canceling the trip (not an option - internet deal), it was suggested that we call our US Representative's office. Great idea!!! My wife called Richard...

US Passport Office / Passport delay!


I send my passport for renewal over 10 weeks ago and I was told that there was plenty of time for my scheduled travel abroad. I am supposed to leave today and still no passport. I made countless phone calls and countless e-mail, but no answer. Where are the congressmen to ask some question from the authorities. There has to be some accountability. Why people who answer the phone can not help? The rep on the phone just tells that she/he will send an e-mail to the passport processing office. I was told today that passport processing office does not answer e-mail of rep either. I think the site to...

US Passport Office / Passport not sent on time

I applied for a passport for my 15 year old daughter on March 08 to have it by May 24, 2007. My daughter did not travel to Europe as planned because her passport did not arrived on time. They had all the information, day of travel, birth certificate and her old passport but they spelled her last name incorrectly, they noticed this 2 days prior the day of travel. Passport arrived 4 days later. I loose the money and she loose the experience of traveling to Spain and France with us and her grandparents. I need information to pursue a legal action. International Flights charges a penalty...

US Passport Office / Maura Harty can't run Passport Office

My fiancé Katherine has been waiting for her passport for over 10 weeks. We are supposed to leave for our honeymoon on June 18, but it doesn't look like we will be able to go because of the passport chaos. She has tried to call the number posted on the State Dept. passport website, but it just says that the call volume is so high that she can't be helped, then it hangs up. She then went down to the passport office in Washington D.C. and it was utter chaos. She waited in line for over 5 hours. Some people where there from the day before. When she finally was helped she met with...