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UKSleepingPills Complaints & Reviews

UKSleepingPills / online medication (xanax, diazepam, tramadol)

Jan 16, 2018

I feel totally cheated and ripped off now. First two orders were successful; 1st of questionable quality, second, excellent; third they deny ever receiving my money even though my bank sent proof and so did I. Then got an email saying it was a mistake their end and I'd get my products (cost nearly £100 and I'm not rich - on benefits, in a hostel, need help getting through my difficult life). Products never sent and now they say the money bounced back to my account, which it didn't. Spoke to my bank HSBC and they say this seems very dodgy, and because I paid by bank transfer, ala...

UKSleepingPills / No product sent

Feb 05, 2017

I ordered 1 months supply diazepam to help me reestablis sleep pattern. I asked for confirmation, got email back saying they were having product pro cessing issues. I have come across rogue sites like this before but this one seemed bone fide.I know I wont hear from them and worry they now have card details! WHY, OH WHY aren't sites like this blocked, banned and site instigators sued?Why are they allowed to continue to steal and advertise unchecked? They are feasting illegally on peoples ill health and misery!